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Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 2) 224

In reality, physicists studying CO2 at the end of 19th century understood its solar absorption properties and hypothesized that if CO2 levels increased in the atmosphere, that it could lead to greater heating.


There is absolutely nothing controversial from a scientific perspective about even fractional increases in CO2 in the atmosphere causing increased trapping of energy in the lower atmosphere.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 224

China is incredibly vulnerable to overall sea level rises, considering that large portions of its population live in low-lying areas. I know China is the anti-emission control crowd's favorite bogeyman, but countries like China and India are at great risk in multiple ways if even the more moderate models for the latter half of this century come to fruition.

Comment Re:Not mine. (Score 1) 202

The problem with "visionless leaders" is mainly they are in the pockets of large moneyed interests like corporations, who want to make sure that they receive the vast benefits of automation, but do not see their overall tax liability increased. That's why they love politicians who talk endlessly about corporate tax cuts (heck, I've seen some people argue corporations shouldn't pay tax at all, and now you know why), but at some point, automation is going to mean corporate tax bills are going to go up. At the moment, sending jobs to cheaper jurisdictions has been the solution, but automation is going to put all the Asians and Mexicans out of work too, and probably in the next few decades.

Comment Re: Better up the Military Budget (Score 1) 224

The problem here is that the dykes wouldn't be built now. They'd built once storm inundations meant lowlying areas of New York City spent large amounts of time underwater. In other words, it wouldn't be the 2016 taxpayer paying for it, it would be the 2036 taxpayer paying for it.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 1) 224

Anyone with even a bit of knowledge of the history of major migrations knows that it is often the sedentary populations who suffer the most. The Western Roman Empire fell in no small part due to the first wave of migrations from the Asian Steppe, and the Eastern Empire's collapse occurred in no small part because of later Turkic migrations from the Asian interior.

But more to the point, you're a fucking monster, and I hope you die of the most horrible disease one can imagine, so awful that your family literally prays to God every night that you die quickly... but you won't. I also hope the nurses and doctors who treat you are Muslims, and they are nice to you until your dying breath, so you can know fully what a disgusting subhuman you really are, you monstrous ugly piece of excrement.

Comment Re:Very true: can already see it happening (Score 1) 224

It's hard to tell with some of the ACs whether one is reading a complete idiot's rant, or a satirical post. I'm assuming in this case that this is satire, because otherwise this would require such an extraordinary ignorance of basic geography that I'd have to assume the poster is likely a low-IQ halfwit.

Comment Re:Liars will Liar (Score 4, Informative) 224

A lot of the people living in low lying areas, particular in Asia, don't exactly have the resources to pick up and leave, and if you bothered to read the article you would realize this is exactly what these people are talking about, large numbers of people living in areas that climate change will make relatively uninhabitable, or at least considerably more unpleasant to live in, getting up and leaving. You know... migrations.

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