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Submission + - New map of the internet (

tvlinux writes: Here is a very nice map of the internet. One big problem, no Baidu, Tudou, ..... China has the most populations of netizens in the world.

Submission + - NDAA, more legal ability to spy on US citizens ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: While the main news media were focused on some fool in Louisiana. Congress passed National Defense Authorization Act of 2014, NDAA. In section 1071, the language infers that they can analyze records from individuals who are now or were once hostile to the United States and provides no exception based on citizenship or nationality. If a US citizen is angry with the lies of the US government and loss of freedom and privacy, they are hostile to the government, so by law the can be spied upon.
Sections 931 through 942 deal with cyber warfare. Section 940 allows controls of cyber weapons. Cryptography, bit torrent, and bitcoin could all be deemed, cyber weapons, and thus be controlled or illegal.
I am posting this anonymously, I do not want to be deemed "hostile to the U.S."

Submission + - The forgotten MACRO language of HTML, XBL ( 1

tvlinux writes: The web is becoming more than just a media display, there is more interaction and more special things that need to be done. Right now jquery is the preferred method of very dynamic user interface. There is a W3 standard called XBL2.0. It is the macro language of the html. To me it seems like a great idea, Reusable HTML widgets where each one is a separate object contained with in it self. You can define properties, methods, events, each that is self contained.
If the browsers supported XBL2, I can vision a whole ecosystem of new widgets, charts, grids and inputs that people could add to web pages just like any other HTML element. I see less experience developers be able to create fancy websites by just using DOM and not having to learn jquery.
My question is WHY is XBL dead? I think a MACRO language for HTML is a good idea.

Comment In 2015 will Win7be like WinXP? (Score 1) 173

When WinXP was at its life cycle, there was only Vista so nobody wanted to upgrade. There was a HUGE customer demand for Microsoft to continue support, and Microsoft listened. With Win8 being a poo pile and I expect Win9 will not be much better. Will Microsoft listen to to the customers again or will they cut their own throat?

Comment port blocking by IPS (Score 1) 380

Port blocking and bandwidth are the most important things. Most IPS block port 25 in and out and port 80 in. I can run a server with less than 1G memory for both email with postfix, spamassassin ang web server nginx. I have monitoring tools also running but they take so little resources that they don't count. The next level of issues are power backup, moving residence, backup storage,... VPS form me is better.

Submission + - Slavery legal by decree in Belarus ( 1

tvlinux writes: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko ordered Parliament to prepare a decree, which prohibits worker from quitting their job

"Prepare the decree. Before the end of the modernization and reconstruction prohibits dismissal of workers. Employee can not resign from that company without permission of the head, "- said Alexander Lukashenko .

Comment Only hurting technology information. (Score 1) 129

I lived and worked in China for years. Baidu is fine for Chinese searches(98% is non tech searches) but if a person is doing technology searches Baidu sucks. I can understand the reasons for blocking gmail and other interactive communication, but blocking tech searches on Google will only harm the advancement of technology.
If the ISP knows that a is the primary user, they usually are not as strict, But you have to go to the ISP office to complain.

Submission + - Skype support == Microsoft support (

tvlinux writes: Skype now has the Microsoft experience when trying to get support. My friend opened their Skype account in China. Now they live in the US. When they try to buy credit Skype always sends them to the China skype website, “”. To use a US credit card to buy credit at send you to moneybookers. My Chinese is not that good but just buying credit is not an option on the China Skype web site, want monthly payments or buy a card.
I changed the country to US in the profile, but still it goes to China. I want to write a official “support ticket” but the site goes into recursive H*LL. Almost every third link you need to enter account info again. The FAQ answers questions that have some meaning for problems that are easy but the issue payment to the USA is not possible. The questions I have are:
How do you submit a official support ticket?
How you you change from China to the USA as the base contact location?
Can you have Chinese language Skype and use the USA as home country?
BTW: 64 bit Linux support still sucks.

Comment Any Tablet that can offer features wins (Score 1) 282

Any tablet that allows the user to be more productive, secure, and enjoyable will win, not only Microsoft. The tablet should not be the selling point, the applications needed should be. The thing the base tablet offers is security, and platform. Too many people are "STATUS" oriented, so they pick iPad.

It is the APPS that make the system!

Comment GUI = insecure, bloated, stupid admins (Score 1) 780

MS has finally realized that a GUI on a server is a bad idea. it consumes resources, it is insecure, and less then knowledgeable people administer system poorly. GUI is usually limited to a single system.

This change will radically change the MS landscape. Bosses will want the "new system", most admins will Install the GUI( they cant do it any other way), there will no longer be the local "expert" in small businesses. Higher wages because less admins can go GUIless.

The smart companies will just move to Linux.

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