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Comment Re:What's the Solution? (Score 1) 60

It is worse than that.The problem with DDOS is that the real victim probably doesn't know about it.

The proper way to thwart these kinds of attacks is to have a method of detecting them and then cutting off people who are making an inordinate amount of those kinds of packets aimed at that address. The solution to a coordinated attack is a coordinated response.

Comment Re:AI is not real thinking (Score 1) 126

Your conclusion is interesting, but flawed for it is purely subjective to your current moral viewpoint. A different morality would have a different goal.

Other "moral" options:
Help the most people and the expense of the fewest.
Help the most important people, and the expense of least important.
Help nobody while hurting as few people as possible
Help everyone equally, while hurting as few people as possible
Help everyone without regard to the harm done anyone.

Some of the values in the above options are intentionally vague. For instance, "Help the most people and the expense of the fewest." If we can help 90% by extending their lifespans by 10% (by 20%, 30%, 40%), but 10% are left dead or sick, do you do it? What if the decision was 51% get a 100% increase in lifespan, but 49% of the people die? At what point does the "Positive AI making the decision become "negative"

Comment Re:Upper class gets 100 Gbps (Score 1) 59

You are either a moron, or just ignorant. Here is the information you need to become less ignorant.

You'er probably thinking 100 Mbps, not Gbps and it is more likely to be 1 Gps and not 100Mbps. 10Gpbs is largely impossible on most wiring, unless you're dealing with fiber (which I doubt you are). While there is a chance you can be using faster connection than 10Gbps speeds, it is highly unlikely as those are very expensive, are always fiber, and almost exclusive to data centers.

Someday, we'll see those speeds to the desktop, just not today.

Comment true (Score 1) 344

MY 2012 MBP still works perfectly and with the recent SSD drive install will go another 2 years just fine. I bought it brand new when work bought me a piece of garbage $900 consumer laptop. and then 2 years later bought me a $800 crap laptop to replace the previous one that the screen failed on, and then finally a $650 piece of crap lenovo that prompty had all kinds of issues and the hinge cracked on in 30 days.... all the time the macbook was used the same amount every day, even dropped a few times.

the macbook pro cost $2000 and outlasted 3 Garbage windows laptops from Dell, Toshiba and then Lenovo. My current job is not ran by retards and bought me a $3000 dell precision 7510 it's built well and has decent parts in it like my macbook (no marvell garbage) it has been FLAWLESS for far longer than any windows laptop I have had previous except for when I used to use Panasonic Toughbooks.

It's not the OS, its the hardware being build decently. It's why I utterly ignore the idiots that claim that macbooks are overpriced and they can get a $600 laptop that will do the same thing. No you cant.

Moral of the story.... pay for the hardware up front, or pay for it over and over again. That last lenovo went through 5 keyboards as letters keys would stop working and have to be struck hard. not a problem for those that dont use them for work... but whne you are programming at $125 an hour havignthe fucking O key stop working will make life hell.

Now my current laptop actually runs a hypervisor as the OS and then runs a windows VM... if I have a problem I simply reboot and launch a working VM image. downtime is less than 60 seconds. Oh and we only use windows 7, windows 10 is completely banned corperate wide until further notice.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 344

I help manage a fleet of older Windows PCs (around 4000) and almost all of those issues you named off are not a problem. We have systems in place that certain people logging into certain PCs get mapped to certain printers (fairly dynamic) and just work. Lost IP does occur, but not on PCs (mostly network attached devices like Cameras), and most of those have to do with poor design of those devices. We don't have a DSL modem we have a 10GB network and redundant pathways out.

Just about everything we (IT) needs to configure is done by a management tool of one kind or another, and is very systematic and predictable. And that is the key to providing excellent IT service. These systems aren't always cheap, but they are cheaper that hiring more IT staff to run around putting out fires because nothing works the same way anywhere.

As for Macs vs PCs, Macs require as much attention as PCs, but they are managed not by IT, but by the End User. Because that management is outside of the measurables IT can deliver, you don't see the actual costs associated with them.

Here is the real question, would you rather have Macs, that require 100/hr user trying to figure out whatever the problem is for 3 hours (not measured) , or a system that is managed (and measured), and can be diagnosed by a $20/hr tech that can be fixed in 1/2 an hour? You can PCs require more IT work and that is true, however the unmeasured costs are much much worse.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 344

Properly managed IT dept would see that cost. It would show up in Ticket Wait Times, which are actionable and quantifiable. Of course, you have to be measuring ticket wait times to get that kind of information, but most IT ticketing systems have that kind of ability built in.

You are correct in that you cannot know the cost unless you're measuring for it. There is a cost, it can be measured, and in a large enough organization, it should be measured.

Comment Re:easily made up in peripherals. (Score 1) 344

if things ever get too hairy for a dell, your restore process is entirely automated in windows or linux. restoring a mac is nothing short of corporate witchcraft.

To backup: buy a Synology NAS. Enable the Time Machine service. Configure your Macs to back up to it. Voila, done.

To restore from scratch: hold down Command-R when booting a Mac. Tell it to restore from Time Machine. Wait an hour. Voila, done.

Comment Re: Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 344

In the world view of CxOs wanting to outsource IT everything ... we're experiencing an issue with a couple of our vendors who are under a DDOS attack and nothing is working. Their 99.9xx% uptime promise is long gone at this point.

Oh wait, they are up, we just can't get to them, so .. their service level agreement is fine.

With proper IT infrastructure, this can be mitigated against.

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 344

because Mac is like 10 percent of the worlds PC sales, and the viruses usually dont survive that far when the percentage of ownership is that low

That has zero to do with the relative dearth of malware on Macs. (Pausing for a moment for a pedant to point out the one or two Mac bugs they've read about. Yes, we know. It's still proportionally much less than Mac's market share so move along.) Macs are initially more expensive, but that also means there owners tend to have more money and therefore the machines are more valuable targets. There are also still tens of millions of Macs out there in the wild. Even if there are more PCs, there are still a hell of a lot of Macs to be owned for anyone interested and capable. The fact that they're not is an indicator that building a nice interface on top of a solid Unix platform is a good way to end up with a stable, secure desktop.

Comment Re:Clever design (Score 1) 255

You don't make new friends at work

Co-worker friends who are non-gamers don't help for this. I'll have to figure out how to approach my co-workers to ask if they're at all interested in gaming.

or at the bar/club/activity that takes place outside of your own home?

Finding a physical third place is the one thing I haven't figured out, especially for someone such as myself who has chosen not to drink alcohol and isn't interested in the more cult-like aspects of religious organizations such as Jehovah's Witnesses.

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