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Comment Re:Nice conspiracy theory, but... (Score 1) 514

You seriously believe a company like Apple cannot ramp up production if there is demand?

Learn the concept of marginal returns. I am quite certain Apple could buy up more production capacity. I am equally certain it could not do so in an economically viable way. Not all demand is profitable. The other makers are equally constrained, which is why none of them can produce a viable tablet to compete on price with iPad.

Comment Re:Peer review is broken (Score 1) 962

But then they "prove" that it doesn't.

No, they showed that it is less effective at primary prevention the previously supposed, (but still very effective at secondary prevention).

The trick is to develop the hypothesis properly. Also, there is a lot more to "proving" than a null hypothesis - that is just a useful logical device, especially when using statisitcal significance as a metric (as well as helping to check that the hypothesis is amenable to falsification).

And the statins I take are generic and long out of patent, so "big pharma" is way past caring about them.

Real science is hard and takes time. What is taught in a few paragraphs today took Newton a lifetime to perceive.

Comment Re:Generic Trademarks (Score 2) 356

However, when you say the word "App Store", I think that conjures up images of just about any sort of app stores that we have nowadays - Palm's, Blackberry's, Windows Phone's Android's, etc

That is rather Apple's point: the others are living off the goodwill created by Apple's innovation ("passing off", in the parlance). ie, Apple's argument is that it has become generic because others lifted it. And I believe US trademark law operates on a "use it or lose it" principle that requires trademarks to be defended actively.

Also, I would bet a reasonable amount of cash that if you did a survey of non-geek smartphone users, most would think "iPhone" to the prompt "App store".


New MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals 'Shoddy Assembly' 531

CWmike writes "Apple's new MacBook Pro shows some build-quality problems that shouldn't be seen in a notebook that costs $1,800, a teardown expert said on Monday. found several signs of substandard assembly while disassembling a 15-in. MacBook Pro. Among them: A stripped screw near the subwoofer enclosure and an unlocked ZIF (zero insertion force) socket for the IR (infrared) sensor. '[These] should not be things found inside a completely unmolested computer with an $1,800 base price,' iFixit said in the teardown description. iFixit also spotted an unusual amount of thermal paste applied to both the CPU and the GPU. 'Holy thermal paste! Time will tell if the gobs of thermal paste applied to the CPU and GPU will cause overheating issues down the road,' iFixit said. The refreshed MacBook Pro models launched last Thursday in what one analyst called a 'ho-hum' upgrade."

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