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Comment Sculpture class (Score 1) 320

Another student walked into our college art class saying it blew up. On the way back to the dorm I stopped by the student union, and saw the endlessly looping clip of it disintegrating, with the booster rockets careening away. Watching that made all those sci-fi novels I'd read as a kid seem more distant. I later found out my high school physics teacher (who was really great) had made it into the top 12 candidates for the "Teacher in Space" program.

Comment Re:Too slow! (Score 1) 168

I've done some development on Koding.com, and did not find any speed or responsiveness issues (I generally work with a good Internet connection). Most of the truly interactive portion of my application was done with JavaScript in the browsers, so there I simply leverage the built-in Chrome debugger, which is great - very interactive. Communicating with the Koding shell was no different than typing in a local shell running on my machine.

Comment Happy user of Koding.com (Score 1) 168

I moved my prototyping work (for a complex image processing application) into the cloud using Koding.com. It was easy to add custom stuff like OpenCV, and it's a huge relief to leave the system administration to others. It's great to be able pop in and get work done anywhere you happen to have access to a browser. The Koding.com guys are very responsive any time I've had tech support issues.

Comment "...Um, International standards" (Score 1) 698

I once (many years ago) found myself in the same room with the manager responsible for Apple's peripherals, including keyboards. I asked (actually, begged) him to get rid of the stupid Caps Lock key. All he did was mumble something about "international standards" required for big corporate/government sales. So maybe the solution is to get corporations & governments to change their keyboard requirements. (Yeah, good luck with that...). In the mean time, every major OS has a tool or setting to make Caps lock control. Once you set that up, you don't even notice it any more.

Submission + - Are Bug Bounties the Right Solution for Improving Security? (codinghorror.com)

saccade.com writes: Coding Horror's Jeff Atwood is questioning if the current practice of paying researchers bounties for the software vulnerabilities they find is really improving over-all security. He notes how the Heartbleed bug serves as a counter example to "Linus's Law" that "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow".

...If you want to find bugs in your code, in your website, in your app, you do it the old fashioned way: by paying for them. You buy the eyeballs.

While I applaud any effort to make things more secure, and I completely agree that security is a battle we should be fighting on multiple fronts, both commercial and non-commercial, I am uneasy about some aspects of paying for bugs becoming the new normal. What are we incentivizing, exactly?

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