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Comment Nostalgia in Pasadena - C&H Surplus (Score 1) 138

C&H Surplus had a wonderful store on an increasingly pricey stretch of Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena, CA, but had to relocate several miles east as rents and property values increased. Its former proximity to Caltech and JPL (and sundry assorted neighborhood subcontractors) yielded up tons and aisle after aisle of high grade test equipment, massive power supplies, relay racks, and who-knows-what. I remember getting into a yelling match with my mom (40 years ago) that a hulking Tektronix oscilloscope I picked up was not a "television" (which I was not allowed to have in my bedroom!) After a little cosmetic work, I ended up selling it for a small profit -- to a bigger geek than I was/am.

ah, walking down memory lane . . . .

Comment Hire an experienced architect or interior designer (Score 1) 421

This is going to be a massively expensive exercise...

I don't want to misread your post, but assume you're asking for input from those "in the trenches," so to speak, which I heartily applaud. Spend some "quality time" with the project architect and/or interior designer. If they've been chosen well (not always a safe assumption), they should be able to tell you - in plain English, not "designer-speak - exactly what they've taken into account and their prior experience designing 24/7 secure facilities. You'll be surprise about the things you haven't considered (which they have). OTOH, if they sound like someone who designed the CEO's house (and nothing like what's planned), sound the alarm bells. Good luck with your project.

Submission + - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Begins Move to Google (

ziani writes: The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has started utilizing Google Apps for its online needs, joining scores of other government agencies and businesses also making the switch. Is it just me, or do the terms of service suggest this might make students in the dorms sleep with one eye open. ("THE SERVICE IS NEITHER DESIGNED NOR INTENDED FOR HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES. . . " “High Risk Activities” means uses such as the operation of nuclear facilities, air traffic control, or life support systems, where the failure of the Services could lead to death, personal injury, or environmental damage.

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