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Comment Re:It's a ridiculous JOKE (Score 1) 128

All the problems of deep space travel? I wasn't aware the hyperloop would also contain a particle accelerator that generated powerful cosmic rays, that you'd have to stock it with months of food, that passengers would suffer bone density loss due to lack of gravity, or that highly explosive chemicals would be loaded on board. I'm glad I know that now so that I can stay away from it.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 353

That's why I used the word "average" in reference to body temperature. I didn't think an explanation of that was necessary; but thanks for filling in those who might not be aware of it. I'm not sure exactly what the healthy variation is for human body temperature; but I know it exists.

An *average* of 98.6 or 37 literally implies nothing about the healthy range. If you didn't know anything else about humans, telling them the average wouldn't tell you if 70F was a healthy body temperature or not.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 694

Recently, I was surprised to discover that the U.S. has some of the strictest laws around third parties appearing on ballots. These laws were put in place in the early 1900's after several third parties became well-established, with candidates winning governorships and congressional seats. Now that the two parties have clinched lawmaking power in all state and federal districts, it will take a grassroots movement to change things again.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 353

100 is very close to average human body temperature of 98.6. If the temp is near 100 or above, you will have a harder time cooling off, especially if it's humid and you don't get cooling from your sweat evaporating. In Celcius it's 37 which is the 12th prime number, so you've got that going for you. /s.

Comment and what ? (Score 1) 769

Even if it's the russians, or the chinese, or the devil himself - they don't deny that the mails are real, and that is what matters. Who leaked them is an interesting academic question, and it might have influenced the timing, but that's about it.

They are crooked and corrupt and criminals, and no amount of fingerpointing changes that - but given the state of the media and the attention span of the public, it might work anyway.

Someone posted something the other day that was interesting. In essence, the "lesser of two evils" argument doesn't work for Hillary or the Democrats this time.

Comment Re:So much wrong (Score 1) 507

To be fair, it works, it just doesn't scale. There are some communes that run close to an ideal communist economic model. They tend to fall apart around 150-200 people. Not really my field; but I've heard some speculation that it has to do with humans having lived in similarly sized clans until recently, and with us not being able to maintain relationships with many more people. Get too big, and society starts to have "strangers" that manipulate other "strangers".

If you think you can solve the scaling problem, get 1000 volunteers and see if you can run it in an intentional community first. Then maybe you can try a city with all volunteers. If it's such a good thing, you won't have any trouble getting people. If it sucks and nobody wants to sign up you need to debug that AI.

Comment So much wrong (Score 1) 507

UBI creates inflation, which is appealing to some central bankers now but not always. Price controls create shortages. History says humans can't implement communism. Either history isn't being taught in our schools, or an agenda is being taught, or both. Then again, maybe they're just on crack. I'd like to think it's the latter... but I think it's the former.

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