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Comment Re:Source of success (Score 1) 134

"The greedy elite have worked hard to lobby .... "

Um, no. It's simply how business I done because we as a nation have not been forceful enough in getting money out of politics. We've let SCOTUS tell us that companies are people, which has completely subverted the value of the individual voter. Get term limits put in place, and we'll see a lot of this BS change.

Comment Re:INTERNATIONAL Business Machines (Score 1) 134

"Another reminder: IBM has been going down the shitter for over a decade now."

You wouldn't know it by looking at their ten year stock chart. They tanked, like everyone else, during the recession, but are about double their value from 2007. So, if they're not meeting the needs, who's needs are they satisfying to make an ROI?

Comment Alternative Facts (Score 4, Interesting) 284

Before you go getting your panties all in a wad, the Bureau of Labor Standards (BLS) reports quite a few numbers on unemployment statistics. Unfortunately, too many people harp about the basic unemployment rate w/o taking the time to go look at the other numbers available...underemployment for example. The "redefinition" of unemployment removed people who weren't looking for work from the basic number. But, let's take a look at and see what's actually being produced, and compare apples to apples instead of whining that someone changed (or refined depending upon what spin you'd like to put on it) the calculation.

Submission + - President Trump Signs Executive Order to Withdraw from the TPP (

Dangerous_Minds writes: President Donald Trump has signed an executive order for the US to pull out of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It was a campaign promise he is seemingly following through on. The agreement would have instituted laws that would unmask DNS registrants trying to protect their privacy, added criminal liability to the circumvention of a DRM (Digital Rights Management), mandated government spying on online copyright infringement, and even allow enforcement of copyright laws even when infringement does not take place. For many, the move represents a significant blow to the future of the agreement.

Submission + - Trump withdraws US from TPP 1

MrKaos writes: On his first full day in office, US President Donald Trump has lived up to his promise of killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

President Trump began recasting America's role in the global economy on Monday, canceling an agreement for a sweeping trade deal with Asia as one of his first official White House actions.

Trump has told union leaders the TPP “wasn’t the right way,” and that he would pursue one on one deals with countries rather than multinational agreements.

News of the order is being carried by CNN, BBC, and The Guardian.

Comment Re:Sad to see Trump... (Score 4, Insightful) 341

I don't know that it's fair to attribute this to Trump (and I voted for him). However, even if it was, why would this make anyone sad? Are you so partisan that you would actually lament the fact that 50,000 people in Pennsylvania are going to have new jobs? Have you become so cold and heartless that you would have people suffer just to advance your own political agenda?

I'm old enough to remember a time when the Democratic Party stood up for the working class; when they were the party of compassion; when they stood up for civil liberties like free speech. Sadly, the party has long since left all that (and me) behind. And if the last election was any indication, a lot of people in formerly blue states think the party has left them behind too, states like Pennsylvania.


Submission + - Trump Withdraws from TPP (

LeftCoastThinker writes: Making good on a campaign promise, moments ago, Trump signed an order to withdraw from TPP. After years of Obama support and Hillarys reference to TPP as the "Gold Standard" Trump is killing US support for TPP.

Submission + - The Clinton Foundation is downsizing (

mi writes: You would think, the end of a political career would allow a genuinely charitable family to concentrate on their charity. Instead, the Clinton Foundation is closing shop (or, at least, downsizing) after their champion's electoral loss. According to the paperwork they filed with New York Department of labor, the reason is "Discontinutation [sic] of the Clinton Global Initative [sic]".

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1) 221

Every country and culture has a nasty history of some kind. That doesn't mean they just give up and commit cultural/national suicide over it. Europeans have long been a cynical lot. But the level of self-hatred and white guilt that we're seeing today has almost become a form of mass mental illness. Europe is rapidly becoming dysfunctional to the point where, when the invaders come (and they always do eventually), most will just throw open the gates and beg to be destroyed.


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