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Comment Browser memory usage (Score 3, Interesting) 74

Is it just me to wonder why browser need gigabytes of memory just to display a webpage? They receive text, format it according to CSS rules, display relatively small sized images, and, yes, execute Javascript. Still, a HUGE webpage is still a tiny amount of data.

Considering that entire operating systems used to run comfortably on systems with 32MB of RAM in yesteryear, and could display all this media, it just astounds me that systems now require 4-8GB to provide a comfortable browsing experience.

Even if Chromes memory footprint has shrunk a little, i'm certain it still uses an obscene amount of RAM relative to what it actually does most the time.

Comment Re:Just like the 1900's (Score 1) 287

I don't think russia attempted to deny. Instead they had Wikileaks dump the Podesta emails, only to the see the Trump Tapes surface.

We all know there's tons of dirt waiting on Hillary, Julians said as much. Apparently we assumed at all meaningful dirt originates at Wikileaks, though, and forgot that there are probably treasure troves of stuff on Don that people have been holding back on for the closing weeks....

It's gonna be brutal for both sides.

Comment Re:Many believe that we live in a computer simulat (Score 1) 1042

>Slashdotters with absolutely zero knowledge of how business actually works

You say that after mentioning that Warren Buffets one-day paper loss on an investment that has provided a return many times greater than the amount he invested, held as part of a diverse portfolio that provides liquidity, only when needed, for his insurance operations, and in any case only represents a small fraction of Berkshire's net worth, compared against Trumps complete blow out?

Comment Re:Clinton is perhaps the least credible candidate (Score 1) 1042

Except Clinton has a card up her sleeve that Trump doesn't. Namely, the willingness to increase taxes to address the situations you point out. Where as Trump, king of debt, has already declared he intends to borrow even more since interest rates are so low.

So no, disagree absolutely. Trump's only "plan" is to whip out the good ol' credit card. Not a sound economic policy by any stretch.

Comment Unknown damages (Score 1) 77

So, they're factoring in their potential liability from Yahoo's failure to secure its systems and/or notify its customers of a security breach in a timely fashion at $2 per user? I wonder if they hired the same folks as Bank Of America used when deciding whether or not buying Country Wide Mortgage was a good idea?

Comment was there a double dip? (Score 2) 311

I can't figure out why retailers would refuse new terminals, unless they were being asked/demanded to pay for them.

If these new terminals are trully going to save the credit card companies so much money, it ought to have been a no brainer to provide them to retails on their own dime and see the return on investment come over time, rather than, essentially, demand the retails make investments solely for the credit card companies benefit (with the exception that if the cc co's are going to turn liability over to the retailers, then, yes, they would stand to save their own money, but only because of a change in business dynamics)

Again, I could just be shooting in the dark as I didn't read the article, just chiming in with an opinion and nothing to back it up, which is what slashdots all about, right? :)

Comment Attaching your phone to your face? (Score 1) 43

Why does your phone need to be strapped into this device that then gets wrapped around your face? Cant the two communicate via Wifi or even Bluetooth? Or must it have USB connectivity? Seems silly. Googles got smart folks, so I figure its for a good reason, I just can't imagine what that reason is.

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