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Comment It WOULD be wise, but it's not. (Score 1) 315

It is very wise to anticipate the need and establish and test it before it must become a mainstream standard.

But they're not doing that. This is a means-tested, graduated scale welfare mechanism.

This is not UBI, it doesn't even vaguely resemble UBI, and as a test of UBI, it's worthless, because its results are completely unrelated. To any degree the results are used to make any decisions at all about actual UBI, the decisions will be nonsensical. Garbage in, garbage out.

Comment yeah, no (Score 1) 315

If it's my taxes being used to conduct this experiment, it damned well IS my business.

Not in a republic, it's not. If it's anyone's business, it's that of your representative. You know, the one you had/have a fractional millionth of an effect in selecting, and essentially none in influencing — that power has been purchased by the corporations.

Comment Re:this isnt a surprise (Score 1) 38

if (!foo){break;}

the hidden goto :-)

if (!foo){break;}

So, with nested while, how do you exit ???

Actually my statement was more that people *effectively* use goto without even realizing they are.
functionally my example is no different than:

//begin block
if (!foo){goto CLEANUP_BLOCK;}

^/. is absolutely intent on making my colon prefix collapse up all the whitespace to the curly... no idea why.
Now, in my example case there is no condition, as the do-while construct is not actually being used as a loop, thus would not (validly) match your example.
in your example case I don't know that I would even want to do a goto escape as you're doing some double loop stuff that might leave things fairly inconsistent... but if I was confident that it was okay (maybe you're walking a pair of trees for something and you break when you find it?) then it would be simple to just use the goto above.
not sure if it's just my employer's style or more global, but we *always* lexically scoped our protected block in curlies (even though it's not syntactically required, it sure helps the human brain).

Comment Sex Robots (Score 1) 315

I don't know how much an anatomically functional interactive sexbot will cost, but it will likely be way cheaper than alimony and child support, and it won't get headaches. If it has a "mute" button and can make sandwiches, that is even better.

True story:

My SO, Deb, and I were laying about in bed one lazy afternoon; she seemed to be dozing lightly.

Me: "Hey, baby?"
Her: "Mmmm?"

Me: "When {unspoken:sex} robots come out, can we get a French maid?"
She: "Sure."
...a few seconds pass...

She: "We'll call him 'Pierre.'"

I made a photo-toon of this

Comment Re:Fluid type manipulation with unions (Score 1) 370

Unions aren't the least bit obscure: they do very specific things, and just as you tell them to. It's a matter of skill. Not obscurity.

For instance, in my 6809 emulation, with a register that is sometimes independent 8-bit and sometimes single 16-bit (the 8-bit A and B registers become the 16-bit D register, depending on the instruction in play), a union is just the thing. It does exactly what is needed, when needed, and not otherwise.

Comment Re:Fear (Score 1) 168

I guess I was confused by your previous claims of 'no dead wood or slackers' in government contracting. This post pretty much directly contradicts that.

I don't think I ever used the term "deadwood" in a comment. Slackers on my government IT job do get fired and find themselves back on the unemployment line in two weeks. I don't understand how my statement about the contracting life and recruiter contradicts my past statements about my current job. Trump could get Congress to cancel my contract today and I'll get a new job tomorrow.

Comment Re:Fear (Score 1) 168

If recruiters, not former coworkers are your best route to a new job, you aren't very good at your job.

I'm an IT support contractor. I don't get to form long lasting relationships because I could get let go today and have a new job tomorrow. Meanwhile, all my former coworkers are hanging on their to jobs, 2% raises and hoping that seniority will protect them from the next round of layoffs. The difference between them and me is that I know I'll have to find another job. So do the recruiters.

Comment Not Really Universal (Score 1) 316

The province will explore the effectiveness of providing a basic income â" no matter what â" to people who are currently living on low incomes, "whether they are working or not," Wynne said. ...
A single person could receive up to about $17,000 a year, minus half of any income he or she earns.

None of these studies really seem to study true universal basic income, in which everybody, rich or poor, regardless of how much money they make, receives the same basic amount.

All the current trials going on seem to be focused on giving money to people who have no jobs or make very little. We already have program in place that do this kind of thing already, so they probably won't find a whole lot of difference with the systems that we already have. They are basically making small changes to the welfare system in order to not cut off benefits as soon as you find a job. But other than that, there isn't much difference.

Comment Re:Fear (Score 1) 168

You should expect a turnover every 4-5 years and plan accordingly.

Before the Great Recession, I used to switch jobs every three years, sometimes at the same company or a different company. After the Great Recession, I worked whatever contracting job I could land. A contract can last anywhere from four hours, days, weeks, months or years. I'm currently halfway through a five-year contract in government IT.

Comment Re:Ten years too late... (Score 1) 47

Seeing a presentation about space is socializing? Gotcha. You know what I did? I went out to a restaurant then hung out with a bunch of girls at a k-pop karaoke. Today I decided to go to Italy for euro labor day for a week or two. Went online, booked the trip - gonna work remote for a bit. After 20 years of experience, I can do that without saving and planning, as it's going to cost just a few day's wages. Not quite a show by some unknown stripper in the evening gymnasts in vegas though. I'd need to save up for that. Till about lunch.

You're the asshat with the drinking and financial problems! No wonder you sound so bitter in your replies. You should really lay off drinking $3,000 per night on wine. It's not healthy lifestyle.

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