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Comment Re:Libreoffice is a thing (Score 1) 217

Also agree with you - I also absolutely hate the damned ribbon! :)

But I'm not referring to the UI, in fact, I really like the UI of LibreOffice compared to MS Office!

Rather, what I meant is that LibreOffice is really buggy and behaves counter-intuitive, like the examples I gave + many others; such as advanced style management and assigning a style to a paragraph, only to find out it sometimes partially applies it, while maintaining other rules, and other times it correctly overrides the style with those defined - and countless other quirks and frustrating things such as this.

Comment Re:Libreoffice is a thing (Score 1) 217

Not sure why it was down-modded, but its completely true: LibreOffice has so many bugs and strange quirks that it drives you crazy!

Something as simple as bullet points and modifying paragraphs spacing or adjusting the indentation on the ruler is enough to reveal its many flaws. I spent hours just playing with those settings trying to get the layout right on a basic document (CV), and although I eventually fixed it. I vowed never again to torture myself and just go back to MS Office.

At least I can say that I speak from experience, just like the time-waste that is the so-called "Linux desktop experience".

I guess the saying "Linux is only free if your time has no worth", also applies to LibreOffice, thus, it would absolutely suck for businesses and normal users.

Comment Re:Schools won't want it (Score 1) 91

I think you misunderstood the definition of "Windows 10 Cloud".
i.e. it will be a minimal shell to start a browser, like Chromebooks.

Secondly, I believe since Windows 10, it almost always hibernates the system rather than full cold boot, thus, it literally takes seconds to start up again, especially with an SSD. Perhaps even faster than chromebooks, especially if the system hibernates with no open apps.

Comment Re:Could be useful (Score 1) 91

You could do the same thing with "DeepFreeze" software for Windows which protects the drive from any changes, such as misconfiguration, viruses, or malware. While you could "unfreeze" a small area of the drive for personal documents, or store your data in the cloud.

And of course, you get a full operating system, not one designed to use you as a product and exploit your personal data, especially in the case of Google.

Comment Credit where credit is due (Score 1, Interesting) 236

No doubt, credit where credit is due and my hats off to MS in their browsers efficiency, however, it still doesn't change the fact that Microsoft's browser will always be seen as inferior like IE. I guess (sadly) the same as many people see Firefox as always bloated and inefficient compared to Chrome.

MS will no doubt use this to their advantage in ads as much as possible, but I don't think it will change the browser war - until perhaps they (like Google) also spend billions in advertising Edge all over the world in train stations to newspapers to billboards... all over the world! :)

But good news for the rest of us, hopefully it will force competition and hopefully get (especially) Mozilla to create a more efficient browser!

Comment Google doesn't care about VPN (Score 5, Interesting) 141

VPN's may only protect you from your own ISP, but what about the biggest spyware organisations, such as Google/Facebook?
They all rely on browser fingerprinting more than anything else these days, and subtly transmitting information back in an encoded form, including mouse movement patterns to learn about the individual.

Cookies/HTML5 storage are so last decade, as I've seen a growing number of companies (Cyberfend / iovation / iesnare / "cformanalytics", (, etc) provide services specialising in tracking and individually identifying users - even surprisingly across devices, somehow.

As far as I can tell, only Mozilla is attempting to reduce/fight this with their browser, especially as they recently removed the Battery status API, added to blacklist known trackers in v43, Font fingerprinting, etc.

Sure, you can use addons like adblockplus, noscript, decentraleyes, etc to some degree, but many times they break websites as more and more sites are utilising javascript exclusively for a website to function, including third-party scripts, such as GoogleTagManager, etc.
Just recently discovered that the popular London travel website TfL also contains a third-party tracker, without which their journey planner doesn't work, thus the website doesn't work with Firefox's privacy list.

Comment Re:Browsers Killed Flash (Score 1) 230

Clueless post.

I think the point is, yes, it's only now that HTML5/Javascript has become some-what mature enough to replace Flash, especially the major use of which is video's. And it's only now that browser makers are finally taking the plunge to purge Flash.

But the point is, Steve Jobs saw this coming long long ago, while html5/css3 was still in draft, but basic support for video and other animations had started to appear. Read Jobs' post to get an insight, and it's exactly what he mentions, including the proprietary nature of Flash and it's fate by Adobe alone.

Steve Jobs was truly a visionary.

Comment Re:the internet killed flash (Score 1) 230

Err, Javascript killed Java?!
Clearly you've never worked for or interviewed recently for any enterprise environment.

