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Comment Re:Oh my (Score 1) 177

Were you required to take this oath? Did you ever repeat it in front of anyone?

As systems administrators, we are given and entrusted with over arching powers to serve others. It is our duty and special trust to do so, given to us by our employers and a covenant with our users not to abuse those powers. It is a trust, given to us by sometimes complete strangers. It is a special relationship, easily abused for personal gain or for plain spite.

I can see that this relationship is not understood, nor honored.
I just don't understand that view point.

Comment Er - I'm awake and notice this (Score 1) 58

The easiest way to see price discrimination is to go to the rich side of town and go to the grocery store. Observe the price of milk, hamburger, cheese and gasoline. Now to to the poor side of town, repeat.

Clue - if the rich folks think the price is too high on common items, they have the means and time to seek a lower price on commodity items. The poorer side of town is usually time and/or mobility constrained and won't do so.

I noticed that on different platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), I will see different prices on things like airline tickets or car prices. (You'll need to use source obfuscation - EG hide your real IP). Hint - most car sites are run on exactly the same back ends as all the others.

Also - if you notice a letter code on price tags (pretty rare now days) think I N T R O D U C E S. 10 letters. assign a number for each. This is the cost of the item to the store. Stupid store owners will use 0 - 9 in order. The most common is to assign either even or odd numbers to the first 5, then vice versa.

Smart shop keepers use an initial digit or code, then pick any 10 letter word with no repeating letters. There are over 80 words starting with "B" that don't repeat letters - BLOCKHEADS is one. I like to find these shops, figure out the "code", then consistently offer the owner (Never an employee that might not know the code) exactly one cent above their cost. I like to see just how long it takes the shop owner to figure out I know what he's doing. My all time best effort is 22 years and counting - but he may just be playing stupid. When I have a special order I can't get anywhere else, I'll pay for it up front and don't haggle the price.

That said, I'm a firm believer in enlightened self interest. In my hobby, there are a lot of things I could order on line and save about 40%. But I still buy local and pay full retail. While I could save some bucks by ordering a week in advance, it's in my interest to have it local, where I can walk in and walk out with what I need.
Sometimes a cheap price hurts me more in the long run than other considerations. Besides, despite violently opposing political views, this is a guy that I could call at 3AM and know he'd come help.

And vice versa.

Comment Oh my (Score 4, Informative) 177

I am employed by a company I love working for, with I boss I think is wonderful. I expect to be terminated shortly, for reasons that are partly -my- fault, party just business.

Yeah, I'd totally not even think of doing something like this. First of all, it's completely unethical. Second, it's against my ethics. Third, it violated the System Administrators Oath.

Comment Hrumph (Score 2) 71

I have an ansible scrip over in github that will do up to 2047 servers as a slum lord email hosting service that will handle over 16 million domain names with unlimited user accounts on various cloud services. (AWS, Azure, Google, Linode, Rackspace)

Now I know why it suddenly got 20 downloads.

I'm kidding of course. I do have such a playbook, but I only share it with folks I know are not spammers.

Comment Re:Just what we need ... (Score 1, Insightful) 259

Just what we need: a plan that makes the chemtrail loons even more sure they're right.

I'm depressed today, sorry. But as I see things, the most common choices I see others take are:

1. Ignore it - global warming is just somebody's religion
2, Ignore it - global warming is just China's way to get a trade advantage.
3. Ignore it - because our great grandfathers didn't have this problem!
4. Ignore it - because there's that one whack job over there that says hundreds of thousands of other scientists, trained in the field, are absolutely wrong.
5. Ignore it - because there's lots of people that say it's just a libtard wet dream.
6. Ignore it - because it would cost too much for me to change how I live.
7. Ignore it - because I don't want to think about it while I've got cats playing on You Tube.
8. Ignore it - because you're all special snowflakes and you should just shut up, cupcake!
9. Ignore it - because, believe me, it's beautiful. It's the most beautiful thing you ever saw, and MEXICO WILL PAY FOR IT! BELIEVE ME!
10. ...
199. Realize that there is a consensus of people that have studied this all their lives are sure that there is a cascade point after which nothing will stop catastrophic climate change that will likely reduce the world population between 80 and 95%. They do disagree as to when this point is. Some believe it has already passed.

