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Comment Re:Pants on fire (Score 1) 54

Forcing countries like Japan and South Korea to build nuclear weapons because his resolve to continue US's longstanding defense of its allies is not going to make a better world. The last time the United States retreated behind its borders and let its Allies fend for themselves, we ended up with the most destructive conflict in history, and the costs dwarfed what it would have cost to keep a proper military presence in potential trouble spots.

Comment Re:My compendium (Score 1) 153

No, you interpret what he said as sarcasm. But with Trump, it's virtually impossible without applying a filter, either in his favor, or biased against him, to sort out much of what he means. To have a man who wants to be the leader of the Free World speaking in a rantish and often incoherent fashion, and then constantly being informed by his followers as to what he really meant doesn't inspire confidence.

Comment Re:The safe 1 minute summary (Score 1) 122

What you need is a basic ethical grounding and the golden rule is close but by no means perfect - to meet that, you need to follow this rule

If it harms none, then do it

That's basically a dilution of the golden rule, but worded such that the imperative ("do it") is emphasized above the qualification ("if it harms none").

In a way, it almost invites misinterpretation of "harm", as harm is fuzzy to begin with and it sets a much higher bar for forbidden actions than the golden rule. An action doesn't need to merely be something you wouldn't like done to you to be forbidden, but needs to be actually harmful (however you define that). It also seems to be blanket permission to be an self-centered asshole, as long as you can rationalize to yourself that you're not actually harming anybody. You can rationalize your way around the golden rule too, but since the bar for forbidding an action is internal and personal, there's less wiggle room without provoking the distinct awareness that you're lying to yourself.

Your rule is great as a measure of law, with courts to discover and interpret what "harm" is, but the golden rule is better (but still not perfect) as an internal guide of ethical behavior.

Comment Re: Cue the idiots (Score -1, Troll) 153

He only said that if you don't listen to what he actually said, but instead replace his treasonous and idiotic statement with what you wish he had said.

Just how much more wishful thinking can Trump supporters apply to this man? Clinton ain't no perfect candidate, but she's right about one thing, he's not fit to be President. For fuck's sakes, it's pretty clear now he's not really even fit to a run a fucking business.

Comment Re:If I was President... (Or King!) (Score 1) 248

It's not hard. 10,000 widgets x 20% = 2,000 widgets, leaving you 8,000 widgets. 1,000 widgets x 20% = 200 widgets, leaving you 800 widgets. Which person has more widgets at the end of the day?

And your solution of an income exemption level clearly signals that you understand this, and that to make sure the tax is not so regressive that it damages the poorest, you end up having to excuse some or all of their taxes. In other words, you've just made a non-flat tax.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 248

For the most part, what the hell is a platform worth? Sure, a President gets lucky on occasion and his party may dominate the Representatives and the Senate, but other than that, whatever platform a president may have campaigned on generally has to morph into something that can get enough votes. Even where a President's party controls Congress, that's no guarantee of smooth sailing.

Comment Re:If I was President... (Or King!) (Score 3, Interesting) 248

$500 seems pretty damned insufficient when you've basically taken away a large portion of the working poor's discretionary income. No matter how you try to force it, flat taxes are fundamentally unfair.

Elected SCOTUS judges is even worse. There are enough politicians without making what amounts to a constitutional court effectively a third legislature with the power to veto the others.

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