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Comment Re:Not grid connected (Score 1) 85

I only read up until it said "Read the rest of this comment", and even then, I mostly just skimmed.

Either way, the amount of land area that needs to be utilized to by solar to provide enough energy for everyone, everywhere was tiny. I mean, TINY. Like, here is a link (disclaimer, I'm not a scientist, just a believer and fan):


So... Do we think that much solar is going to have a tremendous effect on our ecosystems? Especially considering that it could be much more spread out than even that? Especially in comparison to the alternative of continuing to burn coal 24 hours a day until, what, we run out and have to go with solar anyways? Or should we dam the worlds rivers in order to generate hydro?

I'll agree that in a sense, everything is about trade-offs, there's no panaceas. But if you're going to argue that the long term negative effects of solar are anywhere even close to comparable to the mining, transportation and burning of coal, well, would you please provide something peer-reviewed that lays out the case for that?

Comment Re:Not grid connected (Score 1) 85

The data center uses power from whatever generation facility is closest to it. Off-site renewable source serve to offset that power usage.

Electricity is a commodity - there's no difference to the end user what source generated the exact electricity they're using at any given moment. It's about offsetting usage.

Same thing happens to a different extent to homes with solar panels on their rooftops. At least in states that allow for net metering, homes have oversized installations, which generate far more power at peak than the house will actually use. That power is pumped back out into the grid and goes to the nearest neighbors, with the solar owner getting credit for that power, allowing their daytime production to be used to offset their evening usage.

So, Amazon when creates a wind farm in Texas - even if that power isn't used directly by their facilities, it does still have the same exact effect on reducing CO2 generation, by effectively offsetting their CO2 production by supplying clean energy elsewhere.

Comment Re:'Batch Tuesday'? (Score 2) 221

There should be a single blog, yes. But there should also be the ability to choose which patches you want, if necessary. Say a particular graphics driver is known to kill a certain game, or a certain network update conflicts with a utility, there should be a way for advanced users do opt-out of them.

But then, Microsoft is trying to create an environment as closed as Mac, with user tracking beyond the pale of Google, accompanied a fee stream to rival any subscription service. It's not about what users want anymore, just about extracting maximal dollars.

Comment Re:oh, yes (Score 1) 198

Look at Trump and his people.

Who'd he sell that Palm Beach estate to for a vastly over inflated price?

Who'd he claim he met and got to know while Ms. Universe was in Moscow, only to now deny saying that of?

Who'd his former campaign manager work for previously, prior to joining the Trump campaign (and who was later dismissed after even closer dealings were revealed by the media than had previously been awarded?)

Who was the one country the Trump campaign was allegedly focused on when discussing policy in the backrooms at the RNC?

Which party at the hackers supplying DC Leaks and Wikipedia overwhelmingly targeting, therefore smearing?

And now, which campaign has as its foreign policy advisor a man who's allegedly meeting with people very close to Putin?

Seriously. Mainstream media is reporting this, but they're hardly doing their jobs properly - run a story, then let Trump shift the discussion to a new topic rather than staying focused on the topic at hand (which they've done so splendidly with Hillary's own email woes).

Comment Re:Better than any sanctions (Score 1) 86

That information has been getting through, via couriers, balloons, etc.

Thing is, because of the levels of internal policing, even if you got that information to every single citizen living in North Korea, the most likely outcome would still be no change at all, simply because everyone is (rightfully) so paranoid they would be afraid to speak about what they had learned with almost anybody else, for fear of being turned over to the police. And the consequences for that sort of behavior aren't slight, and don't even affect only the person who transgressed, but their entire families as well.

Comment Immutable is THE key feature of blockchains (Score 5, Insightful) 87

The entire purpose of blockchains (the tech behind bitcoin) is that is an immutable ledger, trustless. First off, accenture's tool is useless for Bitcoin (the main use case of blockchains today) because editing transactions within the blockchain will cause that block, and every block after it, to be unable to be validated. Making a new tech and calling it a blockchain while allowing for edits in previous blocks is basically using the term "blockchain" but creating a bastardization of the technology.

If after the fact edits do need to be made, and they're actually above board, then the simplest solution is to simply publish new transactions that reverse the transactions that were made in error, NOT to allow any transaction to be arbitrarily altered after the fact.

Comment Great business plan (Score 1) 49

Offer consumers cheap photo storage at extremely low cost, find out that customers will actually take you at your word, discontinue service... Great going.

Amazon isn't unique. I signed up for Google Fi, but was reminded how Google can cancel services I like at the drop of a hat, the latest example in that case being their abandonment of Google Wallet, and decided to pass of Fi.

Comment Verizon takeover (Score 1) 56

I'm behind the eight ball on this... Has Verizon made any mention of if they're still as eager to buy yahoo, since it could potentially expose them to this new liability that probably wasn't included for when they made their offer? Thinking of what happened to BoA when buying CountryWide Mortgage, for instance...

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

And at one point, we were inviting the group that would become the Taliban to the white house, only to later on bomb them out of existence. Or arming Saddam Hussein before blowing him up. Of course those changes occurred over longer time periods, but everything is subject to change, based on changing circumstances or perceptions of those circumstances. And, of course, the motto that has lead our country more than any other for the last century has been "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

As for Syria. It's a mess. And an absolute disaster. But without any clear direction to take to resolve it.

Comment Re:Pity my MacPro can't run it (Score 1) 200

I'm thinking that Apple's (and my own) concept is that people who spent the premium on Pro hardware because of their ability to handle bigger workloads, those people probably upgraded at some point in the last 7 or 8 years. I'm sure a few people will chime in from the woodwork to say otherwise, but exceptions don't make the rule.

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