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Comment I believe it (Score 1) 519

In my personal experience, passwords that are > 24 characters, are easily forgettable if unused for a period of time. I struggle with remembering complicated passwords if I haven't used them in over a month. Not sure if it's because they're to complicated or if it's a neurological limit. I also suffer from ADD and have a history of radiation exposure.

That being said, I completely understand how it's possible for someone to forget a password.

Comment Re:age 30 is old and $60K is "wealthy" (Score 1) 153

This damn site tells me I'm in the top 2.54%.

I would hate myself if I made it into that 1% bracket.

Additionally, I am in that age range of 30 - 44, white male, and I pirate ebooks on occasion. It's mostly an activity of convenience combined with my hate for DRM mechanisms. Recently, I grabbed a book on golang, used it for 30 minute and then deleted it. Would of regretted buying the book in any form and it only took me 30 minutes to figure that out.

Comment The recruiter game (Score 1) 805

I get hit up by recruiters all the time, asking if I would like to take a job in the valley making 150k-160k. So I send them the CNN's cost of living calculator and how much I currently make, plus 3% increase for my next position. They never respond after that, every single damn time. The recruiters are hoping to bring in new talent based on sticker shock of how much these jobs are offering but they fail to take into consideration, the higher cost of living. I'd need to make 183k per year for it to be an equal transition from where I currently live.

Comment DO you want control of your phone? (Score 2) 215

I rooted and ultimately went to a custom rom because I honestly don't trust the things my phone carrier installs and I wanted the ability to block advertisements. Google has gotten much better with giving users the ability to limiting software permissions but could still do more. Older software automatically get permissions enabled for compatibility when they shouldn't.

Comment I'm Old School (Score 1) 261

I've handled this issue in the past for devices I just use for web surfing by not setting a default gateway on the network interface (via dhcp most of the time). Then I use socks proxying over ssh to a jump box on my network with firefox for my web browsing (Firefox is loaded with ABP and Ghostery).

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