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Comment Say what?! (Score 1) 318

"When a drum containing radioactive waste blew up..."

I about dropped my jaw when I read that. "What!?" I said to myself. Then poking around, I found that it was the Kitty Litter accident as I call it. The drum did not "blow up" in the sense of explosion, either chemical or criticality, but the kitty litter used expanded and burst the container. Ok, that was pretty stupid (the kitty litter).

What exceeds "Dumb as a box of rocks with all the smart rocks thrown out" followed that trying to clean it up.

Comment Re:Makes it easy for crackers, though (Score 1) 275

For the family, I got them inexpensive PCs without hard drives (a live boot dvd which I make for them so the printers and internal things work) and tell them to use that for going on line for web surfing, browsing, and banking. Everything else, use the normal PC with windows which is no longer allowed an Internet connection at the router (deny the MAC address for inbound and outbound packets, allow the internal network). It's not perfect but I've not had to work on their systems for several years now for much beyond failed hardware.

Very little of the Microsoft updates are actually needed for personal use if it doesn't connect to the Internet, and those that are needed I hand carry on USB drives.

Comment Gee (Score 1) 120

And my family wonders why I refuse to use my phone as anything other than a phone.
If it isn't obnoxious ads, it's poorly preforming apps, and if it's not those two, it's the bill at the end of the month.

One way or the other, if you have a cell phone in the US, you're going to get "got".

Ever notice how they call it a "cell" phone? You keep prisoners in cells. Just sayin'.

Comment Re:WE need unions also why train your h1-b replamn (Score 5, Insightful) 472

I have to laugh myself silly when people object to unions.

Have you ever been in an effective union? Most haven't been in a union at all, but spout nonsense "everybody knows". Or they pick outstanding bad actors and paint all unions the same.

Some very few have been in bad unions. Those do stink.

No, the gripe people have with unions is propaganda generally spewed by those that would least benefit from good unions; bad employers that don't want to pay a fair wage. Before you fire off that hot reply full of indignation, ask yourself if you'd like it if you couldn't be fired because a H1B visa worker costs less, or because your boss is a clueless skylark, or because your employer can cut costs and increase profits by working you like a dog by cutting your team by 1/3 and doubling your workload.

Is fifty buck a month is starting to sound like a better deal now?

Comment Telecom/Cable Co == Screw the customer (Score 1) 113

If I were King of the World for a day, the second group of people I'd order summary executions for would be anyone that is upper mid-management or above in a cable or phone company. Fortunately for them and spammers/scammers/fraudsters/robocallers, I won't get the job of King.

Comment Re:Check out the Netflix documentary "The Irish Pu (Score 1) 537

Does "conversing" with dozens or hundreds of people on the Internet really lead to deep, thoughtful, intimate discussion--something face-to-face conversations with a small group certainly promotes--or is it really not much more than "surface contact"? There will always be exceptions, of course, but IMHO, texting and tweeting just does not promote deep discussion.

Comment Check out the Netflix documentary "The Irish Pub" (Score 4, Interesting) 537

It's an documentary detailing several very old Irish pubs, and while they don't mention a Faraday Cage, they bring up how the classic "Pub" concept is starting to fade because so many people are wrapped up in the Internet and electronics that they simply don't know how to just sit and converse.

Comment Yeah - I think? (Score 1) 91

Considering all the trouble I went to in order to ENSURE that W10 didn't infect my 'doze box, this news is .... unhelpful.
Now, if I can get WoT working under Linux and a video editor that doesn't make me want to scream and can afford, I'd be done with Microsoft.
(Yes, I know about OpenShot. No, I don't want to change to it. Remember I said I didn't want to scream?)

Comment A non-issue, really (Score 1, Informative) 503

We upgraded at home a while back, and we just completed all upgrades at work. Non issue in almost all cases, and for those few that were at issue at work, we resolved all upgrade issues.

At work, it was a no-question decision, because all business-critical programs are Windows-based (Office, Dynamics AX, SharePoint, etc.) Non-Microsoft options are simply not in the cards for the foreseeable future. I'd love to see a transition to Open Source applications, but they just don't exist when it comes to several specialized applications we require.

At home, the only thing really keeping us on Windows is Quicken. We've used Quicken since DOS days, and we rely on it for managing our finances. Simply put, there are no truly comparable alternatives. And because we require that, all other devices really need to be compatible.

Yes, as a tech geek, I could adapt and come up with a nice alternative, but my wife is more of an "appliance user" when it comes to computers, so having different systems won't cut it. Making sure that the user experience at work is consistent with the user experience at home (which it is) is goal number 1.

Comment So hosting/sharing torrent files really illegal? (Score 4, Interesting) 111

I must be missing something huge, because it seems to me that KAT really wasn't doing anything illegal, to the extent that they were hosting torrent files, not actually illegally hosting copyrighted content (like MegaUpload was.) Torrent files are really only informational files containing metadata and links to tracker sites--none of which is in-and-of-itself illegally hosting copyrighted material.

Comment Get a Pebble, and just enjoy it. (Score 1) 359

I have a Pebble Time Black, and no, it's not as fancy and prestigious as an Apple Watch, but it cost me at least HALF of what the Apple Watch costs, and its functionality really is stellar. It's waterproof, and Pebble nailed it with its "Timeline" function which is intuitive and easy to use. It simply works, and works well.

Oh, and being able to measure battery life in days (I regularly get 4-5 days of battery life) instead of hours is a Godsend. I can leave the house with 10-20% battery life, receive a normal amount of notifications, and regularly interact with it, and I can be confident that it will remain usable until well after I get home at night.

Finally, to make ANY smartwatch useful, you need to balance those functions and features that make sens for the device you are using. Want to see at-a-glance information and notifications? Use a Smartwatch and leave your phone in your pocket. Need to type an email, don't waste your time with a smartwatch--use the large, advanced keyboard on your phone. Otherwise, the device gets in the way. And that's the beauty of the Pebble Watch. It doesn't get in the way.

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