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+ - 102 Kodak-Branded smartphones on the way

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "For a while there it looked like Kodak's moment had come and gone, but the past few months have seen the imaging icon fight back from the brink of irrelevance. Now the company's planning to push a Kodak-branded smartphone, and thankfully it's not going to sue everyone in the business along the way this time. To be clear, Kodak won't actually make its own devices — instead, it's going to farm out most of the development work to an English company called Bullitt."

+ - 98 How The Lizard Squad Stole Christmas->

Submitted by The Chaos
The Chaos (2865241) writes "Infamous hacker group Lizard Squad has kept their word of bringing down the PlayStation network and Xbox live services on Christmas. According to news outlets, the group took responsibility for the DDoS attacks that brought down the two online gaming services last night. Many users are still unable trying to log on to their respected service."
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+ - 368 Journal: Merry Christmas! 1

Journal by mcgrew

For the first time in nine years I got to see my youngest daughter on Christmas; this is the first Christmas in nine years she didn't have to work. Great Christmas present!

And the second to last pre-publication copies came Christmas eve eve. I finished going through it this morning, and the book itself is ready. What wasn't was the cover; I fixed it and ordered another copy, so Mars, Ho! should be online in a couple of weeks.

+ - 102 PlayStation game-streaming service comes to Samsung smart TVs in 2015

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Sony and Samsung are jointly launching the PlayStation Now game streaming service on select Samsung Smart TVs next year. The service will allow users to play PlayStation games without the need of a gaming console. From the article: "...Sony says some 200 PlayStation 3 games will be available to stream, and that the service runs at full functionality, specifically mentioning things like trophies, online multiplayer and cloud-saves for game-progress. Sound familiar? It should because that's how the service works on Bravia TVs and PlayStation game consoles. What's more, all you'll need is one of Sony's DualShock 4 gamepads to control the action.""

+ - 215 The World of YouTube Bubble Sort Algorithm Dancing

Submitted by theodp
theodp (442580) writes "In addition to The Ghost of Steve Jobs, The Codecracker, a remix of 'The Nutcracker' performed by Silicon Valley's all-girl Castilleja School during Computer Science Education Week earlier this month featured a Bubble Sort Dance. Bubble Sort dancing, it turns out, is more popular than one might imagine. Search YouTube, for example, and you'll find students from the University of Rochester to Osmania University dancing to sort algorithms. Are you a fan of Hungarian folk-dancing? Well there's a very professionally-done Bubble Sort Dance for you! Indeed, well-meaning CS teachers are pushing kids to Bubble Sort Dance to hits like Beauty and a Beat, Roar, Gentleman, Heartbeat, Under the Sea, as well as other music. So, will Bubble Sort dancing to Justin Bieber and Katy Perry tunes make kids better computational thinkers?"

+ - 379 Xbox Live and PlayStation Network both down due to an apparent attack

Submitted by mrspoonsi
mrspoonsi (2955715) writes "Both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are down this morning, apparently due to a denial-of-service attack. The notorious hacking group Lizard Squad — which already carried out earlier attacks on Microsoft and Sony — has claimed responsibility on Twitter for these latest outages. While the group's role in all of this remains unconfirmed, it's worth noting that the group threatened last week to take down Xbox Live and PSN, according to Business Insider. And again, Lizard Squad has already proven it can successfully pull off such attacks, not to mention other malicious pranks.

Whatever the cause, the timing is obviously terrible: Plenty of people surely received one of the two consoles as Christmas presents today, while many more gamers would have happily spent the afternoon in front of the TV. In the meantime, both Sony and Microsoft have acknowledged the problem, with Sony issuing a tweet and Microsoft posting a message on its support website: "We're working to address this as quickly as we possibly can," reads its status website. "Thanks for your patience, Xbox members." In an email, a Microsoft spokesperson declined to comment further or say when the company expects to restore service. We've also asked Sony to comment and will update this post if and when it does."

+ - 216 South Korea Says Nuclear Reactors Safe After Cyberattacks->

Submitted by wiredmikey
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "South Korea on Thursday ruled out the possibility that recent cyber-attacks on nuclear power operator Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co (KHNP) could cause a malfunction at any of the country's 23 atomic reactors.

Earlier this week, South Korea heightened security in the wake of the leaks, with the defense ministry's cyber warfare unit increasing its watch-level against attacks from North Korean and other hackers. On Monday, KHNP launched a two-day drill, testing its ability to thwart a cyber attack.

According to Trend Micro, the malware used against KHNP was designed to wipe the master boot records (MBR) of compromised computers and is believed to have infected the targeted systems through a vulnerability in the Hangul Word Processor (HWP), a commonly-used application in South Korea."

