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Comment Re:The challenges are real, but not exceptionally (Score 2) 171

Ok, sounds like you addressed the usability, logistical, and other tech issues about Win10 at your place of business.

However you did leave out the elephant in the room aka "Telemetry" and its related security issues. That kinda is a big thing and I guess you and those in charge just view it as a non-issue?

Comment Re:Forced Obsolecence (Score 1) 585

If it were not for dirty tricks like forced telemetry, a forced touchscreen UI on a desktop OS, and the removal of tools/applications in Windows (Media Center and the backup that they later did put back in just off the top of my head.) people would move to a new version of a Windows OS without the need to pull the Windows 10 level shenanigans.

Windows Vista was even poised to be another success for MS but they botched that up so people stuck with XP. The idea that people want to stay with an older OS is only because MS has had such a terrible track record. Release a solid desktop OS for desktops and it will be used. Release garbage and duh, people are going to stick with the older version that is proven.

Comment Re:/. is becoming more and more irrelevant (Score 1) 224

Someone upvote the AC to let the lofty 4 digit UID guy know that he needs to take a refresher course in digit counting.

I want to 2nd that /. has always had some fluff as its content. And props to wannabe to remind us of when K5 existed and was the answer to /. "going soft".

It could very well be a slow tech news day. Talking about how marking droids, or trashing them if you so prefer, is a time honored tradition so why not have a thread about it.

Comment Re:As a user of old equipment, this terrifies me (Score 1) 440

The most annoying thing about Windows is there is a ton of places where program data can be stored: The program's own directory (Program Files, Program Files (x86, and of course if you or the program is installed somewhere else), some place in the My Documents folder and variations on that same theme like My Games, in the User App Data folder, or even just in the User directory (I'm looking at you VirtualBox!).

And even if you happen to track down all of the program data files there is a high likelihood that some of your program settings were stored in the registry anyway so you are just going to lose those.

I've gotten it down to a science for my Windows reinstalls but it takes some doing.

Comment Well then... (Score 1) 993

Fact vs reality.

I've been a part of /. for many years now. One of the better parts of it was that we, the collective we, tried to keep things fact based. We up-voated things that were based in fact and downvoated things that were well as the other stuff that had to get downvoated too.

And that other stuff exists. It is the noise that seeks to distract those who can't focus. It is the the noise who seeks to divide people. It is noise but it is not without purpose.

If you can get beyond the noise then you get to the actual issues. And I'm afraid there is no real debate here. There is one party that has declared science as something that they do not believe in. Not in any real regard. To them facts are as malleable as their own agenda. Whatever suits the given day will do.

I am no huge fan of either party. I've been without one for many years now. However if anyone who thinks that News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters is something that can do without facts and science...I just can't understand.

As such I watch this upcoming election with trepidation. There seems to be a large segment of my countries population that does not care for facts and science, rather a cult of personality. I know history.

That is not a good road to go down.

Comment Re:It is hard to imagine that AMD missed this... (Score 1) 157

The biggest issue is not the draw from the 6 pin connector from the PSU, rather the draw from the PCIe slot.

That draw is regulated by the motherboard and that is not a given that the mobo will not just roll over and die and maybe take some other system components with it along the way.

Heck if the mobo dies and you still even have the RAM and CPU surviving who knows if you can find a replacement for that CPU. Most times when my mobos have kicked it I've just gone ahead and upgraded my system.

Maybe that is AMD's master plan! We'll design a card that looks to kill motherboards and that way people will be buying more of our CPUs! (Evil Mr. Burns finger steeple.)

Comment Support lol! (Score 2) 209

The best part of modern "support" is that it is a thinly veiled front for their sales pitches. Calling in to your cable company because your modem keeps rebooting? Well that is great lets troubleshoot that and while I'm at it did you know that we have a special on our internet speed upgrade!?

I once spent no less than 20m on the phone with my then cell phone carrier trying to reduce my total phone setup down from 3 lines to 2. There was no change go anything else, even the price, because the plan provided for 2 to 4 phones with shared mins. So it was not like I was even going to be giving them less money, but I'm damn sure that poor rep knew that their real metrics (not customer satisfaction but their sales numbers) would reflect that for my call I was going down a line.

Here is a list of what a current CSR job would like you to have:

        High School diploma or equivalent is required.
        Experience with computers, keyboarding is required
        Minimum 2 years of Customer service experience is preferred
        Minimum 2 years of sales experience is preferred
        Minimum 1 year of inbound call center experience is preferred
        Minimum 1 year experience in the hospitality industry a plus
        Demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills along with basic practical math, reading and comprehension abilities
        Ability to work a flexible schedule, including nights and weekends

Two years of sales experience. It took me all of 5m to find a job listing like that and there are plenty of them out there. And these people are the gatekeepers and support agents that you have to get past to get any real support.

