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Comment Re:MegaUpload bust was highly successful (Score 1) 336

Noooo...they should embrace the valve model and realize while you will NEVER get rid of piracy you CAN turn a hell of a lot of those pirates into customers by embracing the big three concept, which is make it simple, make it easy, make it cheap.

Yes, I hear it does work quite well.

Comment Re:Don't understand spending time/money on game as (Score 4, Insightful) 171

How is spending substantial sums of money on in-game items of no practical real-world value any different from spending substantial sums of money on real-world items of no practical real-world value?

Some people get as much enjoyment out of EVE as you might out of a month in the Bahamas. What makes them insane and you perfectly normal?

Comment Re:A lot of indie games have this problem lately (Score 1) 244

As a gamer with a pretty weak laptop, I am annoyed that so many indie games do not let you specify the full screen resolution, and simply use whatever you set your desktop to. That forces me to reduce the desktop resolution prior to launching the game to ensure a smooth framerate.

Comment Re:no offline play = no sale (Score 1) 384

Exactly. I couldn't care less about the real money action house because I wasn't planning on playing the multiplayer piece anyway. But I was going to make this my first game in about a decade that I'd spend more than $35 to get, and now that's out the window if I need a constant internet connection to play [b]single player[/b].

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