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Comment Re:Why not go the whole nine yards? (Score 2) 169

The only bit I don't quite understand is why they don't piece together some completely mammoth DNA, and try to grow that in an artificial uterus? What would the additional complications be, beyond hacking together an elephant-mammoth hybrid like they propose?

I think because there is no confidence that we have an error-free mammoth genome. So it seems much more likely that modifying the elephant genome will yield success.

Comment Re:More Fake News And Drama From The Left (Score 2) 659

As the CNN megapixel graphic showed, the Trump crowd was larger than reported. This seems a silly thing to fight over, since Trump's supporters are less likely to attend an inauguration than a rally anyway.

Really, though, why does this matter at all? Hint: it doesn't. The fuss over this was generated to take some attention away from the rally on the next day. This administration will seek to control journalists by distracting them and diluting their ability to ask the tough questions.

Comment Re:One more thing to charge (Score 1) 252

No thanks. The wire on wired headphones has never been a problem, and adding one more thing to my kit that needs recharging is undesirable. As is a dongle. As are earphones that aren't plug-compatible with airline entertainment and other phone-jack systems.

If I know I'll be sitting down at my desk then wired is not an issue. But wireless has it place. e.g. If I'm moving around doing manual work then it's very pleasant to be able to put my phone on a shelf and move freely around the room. No wires to snag and no fumbling in a pocket to change tracks, etc. Another good use is TV: I get it via a PC connected to a flat-screen. If I want to watch something and not disturb the wife, I can use the wireles headphones.

Comment Re:All-in-One = One-Shot Monitor (Score 2) 53

If the computer dies, the monitor is still just fine and dandy, and can quite often be swapped into another bezel (or be ballsy and build a custom PC case with the monitor as a side-panel. Kits exist for this exact thing and they're like $30.)

Only a tiny proportion of consumers will do that. The rest will chuck it and buy another.

Comment Re:"As a cost-cutting measure..." (Score 1) 32

I heartily recommend avoiding subscription services like the plague.

Some subscription services offer a sufficient net benefit that I can overlook issues such as disappearing content. I subscribe to Spotify and it's been enormously beneficial for my musical appreciation on various levels. Yes, every two or three months I notice something on my list is no longer there. Sometimes it re-appears again, sometimes not. If I really miss that content, I can always purchase it.

I agree that I wouldn't trust a service-based backup system. Neither do I make serious use of Google's services such as Keep, or the office stuff, since I don't know if they'll still exist in two or three years. With cellphone, home internet and TV there is little choice but to go for a subscription. That said, when I next move I will switch those services to a smaller companies with a track record of providing good support and not being dicks.

Comment Re:Apple's recent performance: Let's review (Score 1) 214

Doesn't matter. The haters make up their own reality where everything Apple sells is crap, and people only buy it because they are somehow hypnotized by the shiny. I predicted that the average user will be quite happy with their iPhone 7, and won't care about the jack. I predicted that the average user will be quite happy with the new MacBook, and don't care that it's not cutting edge enough. No matter what Apple creates or sells, or how well it sells, the complaints are the same. So no, reality doesn't matter.

At some point it will catch up. For instance, I'm likely going to get the new Macbook Pro via my company. But I wouldn't pay for it myself and I'm already considering what machine to jump I might jump ship to in two or three years time if Apple continue as they are.

Comment Re:Only English speaking country? (Score 1) 442

status as the only English speaking country in the EU after the UK leaves the trading bloc...

The Netherlands, Luxembourg, and basically half of Europe under the age of 30 would take issue with this statement. And I'll be damned if the Dutch aren't easier to understand than the Irish when speaking English ... or even when speaking Dutch.

The summary obviously means English as a dominant language. If you're a native English speaker there's a difference to living in a country where English is widely spoken compared to one where it's the dominant language.

Comment Re:maturity required of voters (Score 1) 261

Teens shouldn't vote. We already have an excess of emotion and hormones at the voting booth including some aging slashdotters. Voting should be based upon rational evaluation of verifiable facts. Anyone who gets their information from sources biased in only one direction should be disqualified.

I have no data, but my hunch this that most people get their information from sources biased in one direction. People tend to seek out views similar to their own and all news media are biased to some degree (although where the bias manifests will be different between media sources). I'm not sure what the solution is.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 185

we will never be rid of fake news.

It's far too useful to some folks when they need to sway public opinion on something. The truth be damned.

fake news... What is it?

Is it a new thing entirely? Is it just a new word for propaganda or is it simply lies? Could it just be a more extreme form of the baseless "opinion piece"?

Whatever it is, I'm already getting sick about hearing it. If someone doesn't like a news story they label it as "fake news" regardless of whether it is or not. Once that happens, we're all fucked because nothing is true any more. As that writer succinctly points out — don't play chess with pigeons: even if you win they'll just upset the board and shit on it. I'm not sure where the pigeons come from, but the analogy makes more sense than a lot of other stuff right now.

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