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EA Finishes Acquiring DICE 34

Posted by Zonk
from the finally dept.
After a quite protracted struggle, Next Generation is reporting that EA has completed acquisition of Digital Illusions CE. From the article: "As part of the agreement, DICE CEO Patrick Söderlund will become an EA Studio general manager. Other DICE leaders will retain their roles in Stockholm. DICE and EA have had a tight working relationship over recent years. 'We've been working very closely with EA for the past five years and this is a very natural step for us as we move into the next generation of gaming,' said Söderlund. To complete the acquisition, EA acquired all of the assets and liabilities of DICE. Shareholders in the studio, which represent about 2.6 million shares, will receive SEK 67.50 ($9.23) per share in cash, which will be paid out on October 16."
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EA Finishes Acquiring DICE

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