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Comment three reasons: (Score 5, Interesting) 222

1. money. boomers spent a generation ruining any chance of a millenial or post millenials ability to buy anything more than a bus pass.
2. Theaters. Exorbitant fees for tickets and concessions price most of them well outside the range of the 18-24 demographic. the ones that can afford it, generally avoid it and wait for the online/blu-ray. The theatre experience is sticky floors and 30 minutes of capitive audience advertisements for everything from car insurance to taco bell, and its an insult to anyone whos paid actual money to sit down and see a film.
3. films.: six sequels to the fast and the furious? Ten remakes of Cinderella? thats not film, its the conceptual blueprint for purgatory. The average film experience is either waiting for the next release of 17 new and well planned Marvel movies, or enduring a wasteland of film targeted at the fifth grade comprehension level so as to maximize audience range. Pixar used to churn out a good film, but frankly theyre just in it for the toy licensing (Cars 3 anyone?)

Comment Re:A Very Old Performance Problem, Mostly Forgotte (Score 1) 266

Only because Fortran stores multidimensional arrays in column-major order, while every other language in the known universe uses row-major order.

Julia is another that I know of, not surprisingly because it continues the scientific computing traditions of Fortran in many ways. From TFM:

Multidimensional arrays in Julia are stored in column-major order ... This convention for ordering arrays is common in many languages like Fortran, Matlab, and R (to name a few). The alternative to column-major ordering is row-major ordering, which is the convention adopted by C and Python (numpy) among other languages.

Comment given their track record, i doubt it. (Score 1, Insightful) 73

Zune: failed to compete with ipod.
Microsoft Phone: failed to compete with either android or iPhone.
microsoft store: failed to compete with apple store and was rolled into best buy as a kiosk
microsoft surface: failed to compete with iPad or android.
Bing: failed to compete with either google or yahoo despite being based on code bought from yahoo.
Azure: failed to compete with aws/ec3/rackspace.
so yeah. i dont think salesforce is as terrified as they would have been say, 30 years ago when a microsoft embrace/extend/extinguish strategy basically spelled bankruptcy. This is a new redmond, and with it comes moronic decisions like buying Minecraft after it has no further growth potential, and porting random linux applications like SSH to windows.

Comment Re:Why are people obsessed with lack of bezels? (Score 1) 74

I want a phone that is 2X as thick as available today and has a 4 day battery life. Single day battery life today is only because of stupidity. we should be at the 1 week of battery like we had with the Razr flip phone.

I want an android, i.e. a humanlike robot that can take care of household chores. Not some stupid old phone.

(Google threatened to sue a robotics company called Zendroid because of naming similarities with their phone software. I guess the meaning of words doesn't matter any more.)

Comment for various definitions of interfere. (Score 3, Insightful) 529

If by interfere we mean "she didnt get elected when it was her time" then, sure, its fairly apparent the trump campaign achieved this by campaigning in more states and cities, and on issues the average person could more easily relate to.

Full Disclosure, im a California Liberal. That being said, Hillary was a turd of a candidate with a domestic policy that was unrelateable outside of large cities. she ignored two intelligence scandals, rigged her primary to destroy her opponent, and took questions from moderators ahead of the debate. She was the epitome of liberal elite, showing up in a fifteen thousand dollar burlap sack from Beverly Hills to lecture the midwest on povery and jobs.

Comment 2 theories at the same time? (Score 1) 167

the theories are both supported by experiments, they usually don't play well together, forcing physicists to consider a new theory that will allow them both to be correct at the same time...

In relativity, the entire notion of "at the same time" depends on the observer. So I guess for some scientists, GR and QM play well together, for others not so well.

Comment Re:Switched to PulseAudio today - here's my story (Score 1) 322

My stereo headset becomes the active, default output once I plug it in, and the speakers assume that role as soon as I unplug it.

Back in the day, this used to be a hardwired thing, using tiny switch elements in the socket. In my current systems, the ALSA driver presents an auto-mute feature for when you plug in the headset. (The headset will go mute again when you unplug it, using a different kind of magic.) Now if you need a userspace daemon to do this, does it mean the kernel driver should become a lot simpler?

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