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Comment Going to the theater is a pain. (Score 1) 335

I like the fake IMAX screen at the local theater, but parking is always bad, line to get in, line to get expensive food and soda, packed seatting, might not get a good seat, always some kids talking during the movie, a few people checking cell phones.

Or I can wait, buy the blueray, watch on my theater, and pause it, make my own food,

Older I get, less hassle I want to deal with.

Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 1, Offtopic) 235

IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2011 costs forced them to cut it to just low-income seniors.

No, there are no free rides. What you mean is, "Illinois decided to have taxpayers buy rides for certain people from 2008 to 2011" ... and ... "they couldn't get the taxpayers to pay even more, so they cut down the number of rides the taxpayers were buying to a more select group of those certain people."

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 0) 785

Remember, you said, "Literally none of the story is true.", and "It is 100% false." You parroted the claim that the images were, "from people who "liked" the pizza restaurant's page". You claimed, "a bunch of instagrams from people who have nothing to do with Comet Pizza", whereas many of the photos are from THE OWNER OF COMET PIZZA.

Clearly evidence of a secret pedophilia ring reaching into the corridors of power.

Well then, now that we've moved beyond the fact your starting position was complete bullshit, perhaps you would like to look at all the evidence?

So far, there is no smoking gun. There are, however, plenty of disturbing facts that can't be handwaved away and derided as fake. Why is the press so eager to spin this story as 100% fake and debunked?

Comment Re:And on that subject (Score 1) 113

By the way, did you notice how the owner of the pizza restaurant didn't post the photo you linked to?

Actually, he did. That's an archive of a post on "jimmycomet"'s Instagram, a.k.a. James Alefantis.

And how it's not proof of anything other than someone making a really bad joke?

At this point, there's just suggestive evidence. And that is, by no means, the only photo involving young children in really bad taste. But remember, we're being told every claim is false. Except for those pesky photos. And a bunch of other stuff that are facts. So I'm just wondering how all these news sites know nothing untoward is going on here.

Comment Re:And on that subject (Score 1) 113

TFA goes into some detail about how it was discovered that every claim made was false.

Which article? Provide a link, please, because the article for this story doesn't talk about Pizzagate.

I want to see the article that shows every claim made was false. Though I'm sure the mainstream would never spin a story, ignore facts, or otherwise, right? It's only those fake news sites like Breitbart that we have to worry about, right?

A little something for you to ponder while you're digging up that article.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 2, Insightful) 785

Literally none of the story is true.

So you bought that fake news narrative without checking?

Not only did the whole thing start as an online hoax by pranksters

How do you know that? Some things are pranks, some things are conspiracy theories (that may even have some truth behind them).

but the images in the supposed Instagram are from people who "liked" the pizza restaurant's page

Here's where you are dead wrong. Some of the images are from associations, but some very creepy ones involving children were found directly on the owner's Instagram account, "jimmycomet", including the young girl taped to the ping pong table with a male standing suggestively behind her. Ha ha, very funny?

None of the "FBI charts of code words" are from the FBI.

But the symbols are.

None of the information that the #pizzagate morons point to is true. It is 100% false.

Maybe if you weren't reading "fake news" and did some checking, you wouldn't be saying this. I haven't even gotten into the kind of art that Tony Podesta (John Podesta's brother) had at his home, which is documented by mainstream sources.

Here is a comprehensive, detailed rundown with citations on the history of this hoax and whether a single fact or assertion about pizzagate has been proven true or is possible to be proven true:

And here's an archive version of the summary Snopes is "debunking". It also has citations, with archives of pages that have since been made private, deleted, or changed.

Comment Rural areas still only have dialup (Score 2) 208

Here in washington state, many rural areas only have dialup, because they don't have the money to run high speed microwave to the small towns. Some islands on the west coast have many retired millionaires, so they have high speed due to point to point microwave.

The small town my family is in, has a small point to point microwave, that Verzion and comcast rents off a small ISP, so they can bring in service. 80 homes have comcast, but only the town library has a 5meg wifi for the town. People drive up just to check mail. Verizon coverage is helpful, but gsm has no coverage.

They don't sell sat internet in Washington state due to over subscribing. Everyone waiting for the new viasat 2 to launch (already delayed) till Q1 2017, and viasat 3, so rural areas in the US can get high speed (but limited) internet.

Comment Re:Science Deniers (Score 1) 331

What proxy science.

The science surrounding the Mannian hockey stick, which lie at the claim you made surrounding recent warming being "faster than any natural cycle". Though even that claim is wrong unless you limit yourself to the past 1,000 years or so. Peer-reviewed climate proxies show dramatic swings in climate.

