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Comment Still waiting for the Chordite instead (Score 1) 101

This in10did device might actually ship, which beats vaporware hands down.

That's a pity, because a far better design was announced on Slashdot over a decade ago ( which still looks much more comfortable for heavy use (

Comment The Trouble with Touchscreens (Score 2, Insightful) 279

Touchscreens could just become the single biggest public safety hazard of the 21st century. The user instructions on all the ones I have read (including popular ones such as the iPad) expressly forbid cleaning them with any sort of liquid other than water.

People have dirty hands. Sometimes very dirty hands. I rather doubt that a little water on a lint-free rag is going to remove the huge smudgy colonies of bacteria and other things that collect on them.

Comment Re:I prefer mine to be insanely great trackballs (Score 4, Informative) 279

There are all sorts of nice trackballs out there now. This wiki page from my favorite input device website might be of some interest:

The CST LaserTRAC Trackball looks especially promising. You could replace the provided ball will a pool ball or a perfect sphere of any material, so long as it was the same size. This means you could try out heavier trackballs.

Comment Augmented Reality HUD? (Score 1) 279

Every six months or so, I trawl the Internet looking for any new heads-up displays which add their signal to the one your eyes are already receiving instead of blocking out the world altogether and replacing it with some sort of display.

Are there any augmented reality HUDs out there? I've yet to see any good ones that you could walk around outside with while managing not to be mugged or hit by a bus.


Scientists Take Charles Darwin On the Road 170

Hugh Pickens writes "A team of evolutionary scientists recently traveled to the heart of America, visiting rural schools and communities in Nebraska, Montana, and Virginia to share their excitement about science on the birthday of Charles Darwin, and were overwhelmed with the graciousness, enthusiasm and sincerity of the teachers, school administration and particularly the students that hosted them. 'Over the course of our visits, the questions we received from students were thoughtful and founded in sheer curiosity about the science we presented,' writes MacClain. 'Indeed, the questions were the most exciting part of our collective visits.' Another purpose of the trip was to introduce people to the diverse types of research scientists do, open students' minds to the possibilities of careers in science, and offer an alternative to stereotypes of science and scientists in general. Some criticize the Darwin Day Road Show for being nothing more than a 'Darwinist ministry,' others for it not being more explicit in its discussion of evolution and Darwin, but with this year's success, there will be a Darwin Day Road Show 2012 and the National Center for Science Education is planning to hit all 50 states by 2015. MacClain says the team has found a middle ground that allows scientists to stop communicating at and start communicating with the public. 'It reminds us all that interactions between science and society need not be contentious. At its heart, science is about questions, and we all naturally ask them.'"

Comment If "Splice" is an indication of the quality ... (Score 1) 334

If "Splice" is an indication of the type of movie treatment we can expect for Neuromancer, then we should all be very very afraid.

Apparently, movie ratings are currently suffering from score inflation. I see lots of healthy B-grade scores hovering with an average of 7/10 for Splice.

Based solely on this thread, I just watched Splice. It wasn't worth it. I am sure there are worse movies on earth, but this one has nothing redeeming to it. It's a 1/10 at best. The only thing that impressed me about it is that someone bothered to finish and release it to the public.

Comment Re:It's a fail - almost certainly (Score 1) 334

Max Headroom (the TV show on ABC in America) proves that cyberpunk can be done well on the screen. There's no reason why Neuromancer is necessarily doomed.
Personally, I'd be delighted if it was a huge flop for general audiences but a huge hit for those plugged into the book.

Then again, I'm a huge fan. I disliked the BBC radio play for Neuromancer because even if the same things happened that were in the book, they happened for different reasons in the play. That alone ruined it for me, and the BBC was attempting a faithful copy.

Comment Re:Not an Easy Book to Read (Score 1) 334

Agreed. Neuromancer really rewards the reader on the third reading. Then you know the lingo, you know the pacing, you know the plot, and you can enjoy it all.

I used to learn new languages by buying the local translation of Neuromancer. Since I already knew the text inside out and backwards in English, I could focus on the words and structures of the foreign language that I was learning. Of course, you end up speaking like Case or Molly. That may not work to your advantage.

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