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Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 53

Some businesses might...but with HIPAA laws, banking laws and lawyers, the security of "in the cloud" no matter how secure, might put some people off on this.

It doesn't matter how secure it is, it matters how secure the auditors say it is. A startup will do quite poorly by this measure, while the companies with years of good lobbying will have arranged things so that it's fine.

Comment Re:Absolutely wrong: it did differentiate! (Score 1) 121

This will not capture a significant percentage of the former drinkers who are non drinkers. So contrary to your assertion, the current study did not truly separate out the two categories.

It did the best that any survey can do - this is medicine not precision science. It will not capture those who were moderate drinkers and who then stopped since they would have no medical problems (indeed the study shows they would have less chance of a medical problem). However this would bias the non-drinkers to look more like the moderate drinkers i.e. it would make non-drinkers look healthier.

As for former heavy drinkers I see no reason to suspect that these would end up as non-drinkers over moderate drinkers unless given medical advice that they needed to stop - in which case there would be a record and they would be classed as former drinkers. So the only way you can achieve what you claim is if there are a lot of heavy drinkers who did not develop any medical problems related to their drinking and whom all stopped drinking completely without any medical advice to that effect. This seems highly unlikely.

Comment Re:Absolutely wrong: it did differentiate! (Score 1) 121

So how many people use that as an excuse to knock back a couple wines every night, then continue to have a few more, then injure them selves or someone else because drunk? At least you will get slightly less heart disease eh.

The study showed that consuming more than ~2 glass of wine per day (less if you are a woman) is actually harmful for your health so the sort of people doing this cannot use the study to justify their drinking problem.

Comment Re:Holy Blinking Cursor, Batman! (Score 4, Funny) 223

Yeah, my old Commodore 64 had a blinking cursor, and it somehow managed that remarkable feat with an 8-bit 6510 CPU running at 1MHz!!!

Behold the power of Javascript! It gives a modern PC with 8-16 GHz of total CPU ... less actualy processing power than a Commodore 64.

Well done JS engine guys. Well done.

Comment Re:Amazon isn't moving (Score 1) 76

These aren't taxes on activities that happened in America. If they decided to incorporate in e.g. the Caymans, they'd still owe US tax on US activities, just like today, but they wouldn't owe US tax on stuff made, shipped, and consumed in Europe, like they do today.

It's the tax system that's fucked up here.

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