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Submission + - The forgotten MACRO language of HTML, XBL ( 1

tvlinux writes: The web is becoming more than just a media display, there is more interaction and more special things that need to be done. Right now jquery is the preferred method of very dynamic user interface. There is a W3 standard called XBL2.0. It is the macro language of the html. To me it seems like a great idea, Reusable HTML widgets where each one is a separate object contained with in it self. You can define properties, methods, events, each that is self contained.
If the browsers supported XBL2, I can vision a whole ecosystem of new widgets, charts, grids and inputs that people could add to web pages just like any other HTML element. I see less experience developers be able to create fancy websites by just using DOM and not having to learn jquery.
My question is WHY is XBL dead? I think a MACRO language for HTML is a good idea.

Submission + - Slavery legal by decree in Belarus ( 1

tvlinux writes: Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko ordered Parliament to prepare a decree, which prohibits worker from quitting their job

"Prepare the decree. Before the end of the modernization and reconstruction prohibits dismissal of workers. Employee can not resign from that company without permission of the head, "- said Alexander Lukashenko .


Submission + - Skype support == Microsoft support (

tvlinux writes: Skype now has the Microsoft experience when trying to get support. My friend opened their Skype account in China. Now they live in the US. When they try to buy credit Skype always sends them to the China skype website, “”. To use a US credit card to buy credit at send you to moneybookers. My Chinese is not that good but just buying credit is not an option on the China Skype web site, want monthly payments or buy a card.
I changed the country to US in the profile, but still it goes to China. I want to write a official “support ticket” but the site goes into recursive H*LL. Almost every third link you need to enter account info again. The FAQ answers questions that have some meaning for problems that are easy but the issue payment to the USA is not possible. The questions I have are:
How do you submit a official support ticket?
How you you change from China to the USA as the base contact location?
Can you have Chinese language Skype and use the USA as home country?
BTW: 64 bit Linux support still sucks.


Submission + - slashdot blocked in china 2

tvlinux writes: I woke up this morning, and accessed /. I received a "connection reset". After living in China to a few years, I know what that means. Slashdot is being blocked by "Golden Shield". I am in ShenZhen, anybody else being blocked?
Slashdot is a great place to keep track of the latest technology advances. Google is some times throttled. Many other technical sites are blocked just because they are on a blog site.
Is China cutting it throat learning about new technology?

Submission + - lensfree holographic microscope (

tvlinux writes: "Now a cost-effective and field-portable assembly we built a lensless reflection mode microscope based on digital off-axis holography where a beam-splitter is used to interfere a tilted reference wave with the reflected light from the object surface, creating an off-axis hologram of the specimens on a CMOS sensor-chip can detect bacteria in the field. This should save lives in poorer areas and allow for better food safety."

Submission + - Automated Spam reply with exploit. 1

tvlinux writes: I have written a small automated filter that searches spam for return email and sends a email to them. I would like to add a Windows exploit ( PDF, ... ) with the reply. ( Here are my details, open PDF ). Once Windows is under my control, analyse their computer for which spam service they are using, their identity, where they are,.... then do a disk format of the machine. I know the legality of this questionable, But who are they going to complain to?

Submission + - Dynamically store binary objects in DOM objects?

tvlinux writes: Why can HTML not store JavaScript object or another HTML element as data in a HTML element? The integration between HTML and JavaScript is a one way street. JavaScript knows about HTML using DOM, but there is now way for HTML to store a JavaScript object or another DOM object. Many times when writing interactive web page, a person would like to save some information about the state of the HTML more than what is stored in the HTML or store a reference to an other DOM object. I know a HTML element can have user defined string data connected to it using "data-NAME" attribute. But a JavaScript object or an other HTML object can not be stored. You can store an HTML id but does not work for anonymous elements.

I nm not talking about sending JavaScript code embedded in the them for the server, but run time data and objects. I am not talking about children objects.

  jQuery is an example of how to get around this problem, it creates one global object and connects the HTML to that object. Another way is to use JSON. To encode and decode every you use it (slow) and that still does not help with DOM objects.

Is it security, or the HTML does not know the JavaScript context? Or a deficiency in the spec or implementation?

Submission + - David and Golith, for a Trademark (

mozapps writes: "I want to ask the Slashdot community whether they think the Mozilla Foundation not oppose me to Trademark and Register the name "MozApps", or are they going play like Microsoft and try to stifle innovation.

I have created, a company name MozApps, that creates remote XUL applications. That is why I want to Trademark and Register the name Mozapps. The Mozilla Foundation may oppose this. I have supported Mozilla since 1999-2000 when I ported Mozilla , Linux, and X into 32M of flash, using CBD (Compressed Block Device). I 2002 I registered the domains MozApps. I sponsored the Mozilla 1.0 party in Portland Oregon when it was released. I 2003 I filed for a patent that uses XUL as the database front end, that "Mozilla Storage" may infringe upon. I have a company in Oregon, USA named MozApps Ltd.

I hope I have earned the right to follow my dreams and build a community around my dreams."

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