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Comment Re: Stealth (Score 1) 117

We didn't even have to win to win. If the US was willing to pay the price Vietnam would be partitioned to this day. There's no way they could have defeated us militarily even if we didn't invade the North. But the public wasn't willing to pay the price. I suspect we wouldn't even have needed troops on the ground - the South Vietnamese destroyed a large invasion force with the help of US air power in 1973 and might have been able to hold indefinitely if we had continued to provide air support.

It sucked for the people in the South, but I wonder if the country isn't better off today. Like China, Vietnam only pays the barest lip service to communism these days. They have more economic freedom than Americans. If we had forced a partition maybe Vietnam would be like Korea, with both armies on a hair trigger and Ho Jon Un building nuclear weapons to intimidate the neighbors.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 263

I had to install DOSBox to play Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares, which was released twenty years ago. It took about fifteen minutes of fiddling.

On the other hand, I accidentally bought a brand new Xbox 360 game for my Xbox-One-owning nephew and had to return it. So explain to me again why I would want a console if backwards compatibility matters to me?

Sure, the old console is in the closet somewhere, and someday you'll hook it up and play one of your old games, for nostalgia's sake. If you can find a television with the right kind of inputs.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 263

It seems like every few years another layer of abstraction is added that makes things easier. I play games exclusively on the PC and haven't had a problem in ages. The only real advantage to consoles these days is cost, and that's only up-front cost since the games themselves are quite a bit more expensive.

Comment Re:Criminal status is not a race. (Score 0) 108

The stop-and-frisk reports from the NYPD during the Bloomberg years shows that clearly.

What stop-and-frisk reports show is black people tend to live in neighborhoods with more crime. Spinning that into "proof" of racism is exactly what he's talking about.

And nothing, nothing out of this administration should be taken at face value when it touches on race.

Comment Re:Pushing industry forward (Score 1) 71

There's a lot of data from the returned Falcon stages which adds to the existing understanding of the engineering task. The airframes are designed for multiple stresses, and the engines have been performing and relighting admirably.

I know what they're designed to do, and the fact that the tested returnees didn't blow up is a good sign. But you and I don't know what SpaceX has done in the way of inspections and refurb for the ones they've tested. A rocket that will probably work and on that's proven to be acceptably reliable are two very different things. My point is two things must be true for SpaceX to succeed: The stages must work more than once and also getting a stage ready for reflight must be inexpensive. I'm pretty comfortable with the first part, but at this point the second is a complete unknown.

Comment Re:Propellant or Hydraulic Fluid (Score 1) 71

In the "making it work better" vein, they've been experimenting with different reentry attitudes and burns in recent flights. They said they were trying to bleed off more speed in the upper atmosphere to save fuel for the landing. Perhaps they've succeeded, too: on this flight they went back to the single engine landing, which requires more fuel but is easier on the hardware.

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