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Comment Re:Why is income equality necessarily good? (Score 1) 512

I don't define achievement as the exertion of power over others.

The Patriots won. It was an achievement. I may not like it; but I'm not oppressed because of that.

Perhaps that's a bad example because they had to exert power over a tiny percentage of the population in order to win. How about a math test? It's not explicitly a competition--getting 100% is an achievement, even if the other students don't know you got it. Many others will not get a perfect score. You did better than them--and it's funny that I have to point this out: there's nothing wrong with that.

Comment Re:well.. not exactly and how you can rat out bull (Score 4, Insightful) 129

And here you both argue the chicken and the egg problem, and you both are wrong.

Hardware and software go hand in hand. One pushes the other as much as the other pushes the first.

Turing did a lot of computer science and information theory developments that were ahead of his time, because there was no hardware capable of implementing them.

Fleming, developing the first vacuum tube diode, had no idea it would be later used to perform computations.

That was in the pioneering times. Currently, it's a constant push. Faster processors, to run available software faster. More elaborate software, making use of the new capabilities provided by the new processors. And again, faster processors to enable that software to run faster.

ID software pushed the CPU to its limits with Doom and Quake. Then 3dfx Voodoo was released, to offload the processor, and allow even more elaborate games. More advanced games pushed more advanced GPUs... and then protein folding happened. Computations that could take decades, finished within weeks, thanks to special purpose processors invented for gaming.

This is a joint progress, happening on too many fronts simultaneously, too many advances both contributing and demanding more advances, that trying to discretize it and say 'this before this' is silly.

Comment Re:Why is income equality necessarily good? (Score 2) 512

Absolute equality is probably just as bad as extreme concentration. I don't think anybody is seriously proposing that we target perfect equality, except Marxist ideologues.

The problem with absolute equality is the enforcement mechanism and the way it tends to crush the spirit of anybody who desires to achieve.

The problem with wealth concentration in the upper tiers is that it leads to *power* concentration in the upper tiers--government by the wealthy, ie, oligarchy.

I think it's often the case that the optimal position is somewhere in the middle. When wealth is concentrated in the upper tiers, a move towards absolute equality seems appealing, but only in the way that moving towards a fire seems appealing when it's freezing.

Comment Apollo 8 patch (Score 1) 303

I love the Apollo 8 patch. That's a logo designer's dream. It practically designed itself. I almost wonder if they made sure it wasn't 7 or 9 just so they could do that.

Anyway, that mission made sense as a stepping stone to landing on the Moon. Doing it again *sort of* makes sense just to dip our toes back into something other than LEO operations... but if Mars is the next target maybe other missions are more logical steps...

Comment Re: 3 years probation (Score 1) 208

I'm arguing that responding to a report of a hostage situation and treating it with full seriousness of actual hostage situation, dispatching the designated unit and handling the situation according to the procedures without shade of assumption this is just a stupid prank is the correct course of action. "Dispatch did nothing wrong."

I'm absolutely not arguing that the designated unit is best for this kind of work, or that the procedures - or behavior outside of these procedures - is any good. Simply put, SWAT is way too trigger-happy, arrogant and violent, escalating situations that would be better handled peacefully, shooting even when it's absolutely not needed, and generally I begin to doubt they are even making the baseline I've outlined - whether the cure isn't worse than the disease.

Still, SWAT is like it is. Lousy as hell, but all you have for this stuff. In this situation limiting the interventions to *actual* threat would vastly reduce the number of innocents harmed. Meanwhile, if getting SWAT sent to innocent people, with full premeditation, is met with a slap on the wrist, "swatting" will only get more popular.

Comment Re: 3 years probation (Score 1) 208

As long as the number of people saved exceeds the number of people wrongly killed, then the intervention is justified. Accidents happen always. Currently, they happen excessively often and it's a worrisome trend which should be corrected, but only when SWAT kills more innocents than would people SWAT is called to, it needs to be dissolved entirely.

Comment Re: 3 years probation (Score 1) 208

While the police reaction was justified, the situation so often turns to the "wrong" target dead, that 3 years of probation for exposing someone to this kind of danger is a joke.

It shouldn't be that the police doesn't react to reports of hostage situations. It should be that nobody ever knowingly, falsely reports such a situation - for fear of the consequences.

Comment one-way laws (Score 1) 144

No don't think that you as a citzen can do something similar. These laws were made to ensure that the noble class rules over the peasant class for all ... what? Yes? ... ah... ok... sorry to interrupt, there was a mix-up in the time scale. So as I said, these laws were made to ensure that the corporate, legal entity rules over... what? oh? ok, apparently we don't say that anymore, the proper phrase is "can create more jobs".

Comment Re:Gartner, enough said (Score 1) 91

One has to admit the possibility is there.

Mathematically, yes. Realistically, you would have to be a complete idiot to bet money on it.

The one area that MS consistently fails in, for all its existence, is usability. Everything they make has always been just barely usable. Their interface design is inconsistent, constantly changing and at best tolerable. But for a small screen on a phone, the interface is the king. It is the one thing you have to get right.

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