During world war II, the English used to say, in a droll voice, "You can count on Americans to make the right choice ... after they've tried everything else ." My fear is that is no longer true.

I get that some disagree with "that whole climate change thing". I don't understand why. It's as if you go to five doctors and they all tell you, "I'm sorry, but you have cancer, and it's too late for any certain cure. My opinion is that you should put your affairs in order." and you go "Naw... It's just muscle strain. I'll be fine!" Is it possible all five are wrong? Yes. Is it likely? ... there's the rub.

I'm not going to argue with folks about it. Climate change is indeed a form of religion, and if one insists on adopting shibboleth of those that disbelieve, then there really isn't any point in discussing it with them any further. I'll simply hand them a tube of liniment and wish them well.

Comment A bigger question (Score 1) 50

When I see stories of credit card fraud, I have to ask a very simple question:

Why haven't card companies moved to make the fraud process less prone to being abused?

It's trivial to commit CC Fraud even with chips in the card, and it's not likely to have prosecution if you don't do it too frequently or too blatantly. Or if you are a large company. Further, the merchant is the one the frequently has to pay for the fraud, not the card issuer, even if the merchant has "run the card" and been validated.

On the flip side, I had to have a card canceled twice because a company continued to charge it after I closed the account. Turns out the first "cancel", the card issuer "helped me" by informing the people changing my card of my new card number. I had to cancel the card again, and very specifically instruct the card issuer not to redirect any further changes for the card. If it's the wrong number, decline the transaction.

Comment Boss mail (Score 1) 147

I hate having my boss looped in, because then he wants what I'm doing. I tell him, and even if it's exactly the same thing he told me to do last time, I get told "that's not what I want" and then ... it goes down hill. Despite the fact I love working for my boss, despite the fact I love working for this company, I decided earlier today that "it's time to move on". I've been in IT for multiple decades. I don't have any sort of diva pride - I just want to do the job my boss wants me to do, the way he wants it done. But a constantly moving goal post is a race that gets pretty old after two years, and I'm ready for a new kind of waltz. One where I don't feel like I have three left feet and one of them is in a bucket of cement.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 215

Observe the mating call of the USian libtard in its natural habitat...

Liberals, or in your words "Iibtards" do not support monopolies. It takes a real special cuck to trigger on that and snowflake all over it, but you, sir, did it proud.
I am using your own special "code" because I know you won't understand a real discussion. You have to have Steve Bannon and other ultra right wing mental defectives to define your terms for you, else you are reduced to grunts and drool from your chin.

It's a real pity you can't muster an IQ over 40.

Comment Re: So... (Score 1) 215

Seriously? You think your comparison is apt?
As with all analogies, there are points of non-congruence
Uber isn't buggies vs taxis. Uber is unregulated taxis vs regulated taxis along with exploiting their unemployed drivers.
Yes. Exactly. Taxi drivers are depending on a government monopoly. I just want one them that profits me.
Uber makes us all poorer.
Uber doesn't hold a gun to people's heads and force them to work for the wages they pay. Do I think Uber doesn't pay enough? I do. That's why I don't drive for them.

Comment Re: Oh ... my. (Score 1) 140

What do you do when you get promoted to a management position in a different department and have no clue how to manage people? Do you quit, or try to do the job?

This is an excellent question. The fact that you ask it indicates that despite a lack of knowledge of the people and the product, you have a fighting chance to actually be successful. To quote someone else: "We ask kittens to fight tigers. We don't expect them to win, but we do expect them to try."

So, my advice is to just - try. At worst, it won't be as bad as a "dead hand on the helm", and at best, you might discover depths within yourself you didn't know you had. Just keep in mind these five magic words:
"I was wrong. I'm sorry."
Use them when needed. It's absolutely amazing what they can accomplish, and to turbo boost that, add these words "What do you see as a path forward?"

Comment Oh ... my. (Score 3, Insightful) 140

I've had a boss that was all of these. Very frustrating.

I've often wondered why folks in tech expect 24x7 access to their employees. If you work at Burger King, you don't have to put in 90 or 100 hour weeks - or if you do, it's with overtime pay. But if you're in tech, this seems to be the default expectation and don't you dare ask for overtime or even a bonus. Gosh no. Don't expect profit sharing either.

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