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Comment Re:8% (Score 1) 67

it's kind of amazing how they managed to do that and not have anyone tell them that their ideas were stupid

I have no doubt that plenty of people have told them exactly that. It would not surprise me to learn that they fired anyone who did so, though.

If Twitter were an engineering-driven company, they wouldn't be lousy with SJWs.


Comment Let China and others continue emissions growth (Score 1) 267

Seriously, we need to fix this.
we need to punish the west, who emits less than 1/3 of emissions, and make them drop theirs.
At the same time, we need to allow the rest of the world to grow MUCH faster than the west can drop theirs.
And then we need to blame the west for all this.

Oh wait, that is what the far left CURRENTLY DOES.

Until the far left gets done giving China blow jobs, this will only get worse.

Comment Re:Follow the money... (Score 1) 459

The last Baby Boomer and the first Gen Xer will retire in 2030. Doesn't change fact that healthcare will be in great demand, young people will follow the money into healthcare, and two-thirds of the federal budget will go to Social Security and Medicare (which means taxes will have to go way up to cover everything else).

Comment Re:Follow the money... (Score 1) 459

Both are important, we need to do more with fewer workers (automation) as well as care for those who have put in their work life.

I went back to school to learn computer programming after the dot com bust. Healthcare became the new money major. So everyone and their grandparents switched from computers to healthcare. Cisco courses that had waiting lists to the waiting lists got cancelled due to a lack of students. As more baby boomers retire and the demand for healthcare increases, I expect students to follow the money major in healthcare. The last study I read suggested a 1.5M shortfall of skilled IT workers in 2030.

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