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Comment Re:X1 Carbon (Score 1) 271

I am liking my x1. I have used a 600s, t20, t40, t61 and now the x1 carbon. But I hate what they did with the Home/End/PgUp/PgDn buttons. They had room, why did they have to mess up the standard thinkpad keyboard layout. My fingers have taking weeks to adjust. Also something is funky with the touchpad. I almost never use it because I love the trackpoint, but when I do it is just not as responsive as it should be.

Comment This only considers 1/2 the costs involved (Score 1) 473

Yes physical DVDs are much more expensive than bits to get to my house. That isn't really surprising is it? Now consider the licensing fees. Netflix can buy a DVD from Walmart for $16 and send it to 100s of people at year. They don't need to give the movie industry any more money than their share of that $16. Yes Neflix has to buy 10,000 copies, but still we are only talking $160,000 of money up front to distribute the movie. Now what to take a guess how much Netflix pays to license a movie for streaming? Guess what, it is more than $160,000. A lot more. Like 100 TIMES more. The postage is still cheaper.

Apple Blindsides More AppStore Developers 716

For a while now Apple has said it doesn't want "widget-like" apps in the store; but where is the boundary of that fuzzy statement? The developers of My Frame, of which three versions had already been approved for the iPhone/iPad, found out that they had already crossed it when Apple informed them their app would be pulled. My Frame had options to overlay data on whatever photo was displaying: a Twitter stream, weather, etc. When one of the developers wrote to Steve Jobs on a whim to ask what unwritten rule their app had violated, Jobs wrote back: "We are not allowing apps that create their own desktops. Sorry." "I see now why people are so angry at the 'murky' nature of the App Store, and I'm starting to agree with them. My Frame was approved by Apple 3 times (once for each version we released), and ... now, at version 1.2 they decide it's to be removed? How can a company be prepared to invest into a platform that can change at any time, cutting you off and kicking you out, with no course of action but to whine on some no-name blog[?] There is no alternative platform, despite what others may say about Android, it's immature and their app store(s) are a wild west nightmare. It really is Apple's way or the highway...." A few blogs have picked up the story.

Comment Re:Expectations (Score 1) 293

The iPad has a lot going for it, especially that you can get one for about 1/3 the price of that thing (if you convert the 1998 dollars, see eldavojon's post) and that you have wireless networking (a major plus).

The thing is, you can't do the math that way. Tech gets cheaper as it gets older, and new tech gets more powerful but remains roughly the same price, whereas inflation just goes up. If you look on Amazon, someone is selling it for $375, used.

Never mind any number of other UMPC devices...

Comment Re:Crazy people (Score 1) 515

It's not that crazy. I was on a bus heading to Heathrow airport back around 1999 or so. The speakers on the bus were vibrating in time with the sweeps of the radar.

My head was also throbbing in time with the sweeps of the radar.

Of course, that's a MUCH more powerful signal.

Comment Re:Now to be fair (Score 1) 10

From what I understand the reason people get offended is that M$ implies there is something evil about making $$$.

I just get offended by people saying 'M$' because it paints the Linux community as a bunch of pimply-faced teenage dorks that think that calling Microsoft 'M$' is like the greatest insult in the world. I use Linux at work. It's a great developer platform. I use it t home for my server. Great at that, too. Just have a windows box for games. So you can call me a Linux geek... but I hate two things about the linux community:
Those that insult proprietary companies like a kid would
Those that insult others trying to learn Linux (if someone was to say "RTFM" to a newbie in real life, I'd kick him in the nards)

Comment Pull Out? (Score 1) 57

Really? 401k is a retirement, long-term investment. The market goes up and down, so unless you plan on cashing out your 401k TODAY or next year, I say now is the time to put MORE into the 401k. It's the stock market! When it's low, put in more money, when it's high sell off!

Never ever ever react to a sudden change in the stock market on a long term investment, unless it's something like enron...

Comment Or... (Score 1) 369

Or, like another scientist did recently, you can just take all of the component bits and pieces, freeze it in ice, and leave it for 15 years.

At the end of it, you will have RNA and a bunch of amino acids.

This is why I read New Scientist magazine religiously.

Comment Re:I'm in the crackberry camp (Score 1) 19

I'm in the iPhone camp and have both of these apps on my iPhone.

The only reason I'd flip to android is that I can write java apps to the android... if you want to write an app to your iPhone, its objective-C, which I know you probably prefer, Barbie, but I'm a java guy ;)
Another advantage of iPhone is maturity. The androids are still level 1.0. I like to wait for the next gen (which is why I have an iPhone 3G, and never had the original iPhone).

Comment Re:Is your boss related to your landlord? (Score 1) 36

LOL! Love the subject, johndiii :D

As with everyone, I'm surprised you lasted this long. A threat to pay is a last resort, company will fall out from under you if you leave, kind of threat, or a threat to someone you want to quit so you don't have to go through any company policy severance...

If you are looking for a job in the states, let me know. My company always appreciates a good developer, and we do placement jobs if you don't want consulting.

Comment Re:Spiders (Score 1) 4

Yup... spiders kill the bugs that can carry disease and stuff. As long as they are like up in the ceiling or out of the way areas making webs, I let'm go...

Comment Sorry I'm late... (Score 1) 45

... now that messages are on the front page (or I just found them), I'm late to the party, but allow me to also say "I'm here if you need anything."

I'm a big believer in marriage, and I hope you've tried counseling with both of you before you (will or already have) hung it up.

Best of luck. This is a time thing... it'll take time to get through it all, and you never may get through it entirely, but know there are others out there to help you through it.

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