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Comment Re:Side project... (Score 1) 143

I've never met a software developer, musician, or artist who didn't have a side project of some sort in addition to their "day job".


You're putting software developer in the same category as musician or artist?!?

Which one of these things doesn't belong?

Writing software is considered a creative act.

I was one of the participants in the Department Of Labor study that decided that,

Jobs that are more than 50% creative are exempt from overtime pay requirements. Software engineering, unless you are job-shopping it as a contractor is considered more than 50% creative. Which means that if you are salaried, you don't get overtime pay.

Personally, when I write software, it's being processed in the part of my brain that processes music. Meaning I literally can't write software if there's music playing at the same time.

Comment Re:A new feed for the NSA (Score 1) 27

As ashamed as I am to admit it, the author sounds Australian.

Probably a bogan (En_UK: Chav, En_US: Trailer trash) who proclaims to hate foreigners and "Effnicks" but jets off to Bali twice a year in his singlet (wife beater) for a Bintang fuelled display of douchebaggery. Apparently this makes him "well travelled".

Disclosure: I'm a skip living in pommyland, both nations have pluses and minuses to living and working there..

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 2) 504

Micro USB jacks wear out even more quickly. I wonder what the new connectors will be like. Everything is getting shittier.

This is a feature, not a bug.

Apple, et al. are starting to require new ways to make people "need" a new phone every year. Sales are flattening because the smartphone craze is over, everyone who wants one has one. Beyond this software and hardware releases are becoming more steady and aren't the huge leaps they were in previous years. So making the hardware crappier and adding in features that can force obsolescence is now the preferred way of generating sales.

Comment Re:I believe you've already found tge problem. (Score 1) 504

You are apparently unaware that, to date, the only phones which have shipped without headphone jacks are Android phones...

Actually, they're motorola and ZTE.

Android isn't sold by a company, it's a platform. If you want an Android phone with a headphone jack, you've got plenty to chose from including options from Motorola and ZTE.

Comment Re:Poor Arguements (Score 1) 504

While I'm not thrilled at seeing the headphone jack disapear the author's reasons for keeping it apply to maybe .001 of the population. How many people really have a reason to carry both an iphone and a droid on them? Using my headphones on some one else's phone? How often does THAT come up for a normal person?

Speaking of poor arguments, yours is a shining example.

A standardised 3.5 mm headphone port means that the 1 pair of headphones I own works in every single audio device I own from my laptop, to my phone and tablet to my guitar amplifier. I don't have to carry adaptors nor have a specially authorised (read: overpriced) DCMA compliant pair of headphones for each device.

That is the perspective of a normal person.

Comment Re:Who is Kurzweil? Why should I care? (Score 1) 188

Indeed. These people want to believe something very much religion-like, bit are somehow smart enough to see how ridiculous traditional religion is. So they invented a surrogate that is not one bit better, but a bit less obvious.

On one side you have wishful thinking, and on the other side you have people actually doing research to make things happen. Even if the promises of either side never pan out, one is quite a bit better than the other.

Comment Re:A step backwards (Score 1) 499

If you want to see what unfettered Capitalism does google up things such as "Child Labor", "economic and financial crises of the 1800's", and "Nigerian death squads".

Capitalism is great if you have capital. For the rest of us it must be regulated and control as part of a mixed market economy (such as the US economy) to get the benefits of our labor.

Comment Why is maximizing output the goal? (Score 1) 499

What exactly does that mean? I would think maximizing quality of life is the goal. Maximizing output may lead to poor quality of life. Sure you have for clothing, shelter, etc. but if the society a person lives is horrible then you've missed the mark. This is not to say Communism may not be the answer but rather that a hard drive to maximum output and "efficiency" might not be the right answer.

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