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Comment: Re:Where can I find the except clause? (Score 1) 361

by nine-times (#48041049) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics

Well it says that you have the right to secure your persons, houses, papers, and effects. It doesn't say anything about cell phones. If the founding fathers had wanted you to have privacy on your cell phone, I'm sure they would have put something in there about that.

Comment: Why not? (Score 1) 132

by jfengel (#48040281) Attached to: Tetris To Be Made Into a Live Action Film

The answer, of course, is "money". People will go see this. Or if they don't, it's because they did a bad job of following the formulas. The summer blockbuster formula has worked out pretty well. People like watching stuff blow up, even if they could have predicted what would blow up and what it would look like before they paid $13 for a ticket.

Battleship took in $300,000,000. It cost $200,000,000 to make. That's "why". People recognized the name, and hoped to combine their love of stuff blowing up with their fond memories of a game they used to play. They get a little charge out of the connections. It's worth $13 and two hours of their time.

I could see this doing equally well. I can't say if it's the best use of the studio's quarter-billion-dollar investment, though it should be a reasonable one. It's more likely than some unknown script, which even if people really like it stands a very small chance of making more than $300 million without the extra name recognition.

I probably won't be seeing it. Maybe I will; I saw the Lego movie, and it was pretty good (though I paid no more than my Netflix monthly subscription fee for it). I'd rather see them spend their money on something with a bit more merit, but that's just me.

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by IamTheRealMike (#48039983) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

Otherwise, it's just lip service. Your government is already ignoring your Constitution on a large scale, but apparently nobody gives a damn

I am not American, still, I do truly believe that hundreds of millions of Americans do give a damn.

The problem is not giving a damn. The problem is that guns are a stupid way to try and change governments, and everyone there must intuitively understand this. I keep reading comments by 2nd amendment fundamentalists saying they're packing guns so they can overthrow the government .... in case it becomes tyrannical. But this day will never arrive, no matter what the US Gov does.

The first problem is that if you go it alone, if you're a solo shooter, you can't achieve anything and will be killed immediately, then written off as mentally unstable. This does happen in the USA and in at least one case the shooter did claim they were rebelling against the government. Regardless, such events are zero impact.

The second problem is that if you try to team up with like minded people and form a group of armed citizens who are going to engage in a revolutionary coup, you will need to communicate in order to find such people, and at that point you are very likely to attract the attention of law enforcement who have totalitarian surveillance powers and the ability to move against "cults" or "terrorists". And almost by definition if you're trying to overthrow the government through force of arms instead of the ballot box you can be described as a domestic terrorist. You will end up sitting in jail for many years, and most people will likely never hear of you, or if they do read about your case in the papers they will just forget about you.

The third problem is that if you do somehow overcome the first two problems and succeed in forming some kind of revolutionary militia, taking over some territory and defending it against the US army in a new American civil war, you will need a system of government for that territory. How exactly you prevent that new government from eventually going the same way as the existing government would be an open question - attempting to encode the principles of the new state in a constitution apparently doesn't work very well, and I don't see many other ideas from the "guns give us freedom!!" crowd. This is the problem repeatedly encountered by countries in the Middle East where governments are overthrown (without guns, normally) and then tend to get immediately replaced with something worse.

So for these reasons the notion that Americans are free because of guns just doesn't seem to line up with common sense, to me. I cannot imagine any situation in which civil war in the USA would be allowed to happen - civil war is so universally catastrophic that an overwhelming majority of American's would strongly support forcible suppression of an armed uprising using all the tools of a professional army. Your Glock ain't gonna do anything against a Predator drone.

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by mark-t (#48039701) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks

First of all, GEGL will definitely be in the next version of GIMP... second of all, once GEGL is complete (which is again slated for the next version of GIMP), virtually all of those additional features will suddenly become feasible to implement where the previous architecture of GIMP made them untenable (and why no progress has been made so far, or often very little), and they will probably come into play quite quickly afterwards, You may be right that not very many may get in for the next version, but because of what GEGL opens up the possibility to do within GIMP, the release cycle between 2,10 and future stable versions that implement such functionality will be much lower than the time frame between 2.8 and 2.10.

In other words, not very far at all.

Comment: Re:Study is quite incomplete (Score 1) 229

by mark-t (#48039513) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?
I like Serenity too, but in matters of law, what the law actually says and what actually takes place *ARE* typically quite similar. Exceptions may exist (I've heard people say that one can get ticketed for going the speed limit where everyone else is speeding, but I've never met or even heard of anyone specifically that has actually ever happened to), but I would honestly suggest that such occurrences are likely few and far enough between that getting a ticket for traveling the speed limit while everyone around you is speeding would probably be a manageable situation that would only land the officer who issued the ticket in a whole heaping lot of trouble when you go to court to challenge the ticket, I'd further suggest that the only kind of police officer that would do it is one who was either ignorant of how it would actually go down in court when you fight it, or else desperate enough to meet some kind of quota that they may have that they would gamble that you won't try to fight the ticket in the first place.

Comment: Re:Study is quite incomplete (Score 1) 229

by mark-t (#48038315) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?

Quite possibly... I've been driving for 25 years and never received any ticket for going too fast, nor given any kind of ticket or warning for ever going too slow, except in online forums such as slashdot, and only by people who object to those who might diligently pay attention to what the traffic law expects.

If I were ever dinged for going too slow when I was actually traveling the speed limit, I would challenge the ticket, win, and the issuing officer would probably get a reprimand for being an asshole.

Comment: Re:Study is quite incomplete (Score 0) 229

by mark-t (#48038259) Attached to: Which Cars Get the Most Traffic Tickets?
Slowing down makes it easier for them to pass you... I'd rather have an idiot driver in front of me where I can react to them by driving a safe following distance than somebody driving erratically behind me where I can't as readily react to any unexpected things that they do without risking driving dangerously myself.

Comment: Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 1) 190

by mark-t (#48036649) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks
I guess you haven't heard my point, which is that how GIMP is "far from being comparable" is more of an issue of the critical importance of missing features more than sheer number, because many of the missing features can be categorized under a single much broader heading such as "non-destructive editing, and the relatively few distinct ones which remain will get done soon. If you happen to believe that they are not going to get done anytime soon (which is the only reason I can think of to suggest why you would disagree with what I've been saying), please consider how, exactly, it is that you think that you know that, and then reconsider what I've been saying. I suggest that all you'll be able to do at that point is fall back to saying that GIMP isn't necessarily comparable to Photoshop featurewise right now, because it doesn't do a relatively small number of things which are highly important to you, and which is not something I've ever disputed

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by nine-times (#48036371) Attached to: Tetris To Be Made Into a Live Action Film

Well I think what's most likely happening is, they're taking some random crappy scifi movie and shoe-horning some Tetris concept into it. Why? Because some jackasses will watch it just to see "the Tetris movie". It's the "Snakes on a Plane" brand of marketing. If you can't market your movie as being a good movie, market it as being a funny ironic bizarre movie.

Comment: Re:How important is that at this point? (Score 1) 190

by mark-t (#48033131) Attached to: Adobe Photoshop Is Coming To Linux, Through Chromebooks
As I said... most people will probably be able to easily come up with a small number of critical points that are major shortcomings of GIMP, and the perception that GIMP is "nowhere near photoshop" may be heightened by the invaluableness of those features, not by their actual number. But considering that virtually all of those needed features are waiting on but an important rewrite which is largely complete, and will definitely be part of the next version of GIMP, I'd suggest that GIMP being comparable is not as far off as some would say.

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