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Journal Journal: Changes 10

First off, sockpuppet log updated. I have to hand it to the guy that runs that weird boycott site, he operates wide in the open. And it's just too funny to see him repeatedly asking twitter to stop.

Anyway, in the next few days the log will be transferred to a separate account dedicated only to maintaining that journal entry. Its purpose will be made clear in the profile area, and it will not be used to post. The account will be passed around as needed when the current maintainer finds he has no time (like me!). If not, then I guess it will just wither and die, but I hope by then it would have served a good purpose.

I am now actually in the process of moving to another city so I have no time for anything. I enjoyed my semi-retirement and 100% virtual telecommuting way too much it seems, and all good things must come to an end. The company I'm working for is actually finding strength in the general economic weakness, and I think they have very good products that deserve a chance to make it in the market. From a 3-man boutique software shop project to a fully-funded privately held corporation in three years flat (with no debt), along with an impressive client portfolio and almost 100 employees worldwide now. Nothing to sneeze at, and hopefully exciting times ahead for us. In any case, I was starting to get bored. My kids say I'm a workaholic, and they are absolutely right *grin*

Funny how this Slashdot thing has served as a sort of blog for me in the past few months. One of the nice things about the new company is that they provide a public-facing blog for the management team and most employees. I hope to take advantage of that, if only to speak about the drab technical details of managing IT infrastructure and reassure clients that we have our eyes on the prize. Probably no mentions of twitter (hah!) but my time here has certainly helped me better understand the power behind the software I've been using for the last 10 years or so. Zealotry aside, I believe free software is going to grow even more, especially in the server space, and will eventually occupy the one half of the IT sphere of operations that Microsoft will simply never be able to provide because their products are simply targeted at other things.

Anyway, I'll post a final journal entry in the next few days to let everyone know where the log is being kept. Take care everyone!

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Journal Journal: O HAI 11

Well, I'm back. I've been back for about a week but not much time to post. I see that many a socks were created in my absence *grin*.

First off, responses to a few of the emails I got and couldn't reply to for whatever reason -

- guy with the soft drink nick: The answer is yes. But your reply-to: address is bouncing and your from: addy looks like it's work related so I didn't want to use it. Also, sorry but I don't know who you are on Slashdot.
- gourmand: Thanks for the list of trollpuppets, I'm in the process of updating the list. No problem on the other thing, will do.
- YeShallRemainAnonymousAsRequested: I digested your email and I think I agree. I think one of those comments was the missing link to the whole anti-slash connection that I did not have. But I need a bit more information, and your spoofed SMTP server or whatever it is is not working. I also need your permission to publish your message here. So please email me again if you can.

Thanks also to everyone who emailed me with possible socks, words of encouragement, etc. Funny how fighting abuse in a community brings out good things in people.

On a more personal note, my 2 weeks work/2 vacation ended up being more like 3/1, but it was good to back in Europe nonetheless. (hey clampolo, I did have a beer. Several actually, thanks). This is the first time I've ever been to Dublin, highly recommended. Beautiful place.

My company is probably going to merge with another similar firm that operates out of Dublin and Hamburg (I chuckled two days ago when I saw that AT&T commercial about the guy that has no bars and misses the call about not discussing the merger, that almost happened to me). What this means is my comfy DC wizard job will come to an end, replaced with a less comfy one that pays more but is probably boring as heck. I always envisioned spending my last few working years before retirement surfing the web and writing chapters of my book (20 year delay so far...), but it looks like that's not going to happen. The extra $$ is good, but not necessary at this point (unless the stock market collapses completely), so my real motivation is curiosity, because I've never had an upper management job. We'll see if I can stand being a PHB. Hah!

Well enough about me.

Anyway, I'm going to start updating the lists now, because I don't know if I'll have much time later.

Catch you all later-ish.

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Journal Journal: Workation 4

Going on work/vacation to crusty old Europe for the next four weeks (well actually 2 work and 2 pleasure).

Have fun, behave and paste new sockpuppets and trollpuppets below *grin*


Journal Journal: New twitter account 14

For those of you who read my journal, be aware that he has a new account.

It's the same old tired offal, but he hasn't used it as a sockpuppet (yet), so it doesn't go into the log. Yet. (Update: Never mind that)

Thanks to the person who emailed me with this. I know it's a pain to decode that Slashdot spam armoring thing sometimes...


Journal Journal: The twitter monologues - Discussion 64

Due to some seriously heavy trolling in the comments, I've moved the contents of the sockpuppet log here . We can still discuss below if needed, just ignore the crapflooders.

Update: Fresh discussion space here.

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