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Submission + - Apple simplicity is a myth

lpress writes: "The Mac was easier to use than a DOS PC when it came out in 1984. Apple innovated — they developed an affordable machine with a GUI. Today, Apple's ease of use is a myth.

I just installed the NBC Olympic Games app on my wife's iPad. Installing the app took about two hours, several nervous moments, and several Google searches because I had to upgrade iOS and install a new version of iTunes before installing the app. The process was daunting and far from self-explanatory.

My wife is a typical iPad user. She likes it, but has not upgraded anything since the day she got it. I can imagine thousands of folks just like her trying to install that Olympic app and either giving up or zapping their iPads.

Perhaps the saddest part is that the process is obscure. Two computers are involved — why? What is the data flow between them? What happens when I click a button? Dealing with technology you do not understand is alienating. It makes you nervous and forces you to rely on others.

Intended or not, the "simple" iPad/iTunes design seems to be a good way to keep customers paying for extended support contracts and making visits to the "geniuses" who work in Apple stores."

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