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Submission + - Porn Pirate Ordered to Pay 1.5 Million Dollars 1

bs0d3 writes: A court in Illinois has ordered a man who lives in Virginia 1.5 million in damages after the man was unable to appear in court. The defendant was a paying customer who used to watch porn on their site, and then upload it to bittorrent after. The porn company says they were able to identify him through their custom encryption software. Every time the Defendant downloaded a copy of a copyrighted video from Plaintiff's website, it inserts an encrypted code that is only assigned to Defendant. In this case, the encrypted code for Defendant is: "xvyynuxl". The uploaded shared copied uniquely identified the customer whos account was used to view the porn. According to attorney Blair Chintella, the defendant may be able to challenge the ruling by arguing that there was some jurisdictional defect in the lawsuit.

Submission + - Man faces 3 years prison for tweeting a new headline. (thehindu.com)

Vijaysj writes: Mr Srinivasan an activist fighting graft and crony capitalism was arrested from his home in a pre-dawn swoop (5:00 am) for tweeting from his Twitter account @ravi_the_indian : “got reports that karthick chidambaram has amassed more wealth than vadra.”. Kartick and Vadara are relatives of two powerful politicians in India.
Mr Chidambaram justified his complaint and action against Mr Srinivas in a post to his twitter account @KartiPC. “Free speech is subject to reasonable restrictions. I have a right to seek constitutional/legal remedies over defamatory/scurrilous tweets,”

Srinivasan now faces a Jail term of 3 years under India's anti-hacking laws.
Streisand effect has resulted in Srinivasan's followers increasing overnight from his orignal 16 friends and relatives to over a thousand.

Right to information campaigners has setup a page for all those who want to tweet their mind to my Chidambaram at http://getup4change.org/rti/support-free-speech/


Submission + - Frankenstorm downs cloud servers, google apps, dropbox

bs0d3 writes: As hurricane Sandy rips through the Carribean, cloud based services have been experiencing problems due to packet loss which seems to be spreading around the world. Services including Dropbox, Google App Engine, and tumblr have been failing. Dropbox's cloud centers are located along the east coast, it is highly likely that problems experienced with the service are related to the severe weather currently affecting the area. Dropbox uses Amazon S3 cloud servers. East coast storms have been; in the past, directly blamed for Amazon's cloud service being knocked offline.

Submission + - Brazil suffers large power outage

An anonymous reader writes: Alex Anaya writes: On Thursday night October 25 nine northern Brazilian states suffered power outages. Several of the power outages lasted Thursday through Friday as the power companies frantically tried to brings the grids back online. An equipment fire may have been at fault. The Interior Minister of Mines and Energy says that the power outages "are not normal." The article notes that this is the second time there has been a large outage in 35 days, the first outage occurred on September 22 and also affected the northern region of Brazil. The first major outage was blamed on southeastern/northern and the southeastern/northeastern region power interconnects. The original article is in Portuguese (Brazilian), a translation of the page is at:


Submission + - Brein Continues to Pursue Sumotorrent in Dutch Court

bs0d3 writes: As of today, it is illegal for the host of sumotorrent.com to continue hosting the site in Holland. It is unclear how a Dutch court has any jurisdiction over a Ukrainian webhost. But measures such as this... starting with a site being found illegal in NL; and failure to comply with the Dutch authorities... eventually lead to Dutch censorship of thepiratebay. Perhaps sumotorrent will be next. Today the judge has ordered xsnetworks to never host sumotorrents again. In addition to a penalty of 10,000 a day, with a max of .5 million euro if xsnetworks doesn't comply, and additionally they are ordered to hand over identifying information of the sites operators to the Dutch authorities.

Submission + - Sweden Returns Passport to Piratebay Co-Founder 1

An anonymous reader writes: In August, Piratebay co-founder Fredrik Neij had his Swedish passport revoked from the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok. After an appeal the revocation was dismissed today, ruling that the embassy cannot take away his passport. The full ruling can be read here.

Submission + - The Swiss Pirate Party has its First Mayor

bs0d3 writes: Alex Arnold from the Pirate Party Switzerland, has been elected mayor of Eichberg. This is the first mayoral win for the pirates in Switzerland, and hopefully just the begining of things to come. Thomas Bruderer, president of the Pirate Party Switzerland, is delighted: "This result is for our young party is an important milestone. To win a majority vote shows that our members are not just a marginal phenomenon; but are in the midst of society."
The Internet

Submission + - the piratebay launches free vpn

bs0d3 writes: The Piratebay team is going to be making the RIAA angry, with the launch of a new ad supported VPN service. PrivitizeVPN is available for free from thepiratebay. Instead of earning revenue through subscription as ipredator does, PrivitizeVPN comes packaged to install babylon search bar (adware). PrivitizeVPN appears to be available for windows users only at the moment. The Piratebay staff has a long history of promoting services that have no logs; e.g. , you can't get in trouble if your anonymized ip is subpoenaed by government officials. Although PrivitizeVPN is being released silently, with no press coverage, no official statement, and no comments from The Piratebay of any kind, people are assuming that PrivitizeVPN will have the same familiar data protection policies. A backup download location has been setup here for people who have limited access to thepiratebay domain.

Submission + - Facebook Abstainers could be labeled Suspicious 2

bs0d3 writes: According to this article printed in tagesspiegel.de, not having a facebook account should be the first sign that you are a mass murderer. As examples they use Norwegian shooter Anders Breivik, who used myspace instead of facebook and the newer Aurora shooter who used adultfriendfinder instead of facebook. They already consider those with facebook accounts, who lack friends to be suspicious, but now they are suggesting that anyone who abstains from facebook altogether may be even more suspicious. While it is already established that sites like facebook and google+ are no good for political activists, abuse survivors, and people in the witness protection program; abuse survivors will have to take a back seat while more and more insane articles like this come out. This line of thinking could sure help facebook's stock value.

Comment whoops (Score 1) 2

scratch that, its the EU commision not the EU parliament. parliament does not get to speak on non-legislative acts in this case, the commission is probably going to be looking at the possibility of making guidelines, which would be a non-legislative act
The Internet

Submission + - EU Parliament Debates their own DMCA 2

bs0d3 writes: Right now, what is lacking across Europe, is a standard law to handle notice-and-take down's of illegal sites like the US' DMCA. Right now illegal content across Europe is subject to non-standard take down letters, some of which include no mention of what was allegedly infringed, nor in which jurisdiction in Europe it's infringed, or who to contact in your jurisdiction to challenge the claim, or even which company it is that is being represented by the law firm that gets in touch with he project. They need a system so that the notices would have to include information that makes them verifiable as correct. EU is holding a public consultation discussing notice-and-take down laws, which can be found here.

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