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Comment Re: Reddit is on the way out (Score 1) 233

Correction, a statement about the art was later discovered. It apparently wasn't modeled after his victims directly, but it was supposed to be a tormented person. It does bear similarities to the poses of his victims, though the artist said it was modeled after people suffering hysteria. Take from that what you will.

Comment Re:The Streisand Effect has been triggered (Score 1) 233

For the first point, I haven't claimed anyone was a pedophile, just that there was some weird and suspicious stuff going on that people were going to spend a long time looking into. For the second, yes, I do think it's pretty weird when a child protection charity uses a pedo symbol in their logo. It's not just the pizza places, there are like 4 separate places on the same block, which is why it came to attention.

You... seem to be assuming that everyone thinks there's clear proof of pedos here. This is not the case.

Also, that NYT article was quite bad. More details can be found here:

Comment Re:Would it be positive for your customers? (Score 5, Informative) 158

"Stream Game of Thrones now without using your data, exclusively on AT&T" is something that carriers and content providers really want to do.

Close. They want the MONEY that comes with EXCLUSIVITY.

Somebody is paying for that. The big companies want it to be HBO or Showtime or Disney or whoever, spending tons of money to other big companies so the big companies can promote their big ideas.

The problem is that everybody else is excluded. Want to be in the Free Data system? Pay up. This is completely against the concept of net neutrality where all content is treated as equal content.

Prioritization is a similar issue. It is true that networks need to prioritize some types of data over other types of data. Phone calls shouldn't be buffered behind a large file transfer, so a limited degree of QoS needs to take place. But categorizing one provider over another provider is unfair. Having HBO streaming arrive at a higher QoS priority and Netflix streaming appear dead last in the QoS where it is constantly buffering and suffering lost packets because Netflix refused to pay up, that is unfair to customers.

If I pay for data it should not matter to the phone company what data I get. They should be treated as common carriers. If I want to stream data from a premium channel, or from youtube, or from a private website, or from a site the phone company thinks is undesirable, it should not matter at all. Customer pays to stream data at a specific speed, then the data should be processed at that speed. Just like common carriers of the postal service or parcel companies, if the customer pays to transfer something then it gets transferred, they don't decide to keep one company's boxes in the warehouse for an extra week just because they didn't pay an extra fee, it arrives in the warehouse it is processed just like every other package. There are still QoS for certain types of packages, a "next day air" versus regular ground shipment, but nothing is delayed because of the carrier's choices.

Binge-On is great this way. The customer can say "throttle ALL my data", or "stop throttling ALL my data". It isn't the phone company getting paid to bless a specific company with different speeds.

Comment Re:Indulgences (Score 1) 175

Once electricity is in the grid, it is fungible.

Within a local network, yes.

But power in Los Angeles is a totally different system from the power in Portland, which are totally different systems from the one in New York City, which are totally different systems from the one in Dublin Ireland.

If the local power grid is powered entirely by fossil fuels, extra energy credits will not replace it with wind or solar or hydro power. Only building a new energy source (expensive) or running cables to another power supply (expensive and also suffers from energy loss over distance) will bring the other power to the system.

If a region is powered by fossil fuels, the payments do not magically make the region powered by renewable energy.

Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 1) 161

That only works if the damage was on the plastic side of the disc. Quite a few we received had issues on the reflective side, including a few that had human teeth marks on the side, and others with small points that may have been dog teeth or something.

That is in addition to scratches, grooves, and the occasional toothbrush scrub marks on the thick plastic side.

Comment Re:Indulgences (Score 1) 175

Buying green power isn't really all that green: the renewable power you are consuming is power that is ...

By buying renewable energy you increase demand for renewable energy...

Right now it is a mix of both.

In many areas the power grid is only energized by fossil fuels. In other areas the power grid is only energized by hydro power, or by wind power, or by other 'renewable' energy.

You cannot truly increase demand for hydro power in an area without significant amounts of moving water, or increase demand for wind power in an area that seldom has high wind, or increase demand for solar power in an area that isn't suited for it. The initial costs to building whatever infrastructure works for an area is quite high, and the existing infrastructure is not instantly discarded.

Companies can choose to pay a premium that helps subsidize other areas.

In that regard the the grandparent post is correct. They are effectively buying indulgences. They take the energy that is the default -- likely coal or oil power plants -- and pay a little extra money to offset the cost relative to someone who is on a different power system. While it is true they are increasing demand for it somewhere, they aren't actually using renewable energy sources in all their locations. This will probably be the case always, and although we can build more energy sources in some regions, some places cannot. Some places are still completely powered by oil, coal, and similar sources. As the other posts claim, Google and other companies are paying an offset cost rather than truly being powered "100%" by renewable sources.

Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 1) 161

I get the impression that worn-out DVDs are not being replaced

I ultimately cancelled the service. Not because they didn't have variety --- they did --- but because more and more of the discs were unplayable due to scratches and abuse. Sometimes we needed to return a video two or three times for being unplayable.

The thing about those DVDs is that they cannot be (legitimately) replaced. They had a single press run, maybe two or three runs if they were popular, and that's it.

Comment Re:Total Coincidence (Score 1) 359

You have a weird model of investigations where someone needs to prove things before actually investigating. It may indeed prove that nothing can be found here. But the only way to know that is to actually examine facts. Declaring that there's nothing to be found without even looking just makes you look biased.

Anyhow, it's not as if we haven't seen pedos in places of power before. Here's a big list:

I'm not going to claim anyone is guilty of anything without proof. However, anyone who starts yelling and screaming for people to stop looking is just going to make themselves look more suspicious. You don't normally get well-connected media types to all jump on a story like this...

Comment Re:The litmus test (Score 1) 121

Also, what about CNN interviewing its own cameraman?

Or editing what people said to convey the opposite message?

Are these all accidents?

Anyhow, my point would be to look at the actual facts in a story (if any) and totally filter out the opinion and predictions. The source of facts doesn't matter, what really matters is whether they're verifiable or not. Trying to rebut facts with opinions doesn't work. It just makes that person look dumb. This does require more actual thinking, though.

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