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Comment Paradigm shift (Score 5, Insightful) 203

Or, they could consider the idea that as on-line communication becomes rooted in our social ecosphere, social skills are changing to more closely integrate on-line interactions.

15 years ago, online dating was satire. 5-10 years ago it was socially frowned upon. These days, it's damned near normative.

Comment Re:Facebook has the users and the games. (Score 1) 519

Exactly. I will go where my friends are - and we were on G+ for a little while. And then Google killed the accounts of a dozen or so of them, and the rest of us left.

I don't need an identity service masquerading as a social networking site. Facebook's bad enough, but Google's trying to get its scary little tendrils into every part of my life.

Comment Re:Better Press Release (Score 1) 204

You're not an astrophysicist. I met your mom isn't, either.

Seriously, this isn't a matter of common sense, but of a scientific jargon / English mismatch, it happens all the time. In the context of astronomy, it's completely normal to talk about size in terms of mass rather than spatial units. If somebody asked what size a star was, an answer of "5.6 solar masses" would be a perfectly acceptable answer.

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