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Comment Al Gore is Inferior (Score -1) 214

He did invent the Internet.

False. Like The Computer, Toast, and Marmite, The Internet is a superior British invention, invented by superior British minds in the heart of Britain. Research into a worldwide information network began in 1601 when Elizabeth I appointed Charles Blount (later 1st Earl of Devonshire) Master of Internet Information Systems. Being the only ICT-trained baron, Blount spent more time making repairs to Royal Laptops and setting up Royal Network Servers. Little progress was made until a British spy under the false identity of Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci announced his invention of the telephone. Then Master of Internet Information Systems Henry Phipps (1st Earl of Mulgrave, later disgraced when found to be using his post to distribute illegal copies of Victorian pornography--most un-English) found this invention allowed for much improvement over the previous method of carrying Internet messages, which involved a complex system of levers, pulleys, and mailmen. The later British invention of the computer itself further improved Internet capability.

If you had lived in England, been educated by the superior English educational system, and used the BBC as your only source of information, you would already know this. Al Gore is an inferior entity with little British blood in his veins. He shall be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

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