If anything, Microsoft's .NET hurt Java, but it still hasn't displaced it, and it's still king in enterprise, multi-scale, multi-threaded environments, even where performance and dependability is required.

Comment Re:Flash killed flash. (Score 1) 230

True, however, any hardware built after 2009 (perhaps earlier) has had mpeg4/h.264 hardware decoder built-in, and more recently, VP8/VP9 and h.265, even in on-board graphics hardware. Although saying that, Flash also began utilising (h.264) hardware decoding capability of graphics cards since late 2009 with version 10.1.

But this doesn't mean that Flash wasn't a resource hog on modern computers, not to mention, a monolithic block placed on a web page. While HTML5 solved many of the issues, including accessibility and seo compatibility... although to be fair, HTML5 and Javascript has its own set of issues, i.e. they're also becoming a massive memory and cpu hog.

I still use Flash where possible for video, as it's a lot smoother and less CPU intensive on my circa-2005 cpu, especially on WinXP which only has basic support for earlier video types.

Comment Re:governments (Score 1) 360

However, what most people, and clearly the documentary author, still don't seem to realise is that the Qur'aan is primarily transmitted orally, while the written text is just a back-up. I know what you're thinking - Chinese whispers? Well for some reason, it doesn't apply to the Qur'aan (as we believe God Himself has chosen to protect it).

The proof of that is simple, attend any mosque, and watch the imaam perform the morning, or evening prayer reading the Qur'aan without any text - and if he makes even a slight mistake, you'll notice at least several people behind the imaam instantly correct him; going so far as to correct the pronunciation as well as missing a single letter during recital. Most Muslims in the world should know at least 1 or 2 chapters of the Qur'aan from memory, I myself know several with correct pronunciation ("tajweed").

Or attend the mosque during Ramadan and watch the imaam recite the entire Qur'aan from memory, sometimes he may make a mistake, but it's instantly picked up and corrected by us following the recital.

Just to point out, the Arabic Qur'aan when it's translated, such as in English, is no longer considered the Qur'aan, it's just an interpretation.

And thus, if all the Qur'aan copies in the world were destroyed, a handful of Muslims can get together to recreate it from memory within a matter of day(s).

Comment Re:governments (Score 1) 360

Wow, pretty ignorant comment, and I know better than to feed the trolls, but...

Muslims don't claim "exclusive self-correctness/righteousness", rather God has told us in the Qur'aan that anyone who believes in Him Alone without associating partners, and His Messengers and the Last Day will have their reward with God.
However, most people, including majority of Muslims will enter hellfire first (God knows best who and how many), that includes anyone who prays, fasts, does charitable deeds, etc. Because of other sins and selfishness, and taking advantages of others, killing, etc, but especially doing good deeds to show-off (which is a form of associating partners with God).

Islam came to supplant other religions/way of life, as God tells us in the Qur'aan that many (countless) Messengers and Prophets have been sent before, including Moses and Jesus, but their message was only meant for their people for a few generations before another Warner was sent. The first Prophet was Adam (to his own children), and the last being Muhammad (to all generations).

If praying gets you to heaven, then god dammit, pray fucking continuously till you starve and die and go to heaven sooner

Perhaps that message would be more fittingly directed towards Buddhists and Monks?

No religion or Warner came after Islam and Muhammad because God told us explicitly that this would be the final message to humanity and final Prophet.
However, we (like the Christian, and some-what Jews) also believe that Jesus will return to re-establish peace and once again correct people who had deviated away from the straight path.

You would do justice to your own self and your soul by reading the Qur'aan with an open mind, but more importantly, open heart. As the Qur'aan states, "God doesn't guide the criminals, rebellious, and hard-hearted people".

If you want to know the real life of Muhammad as based on evidence, then watch the "Seerah" lecture series by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi on YouTube.


Comment Godless society and belief in "touch wood" (Score 1) 48

Completely off-topic, I realise, but bear with me...

Can some athiests/agnostics explain to those of us who believe in God why they usually believe in "touch wood" / "knock wood" / tempting fate / fortune, when the belief in One God who exists outside of space and time, and created matter and the laws of physics, etc, makes more sense?

In Islam, the concept of "touch wood" is considered "shirk" (idolatry / polytheism) as it's assigning or giving an attribute of God to an entity or thing that He has created. So it goes against the science of the perfection of "tawheed" (Oneness of God or Unity of God), which makes a person outside of Islam.

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