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Comment Re:Everyone is underpaid. (Score 1) 111

"If StackOverflow would generate revenue for me based on people viewing or using my solution."

I think we would all be OK with that as long as we could all get paid when you offer a "solution" that is stupid and/or wrong. I know I could use the significant income such an agreement term would generate!

Comment Re:Everyone is underpaid. (Score 1) 111

If you had a solid history on Stack Overflow it would certainly help to be able to point to it. I'm a developer, and I say so, thereby making your "said no developer ever" claim false. Sorry I have to disagree with you. Having agreed to you twice today I was hoping for a trifecta!

Comment Re:Everyone is underpaid. (Score 1) 111

It sounds like you are an engineer who develops software .. ergo you are an engineer and software developer. What you ARE NOT, from what you have posted, is a Software Engineer. I say this because you said "I write code for ..." not "I design software for."

I am a coder. I am a software developer. I am a Software Engineer. What is the difference? For any system that involves a non-trivial amount of complexity or is not lacking importance competent people design before they code. They document their design. 90% of system development is design. Software is the only industry I know where someone says "I need a car that performs like this" and 90% of the people in the industry say "Sure. I have a a bunch of wrenches and other tools right here. I'll start building it immediately!"

Comment Re:Take the survey with a gain of salt (Score 2) 111

I am agreeing with you AGAIN! There is no way to create software that involves "post-facto planning". Agile could have a place within the software development ecosystem, but you need a vision with an orthogonal view and the time to present/documebnt it coherently, prior to implementation effort, if you want to produce quality software.

Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 2) 111

I don't often agree with you, but even though I recognize that YHBT, you are correct. Typing systems are a critical part of any language system, and Javascript fails miserably in that regard. It's like saying in a world where autonomous cars are prevalent "The great thing about this car is that it will allow you to inadvertently drive into a wall at 90 MPH!"

Comment Re:Using Javascript (Score 1) 111

" I could never afford one of those ridiculous compilers which would create code I could never share properly with the world except those using specific machines with specific operating systems."

If anyone thought, even for a moment, that this person was not serious and not a moron, there is your proof that he is one, the other, or both.

Comment Re: So now Trump controls where we vacation (Score 1) 190

You are assuming said screening involves you giving up your passwords for your accounts. If you are a US citizen they cannot do that legally. Of course they will look to see who has posted against Trump and harass them for a good long time before finally letting them back in.

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