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Comment Re:DIY, meet DEA (Score 1) 147

"if a teenager can't understand or be impressed by demonstrations and explanations of buffered solutions, the speed of light, or cell mitosis... I have to say that maybe science just isn't for them."

On this phrase you put the blame of communication on the receiving end. Put all of the blame on the speaking end and you will solve all of your communication problems.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2, Interesting) 116

Well, if they want to sell a lot of copies in Brazil all they have to do is show someone in a soap opera playing it. Or in the Big Brother show. You think I'm kidding: we have a store that sells houseware stuff, we keep an eye on what they show on tv because the next day people will be in here looking for the same stuff.

Comment Re:binge for 5 years straight.... (Score 1) 412

Somebody is speaking from experience... ;)

Staying on topic, to the person who's in doubt about the company: if you do decide to stay in the garage with your friends, here's a very important lesson about your company:

The main goal of a business is to MAKE MONEY. Everything else is part of the STRATEGY to MAKE MONEY, but it is not, however, the main goal.
(Read "The Goal" by Eliyahu Goldratt).

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