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Comment Re:ulteo (Score 1) 113

I recently implemented this at the University I work for. It is a robust replacement for citrix. If your only using Linux based apps it is free (as in beer). If you require windows applications, multiple terminal servers (along with the cost of licensing) may be implemented to act as a pool of application servers available to the clients. The only real drawbacks we have found is legacy software which upon installation decides its ok to use old 32bit code as well as newer 64bit code bases. Windows separates the two components into the C:\Program Files & C:\Program Files (x86) folders which causes the Windows application server available for Ulteo-OVD to get confused due to path problems for that particular piece of software. The other is trying to use anything with OpenGL or DirectX. There went my game server. Other than that we have a production environment which has been in place for about a year now.

Comment crypto (Score 1) 536

crypto is new to myself and I am by no means a mathematician. However after using libraries in various development projects I always see a significant rise in interest in what I am doing. Not just the project but my personal life which kinda pisses me off. I pay taxes, get out of my life.

Comment sensitive topics (Score 1) 283

I recently began writing an article for web developers on implementation of symmetrical and asymmetrical client side (JavaScript) encryption techniques and it seems like it will never get published due to the bureaucratic bullshit plaguing our nation today. I understand concerns of misuse, I understand needs for wiretaps... but to stifle an article that helps with education and addresses security concerns plaguing todays on-line shopping charts to prevent the defrauding of others? Our tax money hard at work...

Submission + - why space weather could blow up your gadgets (

An anonymous reader writes: "It's dawn on Friday 2 September 1859 and the sky above the Bahamas is pulsing with red and green light, bright enough to read a newspaper by. Electricity surges through telegraph cables in Europe and the US, shocking operators who are sending messages and causing their equipment to burst into flames. The cause of this mayhem just over 150 years ago? None other than the Sun, which hours earlier had belched out a plume of charged particles that streamed across space before smashing into the magnetic shield that surrounds Earth, generating a maelstrom of magnetic fields and electric currents." Ever thought the weather up in space could make your gadgets blow up?? Nope, me neither. This interview is a brilliant article with the Space Weather Research unit that looks at how predicitng space weather is a minefield — and how the solar system could have a serious affect on infrastructure

Submission + - AT&T's Exclusive iPhone Contract Runs Out in 2

Pickens writes: "Engadget reports that court documents from an ongoing California class-action lawsuit filed in 2007 independently confirm what many suspected: that Apple and AT&T entered into an exclusive contract in 2007 that will run out in 2012. But the real question is whether or not the exclusivity deal is still on the books. "Contracts can be canceled, amended, and breached in many ways, and AT&T's spotty recent service history plus the explosion of the iPhone and the mobile market in general have given Apple any number of reasons to revisit the deal," writes Nilay Patel . "In addition, the two companies obviously hit the negotiating table again to hammer out the iPad's pricing plans, and there's no way of knowing whether that deal involves the iPhone as well." In related news a survey among shows that 49 percent of Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers say they’d be “very” or “somewhat” likely to buy an iPhone, should one become available on those networks and that 53 percent of Verizon customers would purchase a Verizon iPhone, were one available. Apple is rumored to be at work on a version of the iPhone that would be compatible with Verizon’s CDMA-based network and although Apple has never confirmed nor denied such rumors, it’s expected that Verizon will receive its own iPhone once AT&T’s exclusivity contract with Apple expires."

Submission + - Breakthrough in Hydrogen Energy? (

destinyland writes: MIT researchers have developed a way to split a hydrogen/oxygen water molecule by emulating the way blue-green algae separates oxygen from hydrogen. One chemistry professor called it "an extremely clever piece of work" that addresses "the nanoscale organization of the components", and they're currently developing a cheap way to split off the hydrogen atoms. Using sunlight rather than electricity to make hydrogen from water could greatly improve the efficiency of the process, and then the hydrogen can be stored for generating electricity or burning as fuel for cars. The project is being led by the winner of a 2004 MacArthur Foundation genius grant, who uses genetically-engineered viruses as templates for nanoscale electronic components. "Suddenly, I wondered, what if we could assemble materials like the abalone does — but not be limited to one element?"

Submission + - CS5 validation snafus leaving students unregged (

An anonymous reader writes: Students and teachers who have purchased the "Student and Teacher" editions of Adobe's latest Create Suite 5 products (which are significantly less expensive than retail versions, despite costing more than $500), may be wondering whether they'll be able to use their new software in a couple weeks. Unfortunately, the company's product validation site, run by Identit-E LLC, has been reporting a "technical issue" since CS5 was introduced, and users who have purchased CS5 (and thus begun the 30-day countdown before the software must be registered) have been unable to begin the four-step registration process. So although users were able to download and begin using the 30-day trial in early May, the time is ticking on their bought-and-paid-for "demos," and some are more than 10 days into the "borrowed time." As of 1 a.m. Tuesday, May 11, the following notice still appeared on the validation site:

There has been a technical issue which is causing a delay in our ability to process requests for eligibility verification for CS5 Student & Teacher Edition orders. We ask that you be patient as this problem should be corrected by 5:00 p.m. (CST) on Monday May 10, 2010. Your product includes a thirty day free trial, which means that you can use your software immediately.

This "eligibility requirement" is required after the purchase, by the way.

Submission + - Lidar finds overgrown Maya pyramids (

AlejoHausner writes: A team of archeologists scanned the jungle of Belize with lidar. Although most of the reflections came from the jungle canopy, some light reflected off the ground surface. Using this, suddenly hidden pyramids, agricultural terraces, and ancient roads are revealed, at 6-inch resolution. The NY Times has the story.

Comment Re:And if there's a man in the middle? (Score 1) 69

So development of a secure communications channel utilizing quantum crypto being inherently susceptible to a denial of service condition due to specialized hardware necessary for transmission which would have to wait for someone to stop listening before re-generating key pairs then transmitting?

I hope this is not in development to replace the 911 infrastructure or monetary data transmissions on a winder scale until that is addressed.

Perhaps a fiber switch/router hardware solution to allow switched routes and the necessary attenuation needed?

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