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Comment Re:C'mon guys, use your heads (Score 1) 519

There is less than zero chance that the President (Obama) didn't know about or sign off on this surveillance. The idea that a sitting President investigating his opponent would be done by lower level people without his knowledge is preposterous. Of course his administration (and he) knew. The question is: was the surveillance legitimate? Or was it done for political purposes?

WTF? This is what gets modded "Insightful" on Slashdot today? Pure BS speculation with a heaping helping of begging the question?

The idea that Obama actually wiretapped Trump during the campaign is preposterous.

Comment Re:weasel words (Score 1) 519

Obama also didn't "order" the IRS to audit conservative organizations either. Crooks in authority often don't "order" things, they imply things, or simply create a climate and reward systems where things they want to happen happen.

Are you serious?

Obama did nothing of the sort. There was a small group of people who used a heuristic for applications under charity tax regulations that flagged conservative applications more than normal. When their immediate boss found out about it, she stopped them. That's literally all there was to it.

I know that it's been blown out of proportion, but facts do actually matter.

Comment Re:The truth of the accusation... (Score 1) 519

You mean like when the Obama administration said that benghazi was caused by a video? Then flapped their arms over and over again saying it really was caused by a video.

This BS again? They reported that when that's what the intelligence agencies thought, i.e. for a period of a few days before the investigation results came back and said it was unrelated.

Geez, you act like being wrong and correcting yourself once more information surfaces is a conspiracy.

Never mind that if we take various media at their face value Trump is correct, since they stated that there were multiple taps against people in the Trump campaign.

No, there were taps on the RUSSIANS. Unless Trump himself was contacting the RUSSIANS during the campaign there's no reason to worry at all, and that doesn't mean that Trump Tower was tapped.

Comment Re:No right left to criticize (Score 1) 445

If You or your media outlet was one of the ones that defended or didn't criticize as a fatal flaw: Hillary Clinton and her most glaring case of using personal E-mail server to cause security exposures and Fail to deliver items ordered by the court,
Then you already lost any right to criticize Pence, Etc, for lesser cases Of use of a personal e-mail account.

Nonsense. Just because someone doesn't share your views of the relative importance of adherence to IT policy doesn't mean they can't criticize other people for that.

Additionally, it's not just warranted but DEMANDED to call out Republicans on their expected hypocrisy on this issue.

Comment Re:No, because it FUCKING FAKE NEWS AGAIN (Score 1) 445

I'm actually glad that by slamming the MSM as fake news, Trump has blurred the lines b/w your average Michael Moore type of guy manufacturing stories out of whole cloth, vs the MSM doing it. Both have intentions to mislead, and both due to the same reason: their bias.

WTF? In all the popular instances where Trump has called out something as fake news, it hasn't actually been. That's the whole point.

Tangentially, he's doing it to discredit actual reporting on his actions.

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 1) 644

Only if you fudge the inflation numbers (which this Administration has been doing). Run the numbers with the same CPI calculations as used back in the 70s and 80s and you'll find inflation is running about 7-8%, and that puts the economy still in a recession.

Sorry, but Shadowstats is pure bunk. They're not using the old CPI calculations, they're taking the modern ones and just adding a few percent because they feel like it.

Comment Re:Be Careful What You Wish For (Score 1) 631

... the biggest restrictions on freedom since the Patriot Act...

Go on....

This will be a mass of restrictions, requirements, taxes, subsidies, and pay-offs to favored groups. I'm sure trial lawyers will be happy, because there will no doubt be lots of new things they can sue about.

Like what exactly?

And now that the regulations have changed, the NSA will have a freer hand with wiretaps.

How would reclassifying as a telecommunications service change that?

Comment Re:We need to stop big tax dodgers useing loop hol (Score 2) 300

That income has been taxed already. Bequeathment is not a fucking INCOME issue.

Of course it is; "income" doesn't get taxed, TRANSFERS get taxed. For income tax, it's the transfer from your employer to you. For inheritance tax, it's the transfer from the estate to you.

Comment Re: I went back to corporate America because Obama (Score 1) 578

Yes. Cross-subsidization (also known as "socialism") has resulted in most people I have spoken to paying 40% to 60% more on their premiums, with a higher deductible.

That's not what socialism is, that's insurance.

It has also resulted in fewer young people with insurance, because their premiums went way up. It's DUMB to raise rates on the demographic that (A) is essential to funding the program, and (B) needs it the least.

Are you entirely forgetting about the mandate? Where do you get that fewer young people have insurance? That, like the other anecdotes about huge cost increases, sounds entirely made up.

Comment Re:I went back to corporate America because Obamac (Score 1) 578

A few hundred? Try $800/month which is the cheapest plan the ACA offers where I live. And that plan was total garbage, didn't cover half of what you'd expect and had huge co-pays.

I've heard this so many times, and seen it debunked so many times, that it's just ridiculous. Sorry, but unsupported anecdotal data isn't really convincing, especially since so many people have been wrong about it.

The problem with ACA is that it MANDATED HMO's... Not health insurance.

I don't know what odd definition of "HMO" you're using (I suspect you're using it simply because HMOs are unpopular), but that's just not true.

If I tried to get the plan I have with my employer through the ACA exchange it would be over $1600/month. That's insane! And yes, I actually looked it up.

Again with the anecdotes. Also, I notice you didn't say anything about which plan it was, or how much your employer was paying.

Comment Re:Based on what? (Score 2) 888

Yeah...ask the Soviets or Cuba how that worked. (Or Venezuela if you need a more recent example.) Hell,. just ask Europe how that's going. (Looking at you, France.)

The Soviets and Cuba do/did not use European socialist capitalism. Europe is currently suffering from a terrible policy of having a currency union without a fiscal union, which is the proximate cause of their problems.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 888

Nature does not pollute itself.

WTF? I mean seriously WTF?

Have you ever seen a volcano? Nature - polluting.

Check out the Great Oxygenation Event for even a better example; cyanobacteria produced so much pollution (in the form of free oxygen) that they killed off most other life on the planet.

Comment Re:Why do dictactorships have hyperinflation? (Score 1) 121

Let's say X is a constant, and is always equal to 5. It is not logically (or physically) possible to say "From now on, Y will be equal to X. But we're going to change the value of Y as we see fit.

I think there's an error, in that you're not using a consistent definition of "value". You can offer an official EXCHANGE RATE of, say, dollars to Argentine Pesos (and that's not really a random example), and then inflate a currency. In the long term, this doesn't really WORK, since everyone who can will just buy dollars with pesos and bankrupt your exchange office because there's no equivalent trade back to pesos, but it's not tautological.

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