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Comment Re:On the contrary (Score 5, Insightful) 392

In passenger cars, nothing less than a 100% reliable, full-time autopilot function is acceptable, and we're not even slightly close to that being a reality.

Why does it have to be 100%? Nothing in this domain is 100%. It just has to be more reliable than people on average. The failure modes may be different from those committed by people, but that's not relevant. Only the final accident statistics are relevant. With enough semi-autonomous vehicles on the highway, I think we'd see a reduction in traffic jam severity because there would be fewer people driving like jerks and trying to get ahead.

Comment Re:Wrong approach ... (Score 3, Interesting) 251

I agree, the lack of any real change was a big problem for them. Without a format shift it was Top Gear without Clarkson and Co and that just didn't work. Top Gear worked because of the chemistry the three presenters had; they obviously got on and were having fun, which drew you in as a viewer. There was no chemistry between Evans and LeBlanc so everything felt contrived. I think if the BBC want it to survive they should keep LeBlanc and just let him pick two other people who he really wants to work and go with that. If they fail a second time around the series is dead on the BBC.

Comment Re:of course (Score 2) 251

Personally I'm happy Evans has gone. I hadn't heard of him before the show was announced,

Yes, he's been broadcasting for years and years and he's always been annoying. He's had several talk shows on TV in addition to the radio work. For some reason a lot of people seem to like listening to him rabbit on about nothing in particular. I can't see the attraction myself.

Comment Re:Linux Users use Adblockers (Score 1) 249

The people I know who are knowledgeable about Linux actually use it. The ones who aren't knowledgeable tend not to know about it.

I don't know what the numbers are, but I know a few people who indeed are knowledgeable on Linux but use Windows or OS X on their desktop. The core reason is that they don't feel strongly about the OS they use so will just run whatever is most convenient. They might use Linux on severs or clusters for high-power work but don't use it on their laptop. They might want to avoid the temptation of having an OS they fiddle with and waste time on when they can get their work done on Windows/Mac. They may develop software that is Windows-based and so run Windows on their laptop/desktop. These are all reasons that I've seen for people with good Linux skills not running it on their desktop.

In fact, I almost fall into this camp. I've been using Macs as my laptop of choice for 8 years now, but Linux on work desktops.

Comment There is no one thing that is "GMO" (Score 1) 470

What is forgotten by people bashing GMO is that there is no one thing that is GMO. Any modification you make renders something GMO. Some are clearly innocuous, like tweaking the expression level of an existing gene, and some may potentially be dangerous, like expressing an insecticide in a plant. Making blanket statements about GMO foods is never going to cut it.

Comment Re:Democracy restored (Score 1) 1592

To give you an idea, my vote has never counted in a UK election, despite always participating. My chosen candidate never wins locally, so I have zero influence over who governs the country. That's how our unfair system works, if your local candidate doesn't win your vote is discarded and ignored.

It's not just a different kind of democracy, it's fundamentally unfair. Whenever anyone sets up a new democracy they base it on proportional representation, not the first-past-the-post system.

But you are represented and can lobby your representative. You are also free to run yourself. That's why it's a democracy.

Comment Re:Democracy restored (Score 1) 1592

That's not democracy. Democracy requires that everyone have a meaningful (no matter how small in impact) vote, but that doesn't happen in the UK, a majority of the population have no effective vote. The UK's system is best described as elected dictatorship because a minority dictate to a majority, but are elected through an undemocratic system.

The issues you raise are problems with the voting system, but to my mind this doesn't mean the system as a whole is not democratic. Your power of representation is through your PM and councillors. So you have the potential to influence decisions by lobbying your representative. You can do that whether you voted for them or not. You're also free to run yourself as a local representative. It's things like this that create a democracy. I consider those avenues more powerful than voting from the perspective of a single individual. Consider it another way: even if the voting system was set up exactly as you would wish, if the candidates aren't meaningfully different then your vote also doesn't count for anything. It's also somewhat ironic that you're saying the UK is not democratic given today's startling demonstration that it is. :)

Comment Re:Democracy restored (Score 1) 1592

For the uninformed, the UK is undemocratic. We have a broken "first past the post" electoral system rather than some kind of proportional representation, which means that the government of the day is only voted for by a small minority but gets all the power. We also have a legion of unelected "peers"

Every democracy is different, there is no one way of doing it or one thing that defines a democracy. Are there things that could be better or fixed? Yes. Does this make it fundamentally undemocratic? No.

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 1592

Germany "raped" Greece? How so? The Greeks very predictably couldn't run their own country - or rather, they ran it into the ground. What was the rest of the EU supposed to do? Just give them money endlessly with no consequences or responsibility to change their ways?

They raped them with the "bailouts" that are really loans to pay off loans that can't be paid back.

Comment Re:Planned Obsolescence (Score 0) 296

Integrated GPU just means that you'll be looking to upgrade your 5k monitor in a year or two. Nope, no thank you apple.

For games, yes. But the purpose of the GPU in this case is mainly to handle the ridiculous number of pixels. So not the same scenario. You wouldn't buy this for gaming.

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