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Comment Re:Seems to me (Score 1) 54

Good luck finding a nice job without Java

Thank you.

Pro-tip: learn at least one new language each year

Why would I do that? I have problems to solve, I can't learn a new language every year and be more than a tyro at it. There are those that love the new thing, however, when there are $tens-of-thousands of servers involved, running $i-don't-know-how-many virtual guests, well, proven and solid are more highly valued than simple "new" without any sort of benefit to be had going into it.

Comment Seems to me (Score 2, Interesting) 54

It seems to me that the stewardship of Java in the past few years, particularly it's security aspects, have rendered it useless and undesirable.

I must use java in my employment with well - let's just say "a lot" - and all over the world. It is not simply my own conclusion, but the conclusion of many people I consider more facile and accomplished than myself that Java is undesirable. My employer has gone to the point of shutting down a planned services introduction. That product, instead of launching, was shut down and the teams re-assigned to other tasks.

The workarounds to use Java in the current environment are such that we commonly create VM images to spin up and destroy for tasks requiring Java.

Going forward, I will carefully review employment offers - if it deals with Java, they're going to have to work very hard for me to accept it. I don't need the pain and heartache dealing with it causes if there are alternatives.

I am being intentionally careful not to give out details, and I'm sure there are many that will start off a reply "You stupid idiot, you can do X!" - again, these are not solely my own conclusions, but shared with many people I consider to be very, very good. I assure you, anything you may think of has surely been considered if not by myself, then by others in the same situation. Please do suggest if you wish, but also consider that a lot of other, very smart people, have looked at this same situation for more than a few years.

Like all opinions, this may or may not fit your situation and exact needs. It can even be quite wrong.

Comment Feeling the AT&T love (Score 4, Informative) 70

In a small town in Texas, AT&T removed the copper network. Those with POTS lines (nearly everyone as cell coverage is bad at best) were deprived of telephone service. AT&T's response: Here's a free cell phone. Oh, you want it to -work-? That'll cost you - double what your copper line did. More if you didn't sign a 2 year contract.

AT&T also removed the copper network and sold the scrap.

When I say "Feel the AT&T Love" - I'm not talking about the good kind of love.

Comment Reminds me of a quote (Score 2) 266

"Global warming is just somebody's religion ." said with a heavy sneer.

And PeOTUS Trump wants to defund NASA, since "it engages in bad science", and will very likely get his way through the rubber-stamp Congress he'll enjoy.

Sort of makes me glad that I won't be here for four years. I don't think four years of this sort of attitude and thinking will be very enjoyable to me. Still, for those that voted for Mr. Trump, I'm glad you got your guy. I hope you stay glad and that I'm wrong about him. I wasn't wrong about POTUS Obama or George W, though.

Comment Re:Say flippin' WHAT? (Score 1) 282

There's a difference between saying something that's not true when you know it's not true(telling a lie) and making a false statement when you are "genuinely" uninformed.

Statements PeOTUS made proven to be lies:

There was "serious voter fraud" in Virginia.

There was "serious voter fraud" in New Hampshire.

There was "serious voter fraud" in California.

Says he "won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally."

Says that at a campaign rally President Barack Obama "spent so much time screaming at a protester, and frankly it was a disgrace."

Says Hillary Clinton "wants to let people just pour in. You could have 650 million people pour in and we do nothing about it. Think of it. Thatâ(TM)s what could happen. You triple the size of our country in one week."

"Wikileaks also shows how John Podesta rigged the polls by oversampling Democrats, a voter suppression technique."

When Hillary Clinton "ran the State Department, $6 billion was missing. How do you miss $6 billion? You ran the State Department, $6 billion was either stolen â" they don't know."

"We don't have any" chess grandmasters in the United States.

Says he won the second debate with Hillary Clinton "in a landslide" in "every poll."

I don't really care though. It's a moot point for the next 4 to 8 years anyway.

Comment Say flippin' WHAT? (Score 2) 282

The researchers cite the example of President-elect Donald Trump who used swear words in some of his speeches while campaigning in last year's U.S. election and was considered, by some, to be more genuine than his rivals.

Donald John Trump, PeOTUS, has told more verified lies in his short political career than many with 30 or 40 years in the pubic eye.

If you voted for him, I'm glad you got your choice. But, hey, really? DJT? Wow.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1) 405

I haven't been in some time, but the buffet at the Rio was pretty good IMO.

I ate there in Sept. 2005. I did not find it very good. The Bordelaise on my steak tasted more like brown gravy from a dry mix. I cook, and while people don't pay me millions, I have a full table when I have a dinner party. And a lot of questions as to when the next one is.

I know every place can have a bad night. But a place like Las Vegas, one night is all you have to make an impression. They made one.

Comment Re:I get this... (Score 1, Interesting) 405

I don't know why you say you enjoy Las Vegas. The hotels I've seen are not luxurious, nor are they cheap. The food in the buffet is inedible - I wouldn't feed it to hogs.I did not find the shows enjoyable, and as a former wagering services IT guy, I don't waste money on wagering. I know the odds. Sometimes I was programming them.

As for the person doing the wagering - yeah, security folks have a saying - "JDLR" - just doesn't look right. Alarm bells should have been sounding at the oddly specific requests made, and gently refused.

I won't defend their business model because I agree with you, the game is rigged against you. If you can win, and you won't break even, why play?

Comment Re:It's the media's fault (Score 1) 22

I'm just glad that it appears people are starting to wake up and realize it. Part of it is the rise of the internet and alternative sources like Breitbart.

...And the fact that so much of the media's lies recently are being proven as such -- Michael Brown's "Hands Up Don't Shoot" was a complete lie, the Orlando shooter used an AR-15 was a complete lie (it was a SigSauer carbine, and NOT an AR-15)...

Now look at how the media is largely ignoring the fact that the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter converted to Islam...

I think the tide is finally turning against these left wing propagandists...

Comment Re:Unfortunate. (Score 1) 205

Not as big a mistake as may seem at first glance. Think printer ink. That is what Apple Et. Al. are trying to do with cell phones - turn them into walled gardens where they are the gate-keepers and every toll exacted goes to their own pockets.

Go look up who the lobbyists are trying to influence. They are trying to remove any possibility of competition they can, by whatever means they can bring to bear. Telecoms have largely eliminated competition in the transport sector. The barriers to entry keep what limited competition there is to an absolute minimum by simply writing the laws they want and giving it to their paid for legislators to sign & pass.

You aren't paranoid if they really are out to get you.

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