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Comment Re:Would this apply to Alexa and Google Home too? (Score 1) 113

The Alexa or Home device is still listening and transmitting the voices to a server right?

It only transmits what it hears immediately after "Alexa" (or "Echo" or "Amazon" depending on settings), and it lights up on doing so to let you know it's listening.

You also can't connect to an Echo via Bluetooth from next door and use it to listen in on conversations, which you can with this doll.

Comment Re:I don't like the EHang 184 design (Score 1) 47

No, just having 4 motors where one failure is catastrophic.

Not necessarily entirely catastrophic. If it has enough excess thrust it's theoretically possible for a drone to sustain controlled flight with three out of four props out of action.

I mean, it's not pretty, and if it's scaled up to passenger size it would probably kill the occupants anyway even if it didn't fling itself apart, but still...

Comment Plain English is hard enough, apparently (Score 2) 216

Bristol-based software developer James Stanley, who used to work at Netcraft, shares how encrypted emails, something which was first introduced over 25 years ago,

Got enough commas in there?

is still difficult

Uh, what? Emails is still difficult?

but not only things like GPG, PGP, OpenPGP were -- for no reason -- confusing

"Not only were things like..." would've been easier to parse, though this is borderline cromulent.

Enigmail continues to suffer from a bug that takes forever in generating keys.

The bug takes forever "in generating" keys?

Look, if English isn't the submitter's first language, that's no big deal. But somebody, somewhere, should be responsible for editing submissions if you want people to actually think you're a professional news aggregator.

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