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Comment Re:zealots ^2 (Score 1) 222

Please allow me to revise my response to:
"The Ice Age question was a potential concern for an indefinite future of unknown timing. Again this uncertainty was a driver for initial funding on major climate science."

-- Yes, the climate cycles that lead to ice ages in the past and would have normally caused their return was being studied, But the timescales were in the tens of thousands of years, and once the impact of humanity in greenhouse gases, deforestation, etc, was taken into account it completely swamped the natural cycles.

Whether the next ice age would have come in five or ten thousand years without human intervention is an interesting but purely academic question. Global warming is a problem for our children, not the next millennium.

Comment Re:zealots ^2 (Score 1) 222

"you obviously weren't there in my grad school. The Ice Age question was a potential concern for an indefinite future of unknown timing. Again this uncertainty was a driver for initial funding on major climate science."
Give a citation, not an anecdote with not one verifiable fact.

"There is an element of changing perspectives, and repeating fashions here."
The "changing perspective" is that what was highly speculative in the 70s is now based on incontrovertible peer-reviewed evidence collected over decades by thousands of scientists. Yet you argue that uncited statements made by unnamed people 50 years ago invalidates any research presented since.

"And you slightly demonstrate my thesis of angry dissonant crowds "
You called people who disagree with you "zealots" while those who do agree with you are "realists". Then you tut tut at people getting annoyed at your labels. Sorry, arrogant hypocrites do make me angry. It's a character flaw, I admit.

Comment Re: Pretty much everything (Score 1) 257

Why should moving and shooting require 10 keys to be pressed? Even key-chording generally does not typically involve more than 2 or 3 keys to be pressed simultaneously.... so doing that simultaneously with both hands might cause a need for up to 6 keys to be pressed at once. Anything beyond that and you are probably moving outside of the key combinations that can actually be pressed by a majority of people reliably enough to serve as functional controls.

Comment Re:Percentages vs raw numbers (Score 2) 184

In things like disease, things are getting better, as a percentage and absolute numbers. Polio has dropped from hundred of thousands to hundreds of cases in 20 years. Of course cancer and diabetes in the US is up, and HIV did not exist 50 years ago, but many ailments that cursed our civilization for known history have become much less virulent. I would also say percentages do matter. The black death eliminated half the population of major cities, but the total number of probable dead was only half the population of the current US. Likewise the mortality rate at birth in the US is not that bad in absolute numbers, but as a percentage the US is below the level of developing country. The serial killer example is very aprospro. It is information, and the inability to scale and rationalize that information, that drives out perception of a dangerous world. If someone were to ride a horse from town to town, and kill a person secretly, no one would like know that such a thing were happening. Most would just think that an accident got them, and no one. This may be one reason why the term serial killer did not appear until the 20th century. The point is it would be hard to compare the murder rate of the 21st century, to anything 100 years ago when we had no idea who simply disappeared and who was murdered. I would say that the fact that we actively count and respond to murders is an indication that the world is a better place.

Comment Re:Lack of network connectivity is a deal breaker (Score 2) 113

The problem is that the USB port now requires a special cable which not all of us have lying around in quantity. It doesn't make it impossible, but it does make it more of a hassle.

Micro USB is hardly a "special cable" by any stretch.
It's the same cable and connector all of the raspberry pi models use for power

Pretty much all tablets and smart phones except Apples use them these days.
Also a good number of USB wall chargers typically have a USB-A on them and include a USB-A to Micro USB cable.

I was quite saddened to see most Slashdot posters don't even have a cheap-o $5 USB keyboard or ten laying around, and not including one with the original Pi being labeled "a deal breaker" - but really, no one around these parts has massive piles of both of those parts and more laying around anymore?

Comment Re:Which one is sub-$10? (Score 1) 113

Which one is sub-$10?
Unless you get your hands on the MagPi or live near one of the twenty-five Micro Center locations in the USA

The later being exactly what I did. The Pi Zeros were $5 each, and I now have two of them.
The CHIP isn't being sold anywhere yet, either online nor Microcenter.

So the answer to your question is "The Pi Zero"

Comment Re:zealots ^2 (Score 1) 222

First you say: "Angry CAGW zealots meet climate realists"
Ten you hypocritically complain: "simple denigration of oppositional views and their holders is not going to be effective"

"I have a much harder science background"... in climate science? I studied physics and computer science. And I know enough to know what I'm not an expert in.

Also, the repeated talking point "the principal criticism of CO2 was its likely lack of adequate effect to prevent an Ice Age" is a complete fabrication by denialists, based on a few Sunday supplement stories, not peer-reviewed scientific articles. And that was 50 years ago. We have collected a bit more data since then.

Cite real sources or STFU.


Greenwald: Why the CIA Is Smearing Edward Snowden After Paris Attacks ( 290

JoeyRox points out that Glenn Greenwald has some harsh words for the CIA in an op-ed piece for the LA Times. From the article: "Decent people see tragedy and barbarism when viewing a terrorism attack. American politicians and intelligence officials see something else: opportunity. Bodies were still lying in the streets of Paris when CIA operatives began exploiting the resulting fear and anger to advance long-standing political agendas. They and their congressional allies instantly attempted to heap blame for the atrocity not on Islamic State but on several preexisting adversaries: Internet encryption, Silicon Valley's privacy policies and Edward Snowden."

Comment So wait... what? (Score 3, Interesting) 94

The firms, which included Microsoft, HBO Europe, Sony Music and Twentieth Century Fox, estimated that the financial damage amounted to 5.7m Czech Crowns (£148,000). But the Business Software Alliance (BSA), which represented Microsoft, acknowledged that Jakub could not pay that sum. Instead, the companies said they would be happy to receive only a small payment and his co-operation in the production of the video. In order for the firms' promise not to sue to be valid, they said, the video would have to be viewed at least 200,000 times within two months of its publication this week.

How will not getting 200,000 views enable him to be more able to pay the amount he is said to owe, exactly? If the whole point of cooperating with them and making the video was to reduce his damages, apparently on the basis that he supposedly would not be able to afford the damages in the first place, it seems entirely pointless to threaten to come back and sue him for just as much if it doesn't reach a particular view count.

That said, this story is probably high-profile enough that he will probably get the requisite number of views anyway.

Comment Re:This is a nonsequitur (Score 1) 471

You asked why it should be irrelevant, and I posited a reply.... that this is not sufficient to make the matter irrelevant to some people in your opinion is entirely beside the point. Why did you bother to ask the question when you were going to dismiss an answer that you didn't personally happen to agree with?

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