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+ - 177 US Navy Sells 'Top Gun' Aircraft Carrier for One Penny 1

Submitted by (3830033) writes "Kitsap Sun reports at that the USS Ranger, a 1,050-foot-long, 56,000-ton Forrestal-class aircraft carrier, is being towed from the inactive ship maintenance facility at Puget Sound for a 3,400-mile, around-Cape Horn voyage to a Texas dismantler who acquired the Vietnam-era warship for a penny for scrap metal. “Under the contract, the company will be paid $0.01. The price reflects the net price proposed by International Shipbreaking, which considered the estimated proceeds from the sale of the scrap metal to be generated from dismantling,” said officials for NAVSEA. “[One cent] is the lowest price the Navy could possibly have paid the contractor for towing and dismantling the ship.”

The Ranger was commissioned Aug. 10, 1957, at Norfolk Naval Shipyard and decommissioned July 10, 1993, after more than 35 years of service. It was stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on March 8, 2004, and redesignated for donation. After eight years on donation hold, the USS Ranger Foundation was unable to raise the funds to convert the ship into a museum or to overcome the physical obstacles of transporting the ship up the Columbia River to Fairview, Oregon. As a result, the Ranger was removed from the list of ships available for donation and designated for dismantling. The Navy, which can't retain inactive ships indefinitely, can't donate a vessel unless the application fully meets the Navy's minimum requirements. The Ranger had been in pristine condition, but for a week in August volunteers from other naval museums were allowed to remove items to improve their ships. The Ranger was in a slew of movies and television shows, including "The Six Million Dollar Man," "Flight of the Intruder" and "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" where it stood in for the USS Enterprise carrier. But the Ranger’s most famous role was in the 1980’s Tom Cruise hit, "Top Gun." “We would have liked to have seen it become a museum, but it just wasn’t in the cards,” Navy spokesman Chris Johnson told Fox. “But unfortunately, it is a difficult proposition to raise funds. The group that was going to collect donations had a $35 million budget plan but was only able to raise $100,000.”"

+ - 151 Bill Gates Sponsoring Palladium-Based LENR Technology-> 1

Submitted by Baldrson
Baldrson (78598) writes " reports that: "Low energy nuclear reactor (LENR) technology, and by extension palladium, is attracting the attention of one of the richest men in the world and a pioneer inventor of new technology... In a recent visit to Italy, billionaire business man, investor and inventor Bill Gates said that for several years he has been a believer in the idea of LENR, and is a sponsor of companies developing the technology... During his trip to Italy he visited the national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA) where scientists have made significant progress towards a working design for low energy nuclear fusion. The centerpiece of their design is the same as in Mitsubishi’s: palladium. Creating palladium foil with just the right parameters, and managing stress levels in the material was a key issue, one that the researchers at EMEA were able to resolve several years ago." This is controversial to say the least. For example one of the first (1994) Idea Futures claims was that a palladium cold fusion device could produce even a small fraction of that claimed by many researchers over the last quarter century. That claim is presently selling at 2% odds and the judgement deadline is next week."
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+ - 201 Federal Judge: Facebook Must Face Suit for Scanning Messages

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton, on Tuesday, denied Facebook's bid to dismiss a class-action lawsuit against the social media giant, for violating users' privacy through the scanning of message content. In her rejection of Facebook's argument, the judge said the firm had, "...not offered a sufficient explanation of how the challenged practice falls within the ordinary course of its business.""

+ - 138 Rackspace restored after DDOS takes out DNS->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "11-hour incident blocked traffic from reaching and some subdomains: Rackspace says it has recovered from a nasty distributed denial of service attack that it says may have seen âoea portion of legitimate traffic to our DNS infrastructure ⦠inadvertently blocked.""
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+ - 150 Linux 3.19 Kernel To Start 2015 With Many New Features->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Linux 3.18 was recently released thus making Linux 3.19 under development as the year comes to a close. Linux 3.19 as the first big kernel update of 2015 is bringing in the new year with many new features: among them are AMDKFD HSA kernel driver, Intel "Skylake" graphics support, Radeon and NVIDIA driver improvements, RAID5/6 improvements for Btrfs, LZ4 compression for SquashFS, better multi-touch support, new input drivers, x86 laptop improvements, etc."
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+ - 141 Startups: The crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels ... the dumb ones->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Many companies emerged in 2014 offering new ways to help people connect, get stuff done, or find that special someone. Slack, for example, offers a chatty alternative to work email. Or Yonomi might actually make an Internet connected home feasible. But other new startups, looking for that new and original thing, peddled products that were gimmicky, legally unsound, or just not super useful."
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+ - 102 Next Android Version Will Reportedly Be Car-Ready->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes " Google is laying ground for a version of Android that would be built directly into Cars. This will allow drivers to enjoy all the benefits of the Internet without even plugging their Smart phones. The next android version for cars will appear in 2015. Google has not discussed about it publically. Direct integration into cars ensures that drivers will use Google’s services every time they turn on the ignition without even using phone. It will allow you to use more such as Car’s camera, sensors, fuel gauge and Internet connections that is present in newer car models."
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+ - 259 North Korean Defector Spills Details On The Country's Elite Hacking Force->

