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Comment: Re:Autodesk is also forgetting about it's customer (Score 1) 89

by BulletMagnet (#44660991) Attached to: Autodesk To Follow Adobe's 'Rent Our Software' Business Model?

Are you doing network images for the BDS install? My Precisions can usually get through the install from a network image in about an hour. The USB media is dog slow for some reason. I tried building a network image off the USB stick - it was faster for me to copy the BDS installer off the stick to local disk and build a base image than it was to run the image builder from the stick.

We tried that too, AC - Installing from our 1Gb backbone network was bad - and copying the image locally seemed to take anywhere from 30-45 minutes plus the painful install time.

Still fighting with that install I started, what, 6 hours ago. It's made it through Showcase, almost.

I wonder if we do business ;)

Another gripe - must remember to strip off all your ANY runtimes if you need to install an older version, for the older versions (say if you have a project that requires say 2012) nothing like getting almost to the end and it starts its rollback and peering through the installer logs to find out that you have VC 2010 SP1 installed and it won't even talk to it - it wants unpatched VC 2010 to install ... or it fails.


Comment: Autodesk is also forgetting about it's customers (Score 4, Insightful) 89

by BulletMagnet (#44660595) Attached to: Autodesk To Follow Adobe's 'Rent Our Software' Business Model?

I work for a Medium sized GC and we have the pleasure of using their Building Information Modeling (BIM) suite.

13K PER SEAT for the product (BDS Ultimate)
Crappy compatibility with previous versions (which are released yearly) - Everyone on the design and build teams basically all need to be on the same version.
Does not like running Side By Side older versions so it's not like you can plant them all together.
Holy Megabloat - Last year's installers came on Autodesk-monogramed 32GB USB3 sticks ... and the installer damn near filled UP the stick. This year, they decided that all of us Subscription having clients wanted to download 32GB - all to save the cost of sending media, even if we've historically requested media (That's what I pay for your cheap @#(*^(@&*^)
Frustrating at times - today I'm trying to install the 2014 version on a $6,000 Precision Workstation spec'd for Revit - I started at 10AM, it's still installing - very slowly, but moving along. Same on our M6700 workstations.

Not the least bit surprised that Autodesk software gets pirated ... they gouge the legitimate license holders outrageous fees for this stuff....I can't imaging how Ma & Pa Construction Company could afford this.

Comment: Nice Price - NOT... (Score 1) 217

by BulletMagnet (#44173447) Attached to: AOC's 21:9 Format, 29" IPS Display Put To the Test At 2560x1080

Says it has a $500 MSRP and 400.00 on the street...I guess that doesn't include the street the link has to Amazon which is pushing them for ~ $770.00 USD with shipping.

Better deal? Try this

Dell U27711 Monitor With 3 yr Advanced Exchange warranty for $549.00 USD with free shipping.

I paid nearly $1100.00 for my 1st one in July 2010 ... figured two more won't hurt. Now I just need a pair of Nvidia's nuclear reactors to push the trio.

Comment: Re:Same guy? (Score 1) 427

by BulletMagnet (#43211133) Attached to: Electronics Arts CEO Ousted In Wake of SimCity Launch Disaster

Wasn't this the same guy that killed single-player only games from EA?

Not quite - it was EA Labels president Frank Gibeau

"I have not green lit one game to be developed as a single-player experience," Gibeau said. "Today, all of our games include online applications and digital services that make them live 24/7/365."


Comment: Re:Finally! (Score 1) 427

by BulletMagnet (#43211087) Attached to: Electronics Arts CEO Ousted In Wake of SimCity Launch Disaster

Leonard Coleman -- from Heinz and baseball team owner (probably helps on sports licensing)

From his Wikipedia page....
Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. was the last, non-honorary president of the National League. He held the office until 1999 when it was eliminated by Major League Baseball.

He held a worthless title that was eliminated over 10 years ago.

Comment: Get a dock (Score 1) 312

by BulletMagnet (#43062315) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Monitor Setup For Programmers

Hopefully the laptop they provided you isn't some undockable consumer version unit but a business class unit that can be - Dell's laptop docks for their business class laptops can support two monitors, and I would assume HP's can to. Get a real keyboard, mouse, dock, use the 27 as the primary, and if you feel like it, get another monitor as a secondary.

Comment: Carrier and handset switch ... (Score 1) 280

by BulletMagnet (#41783717) Attached to: HTC Losing Ground Faster Than RIM or Nokia
Our company is moving from Sprint to AT&T and we looked at both flagship Android phones (the One X and the S3) ... it was pretty simple - Samsung makes a better phone for our needs: The whole non-user-replaceable battery deal (a first for HTC in this gen of phones) is beyond Apple-lame...why clone that feature? For the amount of use we put into our units, batteries need to be replaced...I already have an extended run battery in mine... Lack of SD card. Portable is better, but I've heard AT&T was the driver on the lack of SD card slot the One X (since the Sprint variant does have one) ... but they let/wanted the Galaxy to have it?

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