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Comment Re:idea (Score 1) 126

Pokemon Go does, apparently, warn you if you're playing and moving at a high speed. This wouldn't have helped, because the guy was distracted by charging his phone - it was flat because he'd been playing, but he wasn't playing at the time.

I'm not sure how far they're allowed to take chaos theory into account when generating news stories.

Comment Re:Starshot is incredibly premature (Score 1) 218

At that speed, there will not be much of an opportunity to see anything as the local Oort cloud shreds it to death.

1% of c, 10%, 20%... isn't it toast if it hits anything at pretty much any speed? It's less dense (ours is, anyway) than the asteroid belt and we just send probes right through that without many cares.

Comment Re:Driver or Autopilot? (Score 2) 93

He's not going to sue. I find that highly suspicious. In America, everybody sues over things like spilled hot coffee, poodles in microwaves and confusing the gas and break pedal. So if he is not going to sue, he has something to hide.

Or maybe, just maybe, he's an honest person who's already admitted that he wasn't paying attention which Tesla tells you to do while using auto-pilot.

If the accident was his fault, he can't afford that to happen.

It was his fault. He's practically admitted as much.

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