Submitted by mattydread23
mattydread23 (2793761) writes "Business Insider interviewed Jang Se-yul, a North Korean defector who trained in the country's Mirim University alongside some of the hackers who make up its elite Bureau 121 hacking squad. He explains how they train: "They take six 90-minute classes every day, learning different coding languages and operating systems, from C to Linux. Jang says a lot of time was spent dissecting Microsoft programs, like the Windows operating system, and how to attack the overall computer IT systems of enemy countries like the US or South Korea." He also explains that these hackers are among the elite in North Korea, and even though they have unfiltered information about the outside world that their countrymen lack, most of them would never dream of leaving."
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+ - 102 3D Printing Brings In A New Bionic Eye->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "3D Printing Brings In A New Bionic Eye
Posted on December 23, 2014 by EMS USA

3D Printing Brings In A New Bionic EyeIn 2013, a team of scientists and researchers wowed the world with their ability to 3D print an entire ear and antennae embedded in it for a cochlear implant. Now the same team brings us a new application of several technologies in tandem with 3D printing to produce quantum dot LEDs and integrate them into a regular contact lens.

This new hybrid technology allows for the lens to beam colored lights. One cannot wear the device yet as it is constructed of hard plastic and the quantum dot LEDs need an external power source but it does show that the feasibility of 3D printed electronics can be integrated into complex shapes and produce unique devices.

The team used quantum dots aka nanoparticles instead of ink as the ink. They could generate two different colors both orange and green. The 3D printer now prints the QLEDs in a series of five layers. Silver nanoparticles In a ring on the bottom thus making it the conduit for the mechanical circuit. Next came two polymer layers and supply as well as transfer the electrical current to the next layer. This layer is made up of cadmium selenide nanoparticles and are then contained in case made of zinc sulphide. The icing on this cake is a final layer of cathode made up of eutectic gallium indium.

The printer they sued cost $20,000 and was built in coordination with chemistry graduate Ian Tamargo, Barry Rand the Assistant Professor of electrical engineering, and fluid dynamics pro Hyoungsoo Kim.

Although this is a breakthrough of significant importance itâ(TM)s not ready to be used as an eye piece just now. Itâ(TM)s going to take some more research and development but what this does prove is that with 3D printing it is possible to construct such hybrid devices and that spells good for people suffering from any number of maladies.

A so-called bionic eye is just one application but there could be devices for the heart, kidneys, knees, and anywhere else these technologies apply. With 3D printing the devices can be made quickly and the specs could even be emailed to doctors and manufacturers in just seconds. This is why 3D printing is so the rage nowadays because every time we turn around thereâ(TM)s some new breakthrough that pops up.

One can only wonder what will happen next with 3D printing and in the hands of capable scientists and researchers like these at the helm of industry and working on the frontier lines.

Image credit: Frank Wojciechowski"

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+ - 176 Inside China's 'Christmas Factory' Town, Yiwu->

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "China's manufacturing industry continues booming, which has led to an interesting phenomenon of the town of Yiwu (a city of about 1.2m people in central Zhejiang province) to be christened "China’s Christmas village". The town has become the home of 600 factories that collectively churn out over 60% of all the world's Christmas decorations and accessories. The "elves" that staff these factories are mainly migrant labourers, working 12 hours a day for a maximum of £200 to £300 a month – and it turns out that all of them are not even entirely sure what Christmas is. Nevertheless, there are corridors lined with nothing but tinsel, streets throbbing with competing LED light shows, stockings of every size, plastic Christmas trees in blue and yellow and fluorescent pink, plastic pine cones in gold and silver. The complex of Yiwu International Trade Market was declared by the United Nations to be the "largest small commodity wholesale market in the world" and the scale of the operation necessitates a kind of urban plan, with this festival of commerce organised into five different districts, of which District Two is solely dedicated for Christmas stuff."
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+ - 145 DARPA wants help building a drone that flies like a hawk-> 1

Submitted by DillyTonto
DillyTonto (793644) writes "DARPA has put out a call for ideas on how to build a fast, autonomous, maneuverable UAV that can fly up to 45 mph, navigate without assistance from humans or GPS into and through buildings that are a labyrinth of stairwells, small rooms, narrow hallways and terrorists. DARPA wants this drone to fly like the bird in this awesome hawk POV video that shows it shooting through gaps narrow enough it has to tuck its wings to get through."
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+ - 233 300 Million Year Old Fossil Fish Likely Had Color Vision ->

Submitted by westlake
westlake (615356) writes "Nature is reporting the discovery of mineralized rods and cones in a 300 million year old fossil fish found in Kansas. The soft tissues of the eye and brain decay rapidly after death, within 64 days and 11 days, respectively, and are almost never preserved in the fossil record — making this is the first discovery of fossil rods and cones in general and the first evidence for color vision in a fossilized vertebrate eye."
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