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Comment Just don't blame Kickstarter (Score 1) 33

I've seen a number of comments elsewhere complaining about the Kickstarter campaign, and how people are getting screwed. The problem is that blame is made on the wrong place. Kickstarter is NOT a store! It is a platform for people to invest in projects, and with investment can come risk--even risk of losing your money and not receiving the product you backed. Kickstarter has an amazing reputation for some amazing projects, but not all have succeeded.

So next time you back a Kickstarter project, do so happily, but understand the potential risks.

Comment Re:Check out the Netflix documentary "The Irish Pu (Score 1) 537

Does "conversing" with dozens or hundreds of people on the Internet really lead to deep, thoughtful, intimate discussion--something face-to-face conversations with a small group certainly promotes--or is it really not much more than "surface contact"? There will always be exceptions, of course, but IMHO, texting and tweeting just does not promote deep discussion.

Comment Check out the Netflix documentary "The Irish Pub" (Score 4, Interesting) 537

It's an documentary detailing several very old Irish pubs, and while they don't mention a Faraday Cage, they bring up how the classic "Pub" concept is starting to fade because so many people are wrapped up in the Internet and electronics that they simply don't know how to just sit and converse.

Comment A non-issue, really (Score 1, Informative) 503

We upgraded at home a while back, and we just completed all upgrades at work. Non issue in almost all cases, and for those few that were at issue at work, we resolved all upgrade issues.

At work, it was a no-question decision, because all business-critical programs are Windows-based (Office, Dynamics AX, SharePoint, etc.) Non-Microsoft options are simply not in the cards for the foreseeable future. I'd love to see a transition to Open Source applications, but they just don't exist when it comes to several specialized applications we require.

At home, the only thing really keeping us on Windows is Quicken. We've used Quicken since DOS days, and we rely on it for managing our finances. Simply put, there are no truly comparable alternatives. And because we require that, all other devices really need to be compatible.

Yes, as a tech geek, I could adapt and come up with a nice alternative, but my wife is more of an "appliance user" when it comes to computers, so having different systems won't cut it. Making sure that the user experience at work is consistent with the user experience at home (which it is) is goal number 1.

Comment So hosting/sharing torrent files really illegal? (Score 4, Interesting) 111

I must be missing something huge, because it seems to me that KAT really wasn't doing anything illegal, to the extent that they were hosting torrent files, not actually illegally hosting copyrighted content (like MegaUpload was.) Torrent files are really only informational files containing metadata and links to tracker sites--none of which is in-and-of-itself illegally hosting copyrighted material.

Comment Get a Pebble, and just enjoy it. (Score 1) 359

I have a Pebble Time Black, and no, it's not as fancy and prestigious as an Apple Watch, but it cost me at least HALF of what the Apple Watch costs, and its functionality really is stellar. It's waterproof, and Pebble nailed it with its "Timeline" function which is intuitive and easy to use. It simply works, and works well.

Oh, and being able to measure battery life in days (I regularly get 4-5 days of battery life) instead of hours is a Godsend. I can leave the house with 10-20% battery life, receive a normal amount of notifications, and regularly interact with it, and I can be confident that it will remain usable until well after I get home at night.

Finally, to make ANY smartwatch useful, you need to balance those functions and features that make sens for the device you are using. Want to see at-a-glance information and notifications? Use a Smartwatch and leave your phone in your pocket. Need to type an email, don't waste your time with a smartwatch--use the large, advanced keyboard on your phone. Otherwise, the device gets in the way. And that's the beauty of the Pebble Watch. It doesn't get in the way.

Comment Re:I'd say the primary use is non-portable (Score 1) 224

I agree 100%! I'm thinking the same thing for my parents who are moving from a house into a rather small independent living facility where space is at a premium. Having a tiny box like this connected to a decent monitor with full keyboard and mouse would certainly help them. And it would serve ALL of their computing needs. (At 87 and 90 years old, they only focus on Web surfing, creating and printing letters, and playing Freecell.) I just received mine yesterday, but it was DOA so I sent it back for exchange. When I get a working one, I'll put it through its paces and determine if it is something appropriate for my parents.

Comment I Received my Kangaroo PC...and it was DOA (Score 1) 224

I plugged it in and it would not power on. I left it plugged in to charge overnight, but it doesn't power on. So I got an RMA from NewEgg from without issue, and back it goes. I'm looking forward to the replacement, but how frustrating?!?

That said, what I can say is that the construction is very solid, and it is quite compact--about the size of a large smartphone. It's an intriguing device that could have many uses. This could serve as a simple Home Theater PC running Kodi, Plex, Netflix, etc. I might even consider getting one for my parents who are moving into an independent living facility to give them an extremely compact yet usable computer that would more than suit their needs.

Given that I couldn't power it on, I can say that physically, the only real con I found is the AC adapter: The connector seats very, VERY loosely into the dock. (Maybe that's the issue with mine?) There's no perceptible click, snap, or even tight feeling to tell that it's seated correctly. One bump, and it could easily jar loose. (I checked for obstructions and found none.)

I am looking forward to getting the replacement.

Submission + - Office 365 "On Demand" gone? ( 2

jbarr writes: Back in December, I paid for an Office 365 Home Premium subscription. One of the selling features (which is still being advertised as a feature) is the Office On Demand feature. You open a Web browser, login to your Office 365 account, and click on an "On Demand application (like Word, Excel, Access, outlook, etc.) and it launches a "streamed" instance of the application. It's like a Remote Desktop or Citrix session that provides access to a full version of each Office application from any Internet-connected Windows 7 and Windows 8.x box.

On Demand is not to be confused with their "Office Online" feature which are Web Apps of most Office applications (except Access and Publisher.) These versions are limited in function, whereas the On Demand versions were full, streamed instances of the application.

About a week or so ago, I signed in, and the ability to launch the On Demand applications was gone, effectively locking me out of an important feature that I paid for. I did a Google Search, and found several threads discussing this, yet no one seems to know what's going on. There is one kind soul who presented a workaround to launch Word and Excel On Demand which is great (thank you!) but to no fault of his, it doesn't address launching other On Demand applications.

I paid-for a feature that is still advertised, and it is now not available without notice. And there is no explanation. If servers are down, fine. Post a message stating it. If you are adding or changing features, then post a page stating it. But as it stands, all On Demand functionality has simply been stripped out with no explanation rendering my Access databases useless. Yes, I can locally install Access 2013 from my Office 365 Home Premium subscription, but that misses the point that a paid-for feature has been removed without explanation or compensation.

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