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Comment Wonderful? (Score 5, Insightful) 386

Gnome3 is awful. I really do not like using it.

So isn't it great to have an OS that lets you change your window manager for something else (like my preferred KDE5?)!

Say, whatever happened to those explorer.exe replacements in the Windows scene? I think one of them was called BlackBox maybe?

Comment Re:Can't use (Score 1) 200

The concept might make a lot of sense, but the implementation weirds me out.

A Canadian town will subsidise an American corporation to provide a public service. I can appreciate that the costs to provide public transit to such a small town might be prohibitively high but you could have run your own public taxi service instead and get some return on the tax money being spent.

Comment Re:"We're" loosing it? (Score 1) 444

> No, this is the liberal media that thought it would be a good idea to run with a story that a British intelligence agency had leaked a document with several derogatory statements about President Trump, and that several intelligence agencies had suggested that it was trustworthy.

Except that's not what happened. A private investigator, funded by Trump opponents across party lines, made the allegations, and the PI is considered to be reliable. Most major outlets didn't publish the whole report, only saying there are allegations that are salacious in nature. It was BuzzFeed that said "here it all is, verbatim, you figure it out yourselves".

The problem I see here is whether or not the media should report on suspicions. Suspicions are theories, not facts. Suspicions can be supported by other facts mind you, and sometimes those facts can compel someone or some entity to further investigate those suspicions, and some suspicions are outlandish and esoteric and until something more concrete comes around to support it, then we can ignore it.

Trump is certainly a bad person, and he represents the worst of America. But if we keep jumping on every opportunity possible to say he's bad, then the anti-Trump people are just crying wolf. There is already plenty of cannon fodder to use against Trump and the GOP, such as their incredibly amateurish attempt at reforming healthcare. I mean, how can you take any politician seriously when they openly advocate to let their own constituents die to save money?

Comment before and after tenure? (Score 1) 75

how does that even work? I can at least understand that if you are at your cubicle being paid a salary and you're working on your "next big thing", I can see why a company would claim ownership over it. They paid for it after all.

But what you do outside of that cubicle on your own time is your own business, not theirs. And worse, how can they claim retroactive ownership over something you made before you even joined the company?

Are there seriously no programming jobs available in your country that you feel compelled to sign such an absurd agreement?

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