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Journal tomhudson's Journal: iPhone 3G, Crackberry, or Android? 19

My Motorola V635 is getting long in the tooth, with almost 4,700 hours on it.

Everyone I know who has a crackberry loves them; everyone I know who has an iPhone loves them; obviously I don't know anyone who has an Android - so, which one would YOU opt for?

Right now, between the crackberry and the iPhone, I'm leaning towards the iPhone. Any reason why I would be better off with an Android (they're coming out here June 2nd) ..

Also, are there any "gotchas" I should be aware of?

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iPhone 3G, Crackberry, or Android?

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  • Also, are there any "gotchas" I should be aware of?

    Don't forget to leave your iPhone off the hook so that you have time for living.

  • he likes it. but that's all I know. not much help, sorry.

  • Nothing that I can think of, in the way of gotchas. I have gotten pretty fast with the on-screen keyboard - fast enough to take notes in meetings.

    Battery life can be short - if I use it a lot, I go through 90% charge in a day. Shorter than my old cell, but I am using it for email, internet access, and a music player. So it's kind of what I expect.

    I'd like the ability to cut and paste text, but I hear that's coming.

    • by arb ( 452787 )

      Cut and paste works very nicely in the 3.0 beta. 3.0 fixes a lot of the minor quibbles I have had with the iPhone in fact.

  • I for one am quite fond of devices that I can touch-dial without looking. I use a blackberry pearl myself and am quite fond of it - though I'm generally not a touch screen person anyways.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Though from my vantage point it does seem like the used blackberries (even very current models) are generally a fair bit more affordable than used iphones...
  • Having google maps at my fingertips is fucking awesome. Having FaceBook at my fingertips is also sadly awesome. lol

    One guy at work did Android for a while, but eventually ditched it in favor of an iPhone.

    • I'm in the iPhone camp and have both of these apps on my iPhone.

      The only reason I'd flip to android is that I can write java apps to the android... if you want to write an app to your iPhone, its objective-C, which I know you probably prefer, Barbie, but I'm a java guy ;)
      Another advantage of iPhone is maturity. The androids are still level 1.0. I like to wait for the next gen (which is why I have an iPhone 3G, and never had the original iPhone).
  • If you're going to be using Exchange in your org, it's not a bad idea to consider a winmo phone. However, the latest iPhone really does seem to have all of the best features on the market, except possibly that whole tether thing (unless that's working too).

    • I believe that in a few years, market pressure will force the carriers to allow tethering. As for Exchange, I've never used Outlook, and really don't plan to, since that would mean using Windows as more than checking browser compatibility. I'm leaning towards the iPhone, but only because I really don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about which is best - just give me something that works, does what I want, and is a good deal in terms of airtime, etc. After all, it's just a phone :-) and gps.... and c

      • Ah but! Ah but! (yay for the interwebs, where one can make spurious claims as answer for a question... I love "ah buts")

        Aren't you the one who's getting ready for a career change? And if you make a move into an existing org, are you really going to be concerned about if they happen to use Exchange (it could be hosted, it could be... &etc), and if they _happen_ to use Exchange, you know the team-mates are liable to want to use all the functionality of that particular meta-server. So there is a chance th

        • One of my friends gave me the nickel tour of his iPhone yesterday. He absolutely loves it. It does everything I want, and he sold me on it.

          Then, back home I was walking my dogs, and that's when I realized that none of the smart-phones would survive 6 months with me. My motorola v635 has been smashed into concrete and all the parts (batter cover, battery, case, front flashing, flash memory) flying all over the place in the rain, and it was a matter of seconds to snap it all back together and power up.

          • Ok, well hold up a second. I've dropped my AT&T Tilt probably 30 times or better, often in the middle of a hand motion, so velocity or arcs are already involved, and while I've never intentionally stepped on it with a boot, I've stepped on the screen often enough barefooted. For a reference, I'm 6'0, 245 (was 290 a scant 6 months ago), and have a father-in-law that's a welder, and a father that's in home construction as a General Contractor, so I've had it with me one too many times where I've had swea

            • W Up until last year, I had 3 - A St. Bernard - Heidi (she got sick, had a wasting disease in her hind muscles, a massive infection, and was around 9 years old), a Newfie - Bear, and a wolf (maybe some dog in there somewhere) - Toby. They're all rescued/dumped on me, because everyone knows I like big dogs (anything over 100 pounds).

              And yes, the eyes are very expressive. When I saw the St. Bernard, she was sitting in her cage giving me the "What sort of idiot are you to even think of not taking me home?"

  • My brother has a G1, his girlfriend has an iPhone and a friend of mine has a Blackberry (I have a Moto v360. It can play MP3 ringtones, wow!). The Google phone has a worse google maps app than the iPhone, and the aGPS isn't as good either. The Android Facebook app is a pale shadow of the Facebook apps for the iPhone and Blackberry. In general, Android has the most rough edges, although my brother still likes it.

    • I'm leaning towards the iPhone, though the blackberries are still in contention. As you pointed out, the android is still rough, and I don't plan on doing any android development (or blackberry or iPhone either, for that matter) in the next year anyways - web stuff doesn't care what platform you're on.
  • One of my co-workers just traded back the office Storm for a Curve. The Storm kept crashing, it would overlay windows so they were both unreadable, and, on occassion, it would list every email as unreadable due to "security." The only way she got past that was having the IT Dude wipe it and start over. So, I would be hesitant to go with the storm. Knowing your love of openness, I'd go with the Android. Knowing your love of gadgetry, I'd go with the iPhone.
  • It's just not functional enough yet.

But it does move! -- Galileo Galilei