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Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 5, Funny) 401

It isn't even a theory though, as there isn't anything to support it.

There is no conclusive proof, but there is plenty of evidence that the universe is a simulation. In many ways, the universe appears to be designed to be easy to simulate. If you were designing a universe simulation, what would you do?

1. Due to limited computational resources, the simulated universe would be granular or "quantum". 2. To limit computation, reality would be held in a fuzzy probabilistic "superposition" state until it is actually observed, similar to how a GPU running OpenGL will skip the generation of hidden polygons. 3. The maximum speed of information transfer would be finite, to limit the propagation of changes through the universe.

All of these are actually true in our universe, ergo, we are very likely a simulation.

The whole shebang may be sitting on a table at a science fair with the label:
Kinetic Sculpture with Self Aware Components
By G. Hova

Comment Re: Do me a favour (Score 2) 135

"Like, hey man, you're not going to save the world with a bong hit."

How the hell do you know? It's never been tried.

I'd like to teach the world to rip, Bongs in perfect harmony.

No No No!!!
You have to build one big COSMIC BONG and nail everyone on earth at the same time...
That way it's a fair race to the snack aisles of the world!
I know, you say "What about those brave souls serving on submarines?"
Well, They can surface, breathe deep, and head for the snack isles of the world!

Comment Re:Seems like using buoyancy would be more efficie (Score 1) 238

Hang two of them on a pulley and motor set up so when one sphere is full you raise it to the surface while dropping an empty sphere. all you are lifting is the water as the spheres are equal. Once the empty sphere is on the bottom and the full sphere is swinging in the breeze, you drain the full one using gravity...

Comment Re:Intentionally poisioning their product (Score 1) 117

Agreed, we really do need to thin the herd more. All this protection has lowered the average IQ and we are spiraling into a "Idiocracy" reality.

That's it!
Coming this summer:

Lord of the Flies Camp!!!

Do your little tykes have what it takes figure out the basics of survival and to comprehend the stupidity and evil lurking in there peers? Be the first to test your progeny for suitable survivor instincts and cunning. ACT NOW*, while you still have time to breed replacements...

We must have your deposit in time to ship you the 400 page waiver form for each child.

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