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Comment Re:Clarity in the title might have helped. (Score 4, Insightful) 250

You know... it being a search engine company and all.

A shareholder activist is demanding that Yahoo get rid of its board of directors and sell the search engine to focus the core business on... something else.

Yahoo hasn't been a search engine company for years. They outsourced that to Microsoft Bing a long time ago.

Yahoo is essentially Google Lite -- they make all their money from advertising. But, unlike Google, they aren't very good at it.

Comment Re:The whole Wikimedia Foundation needs to disband (Score 5, Informative) 104

"Only following orders" can sometimes be a valid excuse.

Maybe. But that is not the case here.

Arnnonâ(TM) Geshuri was no flunky. He was an executive in charge of 900 recruiters. It was his job to know the law, and more importantly, it was his job to tell Eric Schmidt (or anyone else) "this is illegal and we shouldn't be doing it".

Submission + - Oracle deprecates the Java browser plugin

rudy_wayne writes: Oracle has announced that the Java browser plugin will be deprecated in Java 9, which is currently available as an early access beta. A future release will remove it entirely.

The deprecation will affect the many companies and governments who continue to insist on the use of Java applets hosted within the browser. Oracle has some advice on how to migrate away from the plugin.

Will old browsers running old versions of Java become the new "Windows XP" that businesses and governments cling to long after it should be killed off?

Comment Re:What would they expect him to do? (Score 2) 186

The 'no-poaching' compact was an agreement among chief executives. I know someone will drag this down to Godwin's Law in a minute, but he was doing as he was ordered. Are people expecting him to go to Eric Schmidt and Steve Jobs and tell them that he wouldn't follow direction? If he did, he'd get the opportunity to join the keyboard punchers at Wikipedia Editorial.

Arnnon Geshuri was not some low level flunky at Google, he was in charge of 900 recruiters. At that level of authority, you don't have to run to someone for approval of every decision. It was his job to know employment law and to know that Google was doing something illegal. It was his responsibility to not do illegal things, and if questioned, it was his job to tell Eric Schmidt "this is illegal and we can't be doing this".

Comment Re:It's a search engine for webcams (Score 4, Informative) 127

According to TFA, which of course no one has bothered to read:

Shodan crawls the Internet at random looking for IP addresses with open ports. If an open port lacks authentication and streams a video feed, the script takes a snap and moves on. The cameras are vulnerable because they use the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP, port 554) to share video but have no password authentication in place. The image feed is available to paid Shodan members at Free Shodan accounts can also search using the filter "port:554 has_screenshot:true."

Comment Re:It's pretty bad... (Score 1) 92

I download a number of mods for a popular open source game for members of the family. The mods are hosted on adfly and this site does a very poor job getting ride of malicious ads.

Doing a "poor job"? No, they are doing exactly the job they are paid to do. adfly, and others like it, exist for the sole purpose of delivering malicious and/or fraudulent advertising. I have yet to see adfly display an ad that WASN'T malware or completely fraudulent.

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