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Comment Re: That will die down (Score 1) 691

Only a racist cares about skin color, and you seem to care about the skin color of cabinet picks... just saying that by the definition of racist, you are one. You just barley managed to leave out the words "token" or "uncle tom", I could tell you were itching to say them.

Most people see beyond skin color and don't care what color someone is, just what they can do. I'm sorry you cannot join us as it's much nicer world to live in.

Comment Re:Obama is to blame (Score 2) 691

Murder an innocent man because you think he's middle-eastern? Clearly the fault of the VA,

It is because he couldn't get the treatment he needed. Without that he became unhinged.

I believe in personal responsibility, but I also believe that if peel cannot get the help they need society is partly to blame. You apparently feel no blame at all should fall on anyone but Trump, even though Trump didn't come into the picture until recently and the shooter has been falling for years. Yet you twist the truth to blame Trump for a tragedy much longer in the making - sick man, you are as sick as the shooter or heading that way. How long before you punch a Trump supporter because you think they are racist? How long before you yourself are gunning down those you are against?

Comment That will die down (Score -1, Troll) 691

when it has clearly devolved into one of the worst, most openly racist

With Obama out of office the racism will die down, without a part in power to fuel it for their own gain. With Trump in power the country can finally move past race again and let real healing begin.

There will be a few more incidents like these though as long as Trump Haters continue to fan the fires of race.

Comment Obama is to blame (Score 0, Troll) 691

Pretty much all Trump supporters are not racists, that is yet more Fake News meant to make people hate each other who really should not. In the face of a shooting why are you trying to make people hate others more, not less?

What triggers this shooting was a vet who couldn't get assistance from the VA. After eight years, that is on Obama - as is Obama and supporters stirring racial tension and giving focus to a violent angry drunk man.

Mathews apologized to the family's in her statement, calling Purinton's actions "senseless." She said he had a drinking problem that became worse since his father passed away in October 2015, and he'd been trying to get assistance from the VA.

Comment This is not really javascript's fault (Score 4, Interesting) 76

If this issue were a problem in Javascript it (or some variant) would work in a lot more browsers than just IE11.

But it's not. The bug here boils down to Microsoft adding an ActiveX call into Javascript, then that call activating some native HTML ActiveX component and using it in a super bad way.

That's not Javascript's fault, that's on Microsoft for punching such a large hole in the sandbox.

Comment Essentially they do that already (Score 1) 135

I think it should be mandatory that all college freshman students participate in one hour of basketball dunking per day.

PE is required in most schools as far as I know.

Even in college I had mandatory physical education classes I had to take. I could chose the subject but I had to take something.

I actually don't think it's bad to expose all students to coding, even those who might be bad at it - because you also never know who might be good at it or enjoy it. If it were a whole class I would say it's probably too much, but at least an hour seems fine to just expose kids to some possibilities...

Comment Re:Far from it (Score 1) 341

Sadly the highest demand will be for the sexiest bots, so I fear your cherry 2000 will be among the first to enter the arena.... you will receive compensation from the AmChiCan world government of course, but it will not soothe the deep ache in your soul for the hyper perfection and sexual delection of the Cherry 2000.

Comment Brilliant! Wait not (Score 1) 90

the iMessage client on Phone1 (sender) should be attempting to contact Phone2 (recipient) in the background asking them "have you been actively connected to iMessage in the past X seconds?" and if it does not get an immediate answer of "yes" from Phone2 it should be sending over SMS.

Wow, I love your universe where no phone loses power or connectivity ever...

That said, the system DOES do that. If my phone is somewhere I can't get data I get messages via SMS instead of iMessage. But if the system just doesn't know what happened to the phone, it has no good way to know it should give up on iMessage forever and some very good reasons not to send it via SMS (because that costs Apple real money vs. queuing the message up on iMessage to send out as devices connect).

The whole system is a lot more complex than you are thinking it is, it does handle real world failure cases very well. Just not complete disconnection, erring on the side of "they may still want to use iMessage" and like I said I think that's good call because there are other ways to use iMessage other than just a phone. If you even reset a phone (like you should do before sale or transfer) it will even know that number should be disconnected from iMessage...

Comment Re:Yes, if you had an iPhone before.. (Score 1) 90

I would still try following the instructions anyway in case your phone number had previously been registered with Apple. If not, I'd start investigating if some kind of custom Android extension is eating the messages.

Also telling would be if the people sending you messages see a green bubble or a blue bubble when they type. If green, then it's going out from their phone as an SMS and at that point it's up to their and your carrier to get to you.

Comment This is what actual Net Neutrality looks like (Score 1) 116

Net Neutrality is about the government staying out of your networks, or at the new FCC chairman puts it:

Pai wants a "technology-neutral privacy framework for the online world" based on the FTC's standards

Somewhere in here is a real story but you aren't getting it from the summary.

Comment That's only true over long periods of time (Score 1) 143

Humans can be alert and productive for only so many hours a day, differs by person but it is definitely even less then 8 for most everyone.

I would say from past experience that is not right, you can indeed be alert and productive for far longer than eight hours. I would say its more like 16 and some people can go beyond that.

You can even do a number of very long days in a row and stay alert and truly productive... past a week or so you start to hit a wall and lose overall productivity. But not to such a point that you do not still gain more from working extra hours than you lose to lower mental focus.

It is really amazing what very focused people can do when pressed really hard.

Comment I would sometimes go for that as a purchase (Score 1) 236

$50 is pretty step, but for some movies I might pay that much if I was basically purchasing early.

But as a rental I also think that's too high, especially for only a 48-hour window. That said I might pay that much for home access to Star Wars movies after they were in the theater, which would save on repeat theater viewings (so far Star Wars movies are the only movies I ever see in the theaters multiple times).

One aspect of the cost people are not factoring is in the mental savings of not having hundreds of other annoying people surrounding you as you watch a movie. That is worth quite a lot by itself.

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