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Comment Terminology (Score 1) 96

"reconstruction is impossible."

After watching things for awhile I would steer away from saying something's impossible. Highly unlikely, next-to-impossible. Something like that. But never underestimate the ability for technology to evolve to solve "impossible" problems. Or even finding a critical mistake (hello AM passwords!) that makes it not so impossible after all.

Comment Re:Lame excuse (Score 1) 307

But, but they are books! And if you read a book you're a better person than if you read the same words on a tablet. Oh, and I don't want watch TV (except for the things I do watch that don't "count" as TV).

Oh, and we should talk about food sometime.

Comment Re:Why do we need H.265? (Score 1) 184

My guess is that is exactly what this is designed for. Dedicated silicon. Think AppleTV, Fire, Chromecast (future version), or any of the other set top boxes. That's what they are targeting. This codec isn't about what consumers use on the desktop, it's about how video gets to their TV. Dedicated hardware has better copy protection (not approving just noting motive), and has the decoding power built in. So this fits right in.

Comment Re:Updates (Score 4, Interesting) 119

Well I bought a Panasonic TV two years ago and have to go through a "Home" screen before I get what I want. Oh, and there are ads on this home screen. But the worst part? Ads would occasionally appear over the content when using the volume controls. That's right, hit volume up and get an ad from United Airlines!

I did manage to turn off the ads but swore I'd never buy another Panasonic.

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