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Comment Re:Well, no shit! (Score 1) 328


My late 2013 MBP with retina is still serving me just fine... At least, when i look at each new batch that comes out, I don't see any compelling reason to upgrade... Well, no... there is an upgrade path, but it involves going Dell and Ubuntu.

Sad that its 2017 and Apple can't deliver a knockout punch to its own 2013 tech.

WHat'd the latest round bring? Touchbar and removal of all ports except USB C... I"m sure those were features everyone in the world was dying for...

Comment Re:How much? (Score 1) 401

I came here to say something like that. Read the headline and was like "altbaba? really?"

Lets see... names of some successful tech companies:

Slashdot :)

Two syllables is the charm.




Hewlett Packard

I know, I missed gazillions of them, but just saying Altbaba doesn't exactly roll of the tongue. Even "The corpse of a company formerly known as Yahoo" has more cachet than "Altbaba".

Comment Re:that cant be right (Score 1) 126

We view everything in the past and describe it as if we saw it in real time. Only difference is, the light from the tree falling in front of me only took 20 nanoseconds to reach my eyes. Still, I just say "that tree just fell", not "that tree fell 20 nanoseconds ago and I just witnessed it now"

Comment Re:Uber + Autonomous vehicles = Dumb (Score 1) 151

Alas... Demand for Users isn't constant.

Going into this assuming a constant 20 hour per day usage of every car in the fleet is called looking at things with rose colored glasses.

Knock that down to 6 hours a day, to have enough cars to accommodate the extremely busy times, and then idle a portion of the fleet waiting for the next call (probably by parking all over the city and powering up the closest car to the next fare).

Now you're down to $32,000/year.

Now subtract:


Gas or or power recharging


Regular cleanings

Maybe you're looking at $15,000 per year after all that.

How much will a 4 person electric vehicle cost? $60,000? So that's 4 years til you see the first penny of actual profit. Unless you lease or borrow, then you're looking at financing costs/interest, etc. It'll allow you to see positive cashflow each month, at the cost of less actual profit over a longer period of time. Well, scratch that. No one is going to lease you the cars for the fleet - you're going to drive them into the ground by the time the lease is up. But Ubers big, they can obtain other financing either borrowing from banks or issuing bonds, for 4, 5, 6 or 7%.

And what will the useful life of these cars be? If they're averaging 30 mph for their fares, that's 63,000 miles per year. (not including other incidental mileage such as traveling to the next fare, returning for maintenance, getting a fresh charge, etc).

So after 4 years you've got a car with 250,000 miles. You got next to no resale value there. And this is when you start seeing actual profit from operating the vehicle (again if it was paid for in cash).

That's not so profitable anymore, is it?

Comment Re:laptops sell more (Score 2) 230

>the touch bar which removes physical keys from the keyboards of high end users - the one most likely to want to use physical keys.

And the ones least likely to be looking at their keyboard while they work.


OK, a macbook keyboard and screen are close together so shifting eyes isn't too much. Adding a external monitor? And then being supposed to switch where you're looking like that?

One of the important things (yet another) that people in general (and Tim specifically) forget that Steve Jobs did was, was not messing with the Pro users when rolling out new technologies. That's why the iMac was the first one with USB ports, to give device manufacturers time to write driver that would presumably be tested by the consumer level buyers before messing with the Pro work flow. Which is what they ought to have done with USB C. Rather than yank out all the ports that many pros use in order to saddle them with dongles and shit.

Besides getting rid of one of their best innovations in a decade, the Magsafe connector, just to make sure all the ports look the same...

* 2013 Macbook Pro, iPhone owner, etc... Have now seen two hardware updates that I felt safe ignoring. That's rather sad. A) Apparently Apple doesn't want our money anymore or B) we're a week away from 2017, and for 3+ years, the only upgrade path to better performance from my laptop has been to shed MacOS.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 278

>Nonsense. What do you imagine will happen automation arrives at farms? The supply of food will increase, and the price will decrease. Same thing for trucking and the volume of goods carried down the world's roadways. The volume of cargo will go up, and the cost to move it will drop. Thats more economic productivity, which means more for all. Simply awesome.