Data and methodologies are publicly accessible and subject to peer review.

Climategate showed scientists unwilling to release their data, even to the point of preferring to delete it. It showed scientists deleting email around the IPCC process. It showed scientists pressuring other scientists to boycott journals that published peer-review articles they didn't like. It also showed scientists publishing manipulative graphs to the wider public.

And just because something passed peer review doesn't make it true or even good science. Plenty of bad science has passed that bar.

You mean since you found an excuse to get your confirmation bias on - just like the anti-vaxxers.

You're wrong. My initial position was to trust the scientists, even though I knew modeling the Earth was a complicated and uncertain business. What Climategate showed was science corrupted by politics and confirmation bias.

You guys come up with a reason yet for why, in an industry where a single company can make $40 billion in a single quarter, they haven't been able to debunk climate science if it's all faked?

How can you "debunk" something that doesn't have simple answers? I didn't say "it's all faked". That you're even going that route shows you don't understand the complexity of the topic or the wide range of views between "Hoax!" (100% denier), "The sky is falling!" (alarmist), and anything in between. It also doesn't help that the topic is highly politicized and biased in one direction.

Outdating talking point #3,475: Wind now competes with fossil fuels. Solar almost does

Wind isn't available everywhere. And solar has down days and is also not available everywhere in useful capacity. You still need the base load. Nothing beats coal for cheapness and availability. If it did it there wouldn't be any discussion, we'd just be using the alternatives.

Slight correction: the world has no appetite for the cost of nuclear.

Maybe, though if the concern is carbon dioxide it's a reasonable alternative to look at. The public, though, has no appetite for nuclear because of worries about catastrophic failures and nuclear waste.

Comment Re:whew. (Score 3, Informative) 83

Trump is too busy starting a war with China by talking to Taiwan.

Yeah, that's the last straw. Taking a congratulatory phone call from a foreign leader is totally going to push China into attacking us. But the Obama administration selling Taiwan billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons systems, that's nothing that the Chinese would worry about.

Do you even listen to yourself?

Comment Re:Boko Haram? (Score 1) 331

the impacts of climate change were already factors in the conflicts driving a current crisis of migration into Europe, having been linked to the Arab Spring, the war in Syria and the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency

Boko Haram's name, translated, means "Western/Non-Islamic Education Is A Sin." They kill and rape in the name of that message. TFS directly links Boko Haram's insurgency to climate change.

It is a read hearing

The term you're looking for is "red herring." Red, the color, and herring, the fish. It comes from a technique used in training and testing fox hounds, to see if they can be too easily distracted.

So you're right, but only by accident, for the wrong reasons. The summary is trying to distract you from the evils of groups like Boko Haram by somehow making their willingness to slaughter villages and take hundreds of young girls into the jungle where they are then sold off as sex slaves somehow about climate change, rather than about the very reasons they plainly state that they do those exact things. People like you who try to tell those Africans that they're too dumb to know what they're saying, and that it's really the fault of climate change that they're murdering and raping their way through areas they're trying to convert to Islam ... people who trot that crap out are the worst sort of patronizing, condescending, smug racists one ever comes across. Quick! Absolve them of their ideology and actions because they're too simple, as a people, to realize that it's climate change and not the culture they're embracing that causes them to murder, torture, and rape! Whew, dodged a bullet there - wouldn't want to ever judge anybody, because every world view is equally valid, unless you're from a western democracy, in which case you're evil because climate change. Except that very dismissal judges them as too mentally inferior to resist murdering and raping, because ... climate change.

Which "smooth talk" is it that you think is somehow more persuasive in the context of climate change that makes someone who would otherwise not murder a girl's family in front of her eyes before assigning her to a rape camp ... suddenly change their world view and decide that's the right way to be? What would it take YOU to be convinced that's the way to gain political power? Or are you saying you, personally, could not be convinced to think that's OK, but those people in Africa are somehow by disposition more easily persuaded to take up that way of life, especially because Climate Change?

Comment Re:That was not fake news again (Score 1) 121

Fake news are hoax news made especially to lie to people.

That's all well and good, but there's a spectrum between hoaxes, spin, and unbiased (as is reasonably possible) factual reporting. What the mainstream media is trying to do is conflate "fake news" with alternative, right-wing news sites that put their own spin on the news, but it isn't "fake".

As should be obvious by now, the mainstream news has a left-wing bias and apply their own spin to stories, sometimes more blatantly than others. And there are plenty of blatantly left-wing sites to correspond with right-wing sites, but they haven't been scrutinized while sites like Breitbart have.

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