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Comment Re:Lets... (Score 1) 256

But it's only the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 causing the Kindle problem.
The vast majority of systems not running Win10 by now will never run it.
Yes, other versions of Windows will go away as they EOL, but Win10 is not as prolific as they would like you to think.
As machines do EOL (OS wise), I try to get the user to check out Zorin, as an easy transition away from WinAnything... but it's not always smooth sailing getting people to learn new software.
I'm really hoping Android x86 takes hold and blooms, as most people are familiar with it already.

Comment Re:Math is hard (Score 1) 136

You think that's bad, TFS went from "a flurry" to "a handful" in a heartbeat and I want to see the conversion chart on that!
Don't mind me, I read the RSS headline as "Intel Launches Furry of 3D NAND-Based SSDs..." and was disappointed when the story turned out to be something else entirely...

Comment Re:Happy Birthday! (Score 0) 105

(sung in a monotone dirge) Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Now you've reached the age you are
your demise can not be far
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Doom and Gloom and dark despair
Death and dying everywhere
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
cities burning in your wake
burn like candles on your cake
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday ...

Jeez, I'll pay the copyright to Warner/Chappell for the other song... even though I don't have to...
On the up side you could use the song above to end the practice of food servers singing to people in restaurants!

Comment Re:"Some" data? (Score 1) 102

...Sometimes I feel like Neo in The Matrix.

Are you the person that sent that "Help, I'm trapped in series of progressively worsening movies!" text?
Seriously, when I try to explain actual privacy issues to my friends, I come to the conclusion that I need some brighter friends...

Comment Re:stop updating completely (Score 4, Informative) 275

I too have had new machines or fresh W7 installs that don't update. The best luck I've had is installing KB3102810
for 32bit:
for 64bit:

Stop the Windows Update service before you run one of these as it can just stall out if you don't.

I guess the thing to do now is move all user doc folders to a NAS and restore the user machines from images on a regular basis. I too would like a list of MS IP addresses, mainly because telemetry...

This would be a great time for the Android x86 guys to shine.
What a bunch of asshats up there in Redmond!

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

Given that he's talking about ice dams forming and currently doing roof damage with a rake, I don't think a broom will cut it in upstate New York. I have used brooms to clear snow from TV satellite dishes, but not in that type of climate. I'm thinking you would need an A-frame type roof for a solid solar roof at that latitude...

Comment Re:"Right! That DOES It!" (Score 1) 272

These are not bio-weapons, or anything of that sort. These are tools built on flaws in existing hardware and software. Now that they will be getting into the wild, there should be a round of mitigation from responsible manufacturers and coders. And the ones that don't fix their issues should be notable by the absence of patches and/or the folding of the company...
This is a never ending thing. We just got alerted that people we may not worry about too much (ymmv) lost some tools to people we do worry about, so let the repairs begin!
As to what is mortally perilous, these things were already being used, maybe against you. At least you know now that they are out there, and they were poorly guarded...

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

How do you deal with snow on and around your existing solar panels?
Not every climate will be suitable for this type of product, just as some locations are a poor place for an outdoor swimming pool, aluminum awning, etc.. Some products have adaptations, like heaters for TV dishes, but I don't think I'd want to heat my roof...

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