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Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 182

Nope instead your insurance premiums will continue to cover other people's bills. You know, since that's how all insurance works.

But that's not how Obamacare works, at least not for millions of middle-class people who are self employed or run small businesses and actually have to write a check every month. Their premiums have gone up hundreds of percent, and many no longer have the cash to go visit the doctor ... but because a small family might have a deductible of $20,000 ... they get no healthcare unless it's catastrophic, and they're still wiped out. For millions of people who WERE buying insurance and able to write a check to the doctor, they no longer can. The ACA is the Healthcare Prevention Act, but it certainly does work as the Democrats intended - a massive new tax that distributes middle class income to other people to buy votes.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 590

and, behold, it be true, and the thing certain, that such abomination is wrought in Israel;

Israel is not the world. There isn't a worldwide "jihad" to conquer the world in the name of Judaism. And even the Jews don't follow the barbaric commands and laws found in the Old Testament.

As for Christianity, Jesus, as described in the Gospels, was basically a hippie who preached virtue, love, and peace.

Muhammad, as described in the Quran, hadith, and Sunna, was a conquering warlord, and his followers continued in his footsteps after he died.

Islam is a unique threat and the most violent, expansionist, and authoritarian religion/ideology in the world today. Ignoring reality will not make it go away.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 590

WTF?!? Russia is small!?!? It's the largest country in the world by far!

Sure, if you're looking at it from the childish perspective that acres of dirt (and snow) make up "a country." That's not what matters. Population, economic power, international trade, energy self-sufficiency, the ability to defend borders, and so on ... those are the things that make up a country, and contribute to how you measure whether or not one is large or small. Previously, the Russians made themselves (temporarily, in a short-lived illusion) "larger" by being willing to slaughter (or allow to die) untold millions of people and take over other countries as they built the creaky Soviet empire. They are now a "small" country in the scheme of things, which is why Putin is once again pushing into other territories.

Comment Re:I'm not so sure it did (Score 1) 119

There just aren't a lot of games coming out if you don't count download only indies. Gamestop's built off used games.

Which has been a ridiculous model ever since eBay came about. Why sell a used game to GameStop for a pittance when you can sell it on the marketplace and get fair value? I remember when I sold some PS3 games years back and getting like half-price for them.

Also sold the PS3 and got a good price as well, which was ridiculous because for a few bucks more the buyer could have gotten a newer model. I actually felt bad for the buyer on that one, but oh well.

Comment 13 times less? (Score 1) 165

What are we supposed to infer from this?

engineers in India's tech hub cost 13 times less than their Silicon Valley counterparts

So, the engineers in Silicon Valley cost less than somewhere else, but the ones in India are thirteen times MORE less expensive than the ones in SV? Or are we supposed to gather that the SV engineers cost something that we should all consider a good baseline, but that the Indian engineers cost roughly 8% of that amount?

Lazy writers, being lazy.

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 293

Nah, Breitbart is a thoroughly discredited source. [..] Find and actually credible source, or you're full of it :)

I gave you a Snopes source that addressed the topic head on, and did nothing to dispute the story. Did you even click it? Why didn't you respond to it?

The Snopes source also includes references, including to a Time article that says, "She enlisted veteran organizers Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour as national co-chairs with the aim of wrangling one of the largest Inauguration demonstrations in -history--and making it one that brought together activists of all stripes.".

The Tweets are a matter of factual record. So are the other sourced facts. Why does it matter if Breitbart reported on them vs anybody else? What sourced facts do you dispute? None.

Are you that afraid of the truth?

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 293

Whatever "this" is, it's on Breitbart, so it's about 99% likely to be utter bullshit. Possibly a small kernel of truth wrapped in bullshit.

Then prove it. What did they say that was bullshit?

But if you're learning your opinions and, uh, "facts" from Breitbart still then there is no hope for you.

And if you dismiss everything out of ideology, there is no hope for you. The Breitbart article is sourced. It's all fact. The tweets aren't made up, the national recognition from the Whitehouse isn't made up, and her organizational leadership and speech at the Women's March wasn't made up. Even Snopes couldn't manage a half-assed dismissal.

Bury your head in the sand all you want, the truth is out there, and ignoring it is part of the reason Trump got elected.

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 293

No imagination there, you just validated my statements, the problem is that you won't look, so you claim not to see it. Hence the impasse.

The impasse is you won't provide a citation in the form of a link, as requested, and as I showed by example for the authoritarian left. You've had no problems supplying plenty of links for other things, so obviously the problem is on your end.

Did you forget that Milo is on the conservative black list now?

So what? That happened before he was torpedoed.

But in case you didn't get it the first time, I'm not terribly impressed that Milo can hire agent provocateurs to create a disruption, but he's on the outs anyway.

Yeah, so Milo committed a felony and hired provocateurs to beat his own followers and burn property. I guess he hired these guys, too, right? You truly are an ass.

Milo's talks have been openly oppressed for a long time, by both faculty, administration, and students. Berkeley was the second time that it became violent (the first time involved a shooting during the talk).

You actually didn't respond directly to any of the articles' information, or show any effort to do anything except twist their content for your own purposes.

I condemned the violence, and all you could do was act stupid enough to say I wasn't condemning right-wing violence. That stupidity is all you.

In fact, there's too much stupidity to be arguing with. I'm three points in, and I'm arguing in circles with sheer pig-headed stupidity. You aren't worth my time, the rest of your post will go unread, and you will get no more responses.

Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 293

No, I wouldn't even try to begin to explain anything found on the pages of Breitbart.

So the anon pegged your reply exactly. Not that I'm surprised, but you'd think you might try and not be so obvious. Breitbart's article is a record of facts, with many supporting links throughout. You've just got your head in the sand.

And so is the right, my friend. Neither has a corner on idiocy.

When it comes to embracing Islam, the left has it in spades. And you're one of them too, because you deny facts while carrying water for them.

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