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Journal pudge's Journal: Washington State Surrenders Right to Vote for President 5

Today, Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law a bill passed by the state legislature which gives away the state's right to vote in the election for President, instead automatically delegating those votes to the "winner" of the national "popular vote." The law only goes into effect if many other states also give up their right to vote.

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Washington State Surrenders Right to Vote for President

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  • Just Liberals doing what Liberals will do, not believing in states' rights and preferring centralization. Learn to live with it, cuz it's only going to get worse. America 1.0 has been long forgotten, we just didn't realize it until everyone voted for, and continue to wildly support, the architect of America 2.0. So much has been and is going to continue to change, it could never be rolled back even if the people still remembered and had any appreciation for America.

    • No! Tea Parties! 04July, 12September, and any other time you feel the urge!
      Hail to the Community Organizer in Chief!
  • I'm all for reform, but national vote count is a lot easier to corrupt than a bunch of district votes. Checks and balances are in place to prevent corruption. Why are we getting rid of them?

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