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Comment Re: Google cease and desist? (Score 1) 50

But they sent a cease and desist letter to the developers of the Linux distro Chromixium (now Cub Linux) because the name included the prefix "Chrom-", and suggested it was too similar to "Chrome". I have no idea if that would hold up in court, but they did send the letter. So, wouldn't be surprised if they send one in this instance too.

Comment Re:The term 'addiction' is pretty much meaningless (Score 1) 103

It's not meaningless, it's just used incorrectly. Do teens go through physical withdrawal symptoms when they are forced to stay off of their mobile devices? I very much doubt it. Do they engage in risky or illegal activity to ensure they can continue using mobile phones? Does their mobile phone use severely impair their ability to function socially, academically, or otherwise? Possibly, but nowhere near the extent to which something like heroin or alcohol. Thus, one can't be addicted to a phone.

Comment Digital detox expert? (Score 1) 103

"Digital detox expert" cracked me up. I'm a Psychologist by education, and as far as I know, "digital detox expert" is not legit. I strongly doubt it is addiction in the same way we mean when we say, "Bob is addicted to opiates". Do teens go through physical withdrawal symptoms when smart phone use ceases? I mean, aside from being angsty and pissy (normal teen behavior).

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