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Comment Re:HAHAHAHA! (Score 1) 216 216

but premiums will necessarily drop as well and the overall amount of money within the car insurance system will dwindle.

You have no idea how this works, does you? How much you pay for a service has nothing to do with how much it costs to provide a service. It's a matter of how much the market will bear.

Exactly right. If you think insurance premiums will go down significantly, if at all, you're being extremely naive.

Comment Re:Wonder what MS might be adding for the RTM buil (Score -1, Flamebait) 106 106

I hope this is the case, and I'm proven brain-dead wrong. MS hasn't really pulled any real "fast ones" recently. W10 looks like it will be the next Windows 7 or XP.

I've been trying out the various Technical Previews over the past few months and I'm not surprised that they've pulled the plug on this. There's no way it was going to be ready by the target date of July 29.

ignoring the obvious bugs, there's not much to like abut Win 10. I'm sure they've made a lot of improvements "under the hood" but from a user standpoint, it's just more of the same, only a little worse. They've Doubled-Down On Stupid.

The same ugly color scheme as Windows 8, that looks like puke, only now the icons are uglier. Speaking of icons, they've changed the Recycle Bin icon at least 3 times. Seriously, Microsoft? *THAT'S* what you're working on? And the Recycle Bin icon from the latest build looks very similar to the one from Windows 95. Wow. That's really modern! I guess Microsoft figures that anyone who used Windows 95 is too old and senile to notice.

And it corrupts the other hard drives in my system. Nice. And the so-called "Start Menu" is an unusable mess. Fortunately, that problem is solved by using a program like Classic Shell or something similar. And then there's all the pointless, useless "apps". No wonder it's free. Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather pay for something usable.

Comment Re:More importantly (Score 1) 327 327

until advertisers vet every single advert (like a newspaper) and use static adverts instead of javascript they will remain blocked.

Where does that leave web applications that use scripts for core functionality, such as online whiteboards or even opening and closing comment subtrees in SoylentNews, Slashdot, or another threaded web-based discussion forum? People will end up whitelisting scripts on those web applications' domains to "unbreak" them and getting ad scripts along with them.

It leaves them mostly unaffected. Adblock Plus is an adblocker, not a javascript whitelist addon. You may be thinking of NoScript.

I use AdBlock frequently to block Javascript that is loading from somewhere other than the page I'm on. This disables a lot of the annoying ads.

Comment Re:I can't wait... (Score 1) 202 202

I don't care very much for Randy Harper and her "harassment" escapades, but I can't wait for domain whois blockers to go away. If people are using your contact information to ring your phone off the hook, then complain to the police and phone companies.

I don't know what parallel universe you live in, but in this one the police and phone company don't give two shits about this sort of thing, except maybe if you are someone famous or influential.

Comment Re:Wow gorgeous (Score 5, Insightful) 302 302

I don't know, Windows 10 looks rather 80s to me. It certainly doesn't look modern.

You don't understand. "Modern" is the new marketing buzzword which actually means "we're recycling a bunch of old shit from 20 years ago and calling it new". For example, the Recycle Bin icon in Windows 10, after being changed 3 times over the past several months, now looks like something straight out of Windows 95.

Comment Re:Amen brother! (Score 1) 424 424

I'm unsure if similar search engines would be useful if they didn't try to figure out what you WANT to see rather than what you ASK to see.

Wait . . what?

How is it useful to give me thousands of results that are completely irrelevant to what I am searching for? Only give me results that contain EXACTLY the words I typed. And I shouldn't have to use quotations marks or other silly nonsense.

Comment Re:Excellent. Now how about High Fructose Corn Syr (Score 1) 851 851

If your eating something where the primary ingredient is HFCS I doubt there is any way to make that product healthy. They would just replace HFCS with something slightly less bad.

I'd say people generally eating too much food is a bigger problem than HFCS.

I'm not aware of any product where the primary ingredient is HFCS. However, it is found in many places where it doesn't belong simply because fat and sugar make things taste better. That is why there is HFCS in bread. That's why there is even a sweetener of some sort in most salt.

Comment Re:FYI (Score 1) 851 851

Trans fats are an unwanted biproduct of hydrogenation, and are a fat which humans do not have an enzyme to easily break down.

Interestingly (or maybe not), the hydrogenation process uses a nickel catalyst. The company I work for produces such a catalyst, so I suppose this won't be good for business.

Comment Re:Excellent. Now how about High Fructose Corn Syr (Score 4, Informative) 851 851

Go learn. You need to know what HFCS actually is before you can have my attention while you spout off about it.

It's sugar. Specifically, it's corn molasses distilled to remove moisture volume.


HFCS is corn syrup that is processed with an enzyme that converts the glucose in the corn syrup into fructose. Fructose is a naturally occurring sugar found in most fruits and vegetables. The problem with HFCS is right there in the name: HIGH FRUCTOSE corn syrup. HFCS is highly concentrated sugar, which means you are getting far more than you would with an equivalent amount of another sweetener.

Comment Re:speaking as an engineer, it happens. (Score 3, Interesting) 323 323

I mean now, if Linus goes on a trip, he either has to work on the release while on vacation, or delay it till he gets back. Seems like a large burden for one person to bear.

But it doesn't have to be that way. If Linus is on vacation, and something gets delayed for a week or two, so what? If Linus was in a coma for 3 months, so what? It's not the end of the world. It's not like he has to produce a new build or approve a new patch every 47 seconds to keep the world from exploding.

Comment Re:Clearly the solution is to ban basketball. (Score 1, Troll) 84 84

By contrast 'golf' is least likely to be seen in a dangerous URL

I don't know about "dangerous" but I get lots of spam for golf clubs. Seriously. I have never played golf and dislike anyone who does. It originates from constantly changing URLs that all contain "golf" in some way or another. So now I just block everything containing the word golf.

Submission + - SourceForge grabs GIMP for Windows' account, wraps installer in Adware->

rudy_wayne writes: SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows, and now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer with advertisements.

Jernej Simoni, the developer who has been responsible for building Windows versions of GIMP for some time, has maintained an account on SourceForge to act as a distribution mirror. That is, until today, when he discovered he was locked out of the Gimp-Win account.

A blog post by an unidentified member of SourceForge's community team claims that "this project was actually abandoned over 18 months ago, and SourceForge has stepped-in to keep this project current." But this is disputed by members of the GIMP development community.

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