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Comment Re:How does Fedora compare to Ubuntu? (Score 4, Informative) 154

Just uninstalled Ubuntu 16.04 here after about three weeks & installed Win 10. The file manager in Ubuntu would constantly cease to function.

I'm not a big fan of 16.04 either. On two machines I work with the ethernet port randomly stops functioning every so often and until I unplug/replug the cable, similar deal with pulseaudio, systemd refused to boot the machine because one of the network shares in fstab had a syntax error, and there was a clusterfuck the one time I tried to install an ATI graphics card. However the file manager... You could just install a different desktop environment (I'm guessing you were using Unity?) and that problem would go away. I might try uninstalling systemd, TBH. I reckon half of my problems come from there.

Comment Manhattan project had mechanical computers (Score 1) 540 took a year to check all of the calculations needed to produce the atomic bomb and that work was all done by humans. Imagine how history might be different if even one of them had a pocket calculator.

Apparently this statement refers to people working at the Manhattan project. They had a variety of computing machines. Feynmann described the process also.

Comment Re: Y'all know what you need to do (Score 1) 213

That... it the strangest thing. That makes literally no sense. Why on earth?

It's not like when Netflix FIRST arrived in NZ it was without "Orange is the New Black" because they'd licensed the rights to that off to a local TV station earlier, but the latest season?

I'm assuming there wasn't some stupid deal where they'd sold first broadcast rights to a local provider?

Likely something like that. They claim "licensing issues", whatever that means. As far as I recall it wasn't available on local TV, but then I don't subscribe to any premium channels.

Comment Re:Technology (Score 1) 213

I haven't really understood why they don't just say that your subscription fee only covers the region in which you subscribe. Then they'd at least get double the subscription fee from someone who uses it in their own country + another country.

That would be rather annoying for people who travel a lot, but Netflix could do something related. They could lock the content to the home address you have given them for payment. Then you can watch from anywhere in the world but your content is locked to your home country.

Comment Re: Y'all know what you need to do (Score 2) 213

This is probably one of the driving forces behind their shift towards original content.

Which they also geolock. The last season of House of Cards appeared on US Netflix weeks and weeks before it aired locally. I pay for Netflix, but I still ended up looking on Torrent sites to watch their content without waiting.

Comment Re:Change the funding cycles (Score 2) 81

Grad students are paid barely above minimum wage, if that. They actually aren't expected to produce *any* research output, and anything they get out of their project is regarded as a bonus.

I don't know what field you're coming from, but that's not the case in neuroscience. Anyone coming out of a PhD in this field with no publications isn't going to be happy with their performance and it will likely count against them in looking for a good Post Doc.

Comment Re:So there's nothing wrong with the diagnostic .. (Score 5, Interesting) 74

... but the FDA is still finding something to complain about.

I can't see it say anywhere that the diagnostic test from Theranos works. It just says that there are problems with associated protocols. Seems like yet another example of their corner cutting behavior. Theranos doesn't exactly have a good history of producing reliable diagnostic tests.

Comment Re:Only an Apple phenomenon? (Score 1) 297

We, in the west, can not and should not change China to what we feel is the "right" way.

We don't have to "change China" to affect change. We could just not buy from companies which behave unethically. Apple would cease to strong-arm its supplies if it became obvious that doing so led to a decrease in sales and a tarnishing of its brand name.

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 323

Every time time humans appear to run up against a resource limitation, we've found ways around it.

This has so far been the case in our recent history. It is not the case in general. There are numerous examples of past civilizations that have declined and disintegrated due to resource depletion. Jared Diamond's "Collapse" provides a great overview of the more prominent examples and is soberly written. The only difference between the past and modern times is that our civilization is now global and we've been able to use technology to stretch resources. That doesn't mean that our behavior is sustainable or that we'll be able to continue coming up with solutions indefinitely to allow for ever-greater resource use. At some point we have to scale back. That will happen either by choice or be forced upon us.

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