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Comment Re:What if I want to know what's out there? (Score 1) 305

but I like to know what's out there. It helps me have informed conversation with my doctor/provider/whateveryoucallyours. "Hey I heard about X, would that be helpful or appropriate in this situation?" because frankly, no-one looks out for my issues better than me.

OK. That's fine .

But, the real problem here is doctors. Yes, drug advertising creates a big demand for medications that may not be appropriate. But because these medications are only available by prescription, the solution is incredibly simple. When people come in saying "I need Medication X", it's up to the doctors to say "No you don't"

Comment Re:It isn't just Comcast passwords ... (Score 1) 43

just a couple big players carving up the geography and colluding not to compete.

Actually, it's government sponsored collusion.

In a very large percentage of cities, the local government awards an exclusive franchise to one $BIG_CABLE_COMPANY.
Something in the neighborhood of 20 states have passed laws prohibiting cities from setting up their own broadband networks.
A couple of cities have even turned down Google's offer of gigabit fiber because Google didn't want to pay the standard kickbacks to local politicians (aka Franchise Fees).

Comment Re:Thanks anti-nuke extremists! (Score 1, Insightful) 148

Thank you so much anti-nuke extremists. Thanks to your inability to look at the bigger picture, we get to enjoy nuclear reactors using designs from the 1950's well into the 21st century instead of actually using safer, modern designs.

It's like if the safety problems with the Corvair had been used to shutdown all production of newer car models.

I would love for nuclear power to be more widespread, but the Nuclear Power Industry keeps giving people good reasons to be against nuclear power.

For example, instead of properly maintaining their reactors, they keep asking the NRC for lower standards so existing reactors can continue to operate as is. The companies operating nuclear reactors have a 60 year track record of greed, corruption, dishonesty, massive cost over-runs (passed on to consumers) and general incompetence.

And even without all those problems, cheap natural gas makes it impossible for nuclear power to be competitive.

Comment And then ? (Score 5, Insightful) 227

"This is essential to our survival" said Ramaswamy. "We're talking about getting this in a time frame of months rather than years. We need to get going on this."

And when advertisers do nothing, then what? A sternly worded blog entry?

Advertisers don't give a shit. That's why there's a problem in the first place

Comment Re:Stupid article doesn't get the point (Score 1) 127

>"the movie predicts a World Series victory for the Chicago Cubs"
No, it fucking doesn't.

The movie is not a prediction. It's fiction.

Many of things in the movie were intended as humor. Jaws 19 is making fun of the movie industry's pattern of making sequels to shitty movies.

And poking fun at the Cubs. Hey, they're such pathetic losers that 30 years from now they'll FINALLY win a world series.

Comment Re:Sometimes companies deserve it (Score 2) 136

In the end, contracts are worthless unless there's the threat of men with guns showing up to physically enforce them.

Has it ever gotten to this point? I'm just thinking if I ran a company and another country wanted to send their goons in to look at my hardware and proprietary data, I'd want to be able to legally tell them to fuck off.

Unless your business is in Shitcrapistan where there are no meaningful courts, Oracle has enough money to sue you no matter where you are located.

Comment Re: Sometimes companies deserve it (Score 1) 136

Which means that companies using Oracle products without any contract at all runs no risk unless someone reveals their use.

And even then they can tell the Oracle guys to sod off.

Nothing stops organizations from having a skunk works area either where only a select few have access or knowledge.

At one time, Oracle wouldn't sell you anything without a maintenance contract. i would be very surprised if they changed that.

Comment Re:LOL .. RICO (Score 3, Interesting) 136

Someone analyzed Oracle's financials once. Oracle makes more money from maintenance contracts than all other parts of their business combined. Take out the maintenance contract revenue and Oracle loses money every year.

What a great business model. Sell people shit that doesn't work properly and is too complicated to figure out and then charge them extra to make it work (more or less).

Comment Re:Home depot sells similar devices (Score 2) 229

Sledge hammers, axes, picks, power drills, reciprocating saws...
All relatively simple tools that accomplish the same thing if you are close enough to stick a thumb drive into a port.

No, you miss the point. You don't need access to anyone's computer.

YOU don't put the thumb dive into someone's computer. You just leave it somewhere and THEY put it into their computer.

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