Short sighted and fails to see many pitfalls.

First off, automation will only be available to those who can afford it. IE multinational corporations. Whether that's good or bad is your perspective, but it will spell the end of many small businesses. Many will sell, some will take on bank debt to try to compete under the new "rules" of labor being a one-time fixed cost that you amortize over an amount of years, rather than being able to pay as they go. That, or they'll cut wages even lower than they already are. And that work force was a million people in 2012.

Second, independantly of that, transportation is another industry that's being threatened with being automated away. That's 6.8 million people (3 million truck drivers, people loading, unloading, etc). Not counting independent contractors, owner/operators, which are very prevalent.

So, food is now cheaper, but you've taken away the means for millions and millions of people to actually purchase food.

And you last supposition, the volume of cargo will go up and the price to move it will drop. That's not correct - the cost to ship things doesn't drop as more stuff needs to get shipped, it rises as producers with more and more product to ship bid against one another in an effort to secure access to a limited resource. Gasoline prices stay constant, tire costs are constant, and the trucks themselves are fixed costs - you don't achieve new economies of scale by shipping more and more, you're locked in battle fighting over the same resources as not only your competition in that industry, but with every industry that has goods they want to ship to market. In the short term, that's higher profit margins for transportation companies, but in the longer term, that means they'll need to expand their fleets to capture more of that lost revenue - whose cost will be passed on to us as well.

So. We produce more food. We have far fewer people able to afford it. You lose tons of small/family farms in order to redistribute that income to Wall Street. And shipping prices most certainly rise, not just for foodstuffs, but for anything else that could be shipped on those same trucks as well.

Comment Re:And Obama once again is a blatant liar (Score 5, Insightful) 534

We were attacked by a group of stateless outlaws on 9/11.

We retaliated against them shortly after, and opted to go after the state that had provided them sanctuary, and overthrew Taliban.

And then the Bush Administration provided fake evidence to the world about WMD's and terror connections in Iraq. When someone that knew better said something, they outed the fact that his wife was a CIA agent, putting her and her contacts at severe risk.

And then they invaded Iraq, overthrew Saddam, created a HUGE power vacuum, and the entire Baath party out on the street, military included. So you gave them zero reason to do anything but fight against the invaders. And provided a training ground for the worlds insurgents to come and practice their urban warfare skills, and spread out from there.

So yes. The middle east was already an unstable place, but Bush/Cheney Wars were entirely unnecessary, avoidable, and had horrendous side effects for us, the Iraqi's and the entire region.

Comment I love my MacBook Pro (Score 1) 478

It's a late 2013 model, Retina display, upgraded SSD.

As has been discussed to death already, Apples refresh gave me zero reason to want to upgrade. No performance benefits anywhere to be found.

And now, with this revelation, should my computer shit the bed, I'd probably go looking for a similar model on the used market than go with a new one.

Hopefully Apples next update in 2018 (given its current product life cycle) remedies that - give us a upgrade path to greater performance, the ability to upgrade and service some of the components ourselves. Oh, and bring back the Magsafe power adapter. I know my computer survived two near death incidents at coffee shops thanks to Magsafe, I can't image why in the world they'ed take that away. Oh, so we can have 4 matching ports, rather the 3 USB-C's and one power connector.

I'm getting to the point where I think 80% of what I do could be done with Linux with the same exact programs, 90-95% if i wanted to learn new things like GIMP, but I just prefer Mac OS X's look and feel. But the trajectory at Apple since Steve's death has me starting to think that I'm not a wanted customer anymore. I'd say that maybe mac's are just becoming expensive accessories to iPhones and iPods, but that can't be - you can't even plug the latest iPhone into the latest MacBook, after all!.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 2) 1368

The Tax Foundation only had 2005 numbers available when I bookmarked the page a month or two ago. And i know things have changed since then, but none of your links provide the full picture, so I"m going to post this one for some historical data:

As of 2005, the States that paid more to the Federal Government than the spending they received in return were:

New Jersey
New Hampshire
New York
and Florida

Rhode Island was break even.

The rest of the states, at that point, were the recipients of that taxation.

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