Submission + - IBM's Watson to support CVS in predicting patient care needs->

An anonymous reader writes: IBM is planning to partner with U.S. retail pharmacy group CVS Health, using its supercomputer Watson to develop personalised care solutions to support chronic condition management. The partnership, announced today, will see the companies work to build a system which can identify unnecessary medical interventions and irrelevant cost, and predict declining health in patients suffering from conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.
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Submission + - Symantec: Hacking Group Black Vine Behind Anthem Breach->

itwbennett writes: Symantec said Tuesday in a report that the hacking group Black Vine, which has been active since 2012 and has gone after other businesses that deal with sensitive and critical data, including organizations in the aerospace, technology and finance industries, is behind the hack against Anthem. The Black Vine malware Mivast was used in the Anthem breach, according to Symantec.
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Submission + - The British Safety Council awarded the Sword of Honour to Galfar->

Anita Shetty writes: Honours & Awards

In 1989, the British Safety Council awarded the Sword of Honour to Galfar in recognition of the Company's dedication and its achievements in safety.

  P Mohamed Ali, the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Galfar, receiving the Award from the late Dr. Douglas Latto, the then-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the British Safety Council. Galfar is one of the 33 companies worldwide selected to receive the coveted "Sword!"

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Submission + - Software Testing Framework, Independent Testing Services, Scalability Testing Fr->

Gaianconsultants writes: Gaian has developed a comprehensive Software Testing, Scalability Testing framework with emphasis on reliability. Specialized Independent, Performance Testing Services, scripts to test UI actions, Web Sever responses, Network Performance, DB performance testing services
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Submission + - Deals explained on black Friday

bejkafin writes: Research first what you want to buy on black Friday. This is my best point as it is explained in this video. This is a must watch video on several tips to maximize you black Friday deals. Safety is another issue that I have dealt with in the past and I wish people would know

Submission + - Continuous Passive Motion Machine For Knee->

globalbrace writes: The ice and the compression part of the hyperice knee, has the ability to cure any physical injury. Its compression wrap is designed to give unfaltering and constant pressure to the ice-cell, and to remove the excess air from the equipment. It allows the hyperice knee wrap to make a direct contact with the ice forms an ice-cave around the affected body part.
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Submission + - Internet of Things Solutions, IOT Service Platform, Internet of Things Service P->

Gaianconsultants writes: Internet of Things Solutions, IOT Service Platform, Internet of Things Service Providers- We have innovative patent pending technologies in the field of IoT, media devices in the content delivery chain, contextual TV services and mobility apps.
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Submission + - The Windows Start menu saga, from 1993 to today.->

antdude writes: This Ars Technica article says "One of Windows 10's biggest 'new'" features has a pedigree that spans two decades.

One of the first Windows 10 features we learned about was the return of the Start menu, which is sort of funny, since the concept of the Start menu is over two decades old. Microsoft tried to replace it with the Start screen in Windows 8, and you only have to look at the adoption numbers to see how most consumers and businesses felt about it.

The Start menu has changed a lot over the years, but there are a handful of common elements that have made it all the way from Windows 95 to Windows 10. We fired up some virtual machines and traveled back in time to before there was a Start menu to track its evolution from the mid '90s to now.

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Submission + - UK trade union sues Uber over taxi-drivers' rights->

An anonymous reader writes: The GMB, one of the UK’s largest trade unions, announced yesterday that it would be taking legal action against U.S. taxi-hailing app Uber on grounds of unfair pay and working conditions. The union said that Uber should pay drivers the UK national minimum wage, offer paid holiday days as well as ensuring that they take breaks.
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Submission + - How to Install BiteSMS for iOS 8.4 Devices->

An anonymous reader writes: How to Install BiteSMS for iOS 8.4 – Official biteSMS install is now available on all iOS users (developer). Anyhow we can’t say that new bitesms is free of bugs. It has some more bugs. But fortunately about 90% apps run on jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod devices without any mess except on iPhone 5s devices. Install biteSMS lets you to a fast reply, fast compose, signature, number of new smiles and etc. we can use biteSMS as the alternative app of imessage app.
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Submission + - Sharp announces sales of DC powered air conditioner, other products to follow

AmiMoJo writes: Sharp has announced that sales of DC powered air conditioners will begin by the end of the year. Most appliances use the standard AC electricity supply in homes, but as solar panels become more common switching to DC can save on conversion losses. Solar panels produce DC, which is then typically converted to AC before being fed into the house's wiring, and then converted back to DC again by appliances. Sharp has announced that it intends to produce a range of DC powered appliances for home use.

Submission + - Phantom flex 4k cameras offer greater flexibility in terms of high speed cinemat->

An anonymous reader writes: This third generation camera has several inbuilt attributes for operational flexibility. This camera is exclusively made for the high speed cinematography. This camera has excellent operational flexibility by adapting to the various shooting styles and by offering frame rate capabilities. The camera is provided with a thirty five mm 4K sensor that provides the detailed images, sharp with extremely high dynamic and better clarity.
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Submission + - Intricacies of High Speed Cinematography and Associated Services ->

An anonymous reader writes: High Speed cinematography

In high-speed photography, the photograph is captured in such a manner to block the motion, mainly to decrease the blurring effect. A series of photographs are to be taken with a faster frame rate. The sensitivity of the sensor must be high along with a very efficient shuttering unit. The second function needs some specific ways of shooting subsequent pictures, either with the help of a mechanical unit or with the assistance of robust electronic sensors at a faster rate.

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Submission + - What Are We Searching for on Mars?->

An anonymous reader writes: Martians terrified me growing up. I remember watching the 1996 movie Mars Attacks! and fearing that the Red Planet harbored hostile alien neighbors. Though I was only 6 at the time, I was convinced life on Mars meant little green men wieldi...
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