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Comment Re:Do Software Engineers Need to Register? (Score 1) 709

Where is it written that you have to have a degree to be an engineer? Yes, I know that's the typical requirement for most HRs, but I've also know people w/o degrees who knew much more about software engineering than those with them. My point here is that your requirement is not universally recognized...I know my own company will accept 2 yrs of experience as equal to a year of college, and grant a new hire the engineer title. I personally joined them with a 2 yr degree (I've since completed the four), and 4+ yrs of experience and was titled as an engineer 35+ years ago.

Comment Re:solution (Score 1) 349

Plenty of people move away every day. Yeah, it may suck to leave your well known area, friends, etc., but what are your options? If you decide to stay, then suck it up and don't whine about the cost. FWIW, I'm going to be doing departing the expensive DC burbs within the next couple of years, in order to retire comfortably instead of having to work and extra 5-10 years and stay in this overcrowded rat race.

Comment Re:It's got nothing to do with desirability (Score 1) 349

Few things in life are w/o risk, and staying in an expensive area is risky as well. I couldn't afford college when I was young, so the military was a way out of a crappy situation for me. Four years later, I was a computer technician with an AA degree and experience, and $20k worth of GI Bill to spend on college. It's not for everyone, certainly. But you have to compare the risk of staying where you are with the risk of moving.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 349

At 60+, it's exactly part of my personal retirement plan... Take the equity out of my house in a high cost of living area, move to one where I'll be able to buy the house outright, and pay less than half of my current property taxes for a similar home. I've already got an area identified (I'm less than 2 yrs away from doing this), with good healthcare, amenities, lower crime rate, etc., etc. The only downside is having to make new friends/neighbors.

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