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Wikipedia to be Licensed Under Creative Commons 188

sla291 writes "Jimmy Wales made an announcement yesterday night at a Wikipedia party in San Francisco : Creative Commons, Wikimedia and the FSF just agreed to make the current Wikipedia license compatible with Creative Commons (CC BY-SA). As Jimbo puts it, 'This is the party to celebrate the liberation of Wikipedia'."

Journal SPAM: Is Mankind Shortening the Life of the Whole Universe? 8

Like Schroedinger's cat, looking from inside the box, two American physicists have postulated that our study of the universe may have shortened the lifetime of the cosmos. Quantum theory says that when we measure something, we select a specific quantum state from a multitude of states, each with varying probabilities. The result in observing dark energy, is that we may have confirmed a state whe


iPhone Dev Team to Open Source Free Unlock 80

An anonymous reader writes "In an effort to keep up with changes from Apple at a faster speed, the iPhone Dev Team is considering open sourcing AnySIM, the free unlocking solution for the iPhone. In a chat with Gizmodo, iPhone Dev Team member Sam said that this move could 'open a lot of possibilities for the future,' mainly in terms of the speed of the updates and avoiding sloppy and possibly dangerous binary patches. They are now looking for community input to get the project started."

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