Comment Re:If no one goes to jail, it means nothing... (Score 3, Insightful) 143

Cars are not routers. Trucks are not CPUs. I can't run over someone with my overclocked desktop. I can't go at such an unsafe speed that I lose control and crash into others with my modified router.

Your analogy is wrong. We treat vehicles very differently because of what they can do. "We" the Slashdot crowd that understand that are not opposed to modifying things that can't go at speeds that can kill someone if operated wrongly. "We" instead understand that vehicles are something that need to be well regulated due to their nature.

Comment Re:News? (Score 1) 159

But this also creates the Problems with the Trumps and Sandars who are focused on particular issues and not the general complexities of running a government.

You almost had a good comment there until that part where your really went off the rails. One of those two people has never held public office. The other was a mayor, a US Congressman, and a US Senator. Likely knowing more about the general complexities about running a government more than you ever will.

However you did do a good job in showing that your point, up until your own personal bias slipped in, about how trust in reporting can be very tricky. And when we are are on Social Media, which I suppose we can classify /. into these days, it gets even more so. We get people like yourself who mix in their own opinions with the facts and because there is some truth to the totality of what is said the whole thing can be viewed as acceptable.

Comment Re:this kind of thing is usually a DDoS (Score 1) 91

Local data in the very real sense of keeping your personal data to yourself is a thing. Do I need to go on an NSA rant about how anything you transmit over the internet is compromised?

Further local data is just that local. If they go offline they have their backups right there. They don't have to worry about going online to put their data back in place. They can do it offline if needed.

I understand your arguments for server (cloud) data and have no problem with using server storage when it is appropriate. But we have the ability to have large amounts of data at our local fingertips. Why would I want to give it away when my 1st point is very real? If you could say that the NSA, and all other bodies, were not there then you might have a case. However you do not. The NSA and all the other things are snooping on your data right now. Thank you no.

Comment Ok everyone! (Score 1) 312

Here is what you can do for now. Run Win7. It is a perfectly fine OS. Yes MS has packported the spyware, aka "telemetry", to the system and how do you fix that? You manually monitor your system(s) for what updates are on them. Use this script: wmic qfe get >C:\updates.txt

Run that batch file as admin and then search for KB3035583 (the Win10 installer) and KB3021917 (spyware) and if they are there remove them.

Is this annoying and bad? Yes. Is it doable on a large scale where you have to admin hundreds or thousands of machines? Likely not. But if you just need your own personal machine that runs a stable Win64 OS then Win7 still is a decent system and you can fix it to run just fine.

Let us all stop freaking out until we see how this shakes down after Win10 goes "not free" and see if Redmond has another epiphany like they did after Vista and releases a real OS again.

Comment Re:this kind of thing is usually a DDoS (Score 4, Insightful) 91

The main reason they don't want to talk about it is because they keep wanting every end user to believe that "the cloud" is some sort of mythical thing. That it will always be there to have their data and that they should pay their monthly subs to have that privilege.

Of course in reality we IT professionals know that "the cloud" is nothing new and not even remotely secure. Local data is always better than remote data and we have the tools to make that a very secure platform for end users. However that is just a one time cost and well...we can't have that now can we Win10?

Comment F&B Here (Score 1) 1023

As someone who has worked in F&B, that is Food and Beverage for those of you who have never been a part of the Hospitality industry, I've thought about robots in the workplace for a long time. And by a long time I mean going back to when I was reading sci-fi by Harry Harrison who wrote about such places that were purely staffed by robots.

Knowing the nuances of F&B I honestly question that any of the robots that we have these days could replace a human worker. That is just because you see a "robot" that is able to flip some burgers is doing it's thing over and over and over but can it go to the back of the shop to get the frozen burgers out of the freezer? Can it clean up the burger that fell on the ground (oh it will happen) and is starting to stink? Can it do any of the other jobs that it has not been designed for?

There likely will be a point, very likely in my lifetime, that we have robots that are sophisticated enough to replace low level workers. That time is not yet. For right now my burgers are going to be made by humans and personally, downvotes incoming, I'd like them to be paid well.

Comment Re:Microsoft didn't buy them to make Skype better (Score 2) 224

Desktops are not dead of course but they are not locked down yet. Until the final assimilation of Win10 takes place of course. Would you like to update now

So right now the profit motive drives around mobile devices that are nice and locked down for the masses. So you WILL learn to love "apps" vs programs or games. You WILL learn to love not having control over your data. You WILL learn to, what's that? You are going to switch to a FOSS? Well er...want a job? We need tech savvy people.

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